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Partner Visa Subclass 820

Posted by JEF in JEF's Blog, 18 February 2018 · 132 views

Hi every one, if some one could help me to clear some questions about my application I will appreciate it.  We did the application on December 23 of 2016 and we have not received any response at the moment, we got an email 6 months ago asking for the police check but nothing more. When we apply the average processing time was between 12 and 15 month...


820 801 Wife Left Me I Need Help

Posted by simgha87 in simgha87's Blog, 13 January 2018 · 217 views

I need help 
My wife and I are married she is currently on an 820 visa she left me dec 2017 just after signing paperwork for the 801. I have no idea where she is accept the approx suburb of where she said she is, she wont answer my calls or txts or any efforts to repair our marriage. last time we spoke was she wanted me to tell immigration that she...


Partner Visa On Process

Posted by elmac in elmac's Blog, 23 November 2017 · 226 views

I am on a tourist visa here in Australia for a year and my tourist visa will end by April, 2018. Luckily I am pregnant and baby will be due by June 2018, up until now we haven't heard anything from my partner visa application, which has been lodged March 2017 in the Philippines. Doctors appointments and laboratory expenses are very expensive. Hope you can...


Partner Visa Sos

Posted by marshallc_123 in PARTNER VISA SOS- I GOT MY VISA IN 6 WEEKS!, 04 June 2017 · 634 views

Hi There, 
I know the pain everyone is going through doing a partner visa application! I know what it's like to think, talk and dream visa! 
I am a little bit (quite a lot) organised and have just received our visa in just 6 weeks ! Now I am not here to brag I am here to help. 
I know what it is like so I have just put together a website to...


Visitor Visa For My Vietnamese Girlfriend

Posted by Brendan in Brendan's Blog, 06 May 2017 · 469 views

Hi, I just been back to Vietnam to visit my girlfriend. While there we applied to have her visit again in July.
She has been here before for 3 months.  The question is when we applied for the visa we had the option of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in the section where it asks length of stay in Australia.
We opted for 3 months. But we put a tw...


How Many Days Do We Need To Wait For Visitor Visa To Be Converted To Spouse Visa.

Posted by kizza in kizza's Blog, 01 May 2017 · 436 views

How many days do we need to wait for visitor visa to be converted to spouse visa.  
Source: http://www.australia...wform&blogid=61


Effectiveness Of Migration Agencies ?

Posted by Hugh in Hugh's Blog, 25 April 2017 · 364 views

Hi everybody, I am new here and would really appreciate some feedback.
I have been in a committed relationship with my Filipina partner for nearly 3 years now and she recently applied for the Tourist Visa to visit Australia but had it refused on the grounds that they did not believe she intended to stay within the clauses of the visa ie return to the Phi...


Partner Visa

Posted by taraoates91 in taraoates91's Blog, 28 February 2017 · 530 views

Hey. Im Irish and my partner is Australian, we've been together a year and a half, we met when i was on a WHV in Brisbane, we moved to Birmingham England together in September 2016 so she could complete her year abroad study.
We want to get the ball rolling with the partner visa, but the problem is we haven't got joint bank accounts together or tena...


Form 47A

Posted by strawberry75 in strawberry75's Blog, 05 December 2016 · 861 views

Hello, is anyone here applied for a partner visa and had encountered form 47A as one of the supporting documents? I am planning to apply for partner visa and wanted to complete the documents first. What should I do with form 47A since my family unit don't have passports and not migrating with me? And this family unit, whom am I going to list down? I hope...


What Is The Eb5 Visa Program?

Posted by prahistusi in EB5 Visa Program , 23 August 2016 · 714 views

The Eb5 Green Card was made to advance interests in organizations and to make and safeguard occupations in the U.S. Every year more individuals go to the U.S. looking for occupations or only another lifestyle. Be that as it may, those individuals who go to the U.S. on account of contributing frequently are permitted to live here by having a settler financ...


Partner Visa Subclass 309 - Kenya

Posted by emchaps in emchaps' Blog, 03 August 2016 · 842 views

Hello, has anyone had recent experience with applying for a partner visa from Kenya? 
My partner and I applied in November 2015 and we haven't heard anything except he was asked to go for his medical (which was all cleared). We don't have a case officer yet. We have a young daughter and he is currently in Kenya waiting (we are in Melbourne) to hear i...


457 Visa And Spousal

Posted by terryince365 in terryince365's Blog, 23 June 2016 · 827 views

1. I'm currently in the process of filing my application for a 457 sponsorship visa. One thing that I had noticed and I'm uncertain about is that I require health insurance or medicare during my stay. My current medicare card gives me cover until the end of my my Working Holiday visa, which is this year. Do I still need cover on top of this for my 457 a...


Scam: Get-Going Migration

Posted by Leigh Winstone in Leigh Winstone's Blog, 08 June 2016 · 1,350 views
susan johnson, david johnson and 3 more...

THE SHOCKING STORY OF JULIA MELINEK , see attached the county court judgment against Susan Johnson and Get Going Migration.


Help With Official Court Document

Posted by tinexclan in tinexclan's Blog, 23 May 2016 · 710 views

Hi! i need advise... I am in process of my dependent visa for my kids.. Can someone give me advise on what official court document they have submitted to immigration regarding thecustody of my kids.. Im from philippines, unmarried and i haveillegitimate children


Partner Visa

Posted by Jennifer in Jennifer's Blog, 27 March 2016 · 1,069 views

Hi, I urgently need good advices, please help me if u know what to do, thanks
I am married to my fiance last month in marriage office and I am on student visa and will be expired june 2017, but I will also finishing my study in this june 2016 so we are thinking to apply for partner visa, we will have a wedding party in this September can anyone help me w...


Vln No Does Not Match/

Posted by praju in praju, 27 January 2016 · 1,269 views

I had applied for Australian student visa last Friday. Today I tried to track my visa status in vfsglobal.com it says no detail found matching the input value. I have entered correct VLN NO and DOB. Is there something wrong or will it take some time?


Partner Visa Cost

Posted by maver95 in maver95's Blog, 16 January 2016 · 1,277 views

when i checked the cost of a partner visa application. it comes up with $6800.
Is this true ?
Is there anyway to get this cheaper?


Urgent Intend To Travel Today

Posted by Michelle1984 in Michelle1984's Blog, 07 December 2015 · 926 views

Visa 600 applied on 26th october, family and two sons approved visas, notification received from the VACCU this morning that the Application Currently Being Assessed documents received, is there any hope I will be granted today, flying from uk to sydney for 4 week family holiday, How long will this take they are aware of our travel dates !


Partner Visa Online Application

Posted by Kangaroo11 in Kangaroo_Girl's Blog, 10 July 2015 · 1,366 views

Hello Everyone,

I am an Australian citizen and i live in Sydney Australia, my husband is from Jordan and we have applied for the partner visa online in June 2015, we have submitted our application and have uploaded the required documents, i just have 1 question should we get the police clearance and upload it? or should we wait for a case officer to r...


Visa Online Application - Tourist Visa (600)

Posted by Natalia84 in Natalia84's Blog, 29 June 2015 · 1,242 views

Hi all, I am very new to this site but i have found this site very helpful by reading all the comments.
I'm just wondering if someone would help me and advise if its okay to apply online visa on behalf of my
cousin that I would like to invite her over to Australia for holiday for 3 months? She is in the country
which online application are available to....

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