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Traversing the World of Thai Dating Etiquette Part One

Posted by ThaivisaExpress , 07 June 2015 · 1,105 views

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Traversing the World of Thai Dating Etiquette Part One


Most Thai girls are naturally beautiful and come from a culture that puts a high emphasis on proper dating etiquette. If you want to date a Thai girl you need to fully understand Thai dating etiquette and how different it is from dating a girl from Edinburgh.


Chaperoned First Date
One thing that always throws off western Thai suitors is the fairly strict adherence to the custom of a first date chaperone. In Thailand, this usually means the mother, father or even a brother come with you on the date.
You may think you can get out of this by having a Thai girl visit you with a UK tourist visa. However, her family is likely to ask her host family or another family friend to join you on the date.
Don't worry: this tradition is strictly formal for most Thai families and is usually abandoned after the first date.


Be Discreet and Friendly
So, you've planned your first date and you're ready to sweep your Thai beauty off her feet. Slow down Casanova! Coming at her hard and fast is the best way to guarantee dating failure.


Although results will obviously vary depending on the girl, Thai dating etiquette requires a girl play "hard to get" with a suitor. As a result, you're not likely to even get as far as holding hands on the first date.


This aspect of dating Thai dating etiquette is designed to test your sincerity. If you're too eager to get physical, you'll be thought of as arrogant and crass. However, if you're willing to keep things nice and friendly, you're more likely to get far.
Stay tuned for part two of our advanced look at Thai dating etiquette. However, if you have any other questions about UK tourist visa or Thai dating, feel free to contact us and ask. We'd love to hear from you.

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