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Visa Online Application - Tourist Visa (600)



Hi all, I am very new to this site but i have found this site very helpful by reading all the comments.
I'm just wondering if someone would help me and advise if its okay to apply online visa on behalf of my
cousin that I would like to invite her over to Australia for holiday for 3 months? She is in the country
which online application are available to. Also she is unemployed and I am running out of ideas for what will be the
best supporting letter that she should include from her end that will show the immigration that she will be a genuine visitor.


Please help.
Appreciate :)

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I am currently under visit visa here in Australia under tourist stream.


since you will be the sponsor of your cousin you should include in your invitation letter that you will shoulder her expenses while she is in Oz. to be specific you have to include where she will be staying. You also need to state that she have no intention to stay longger and she will be going back to her country of residence and try to provide reasons. You also need to provide a financial statement, thitswill proves your capacity to provide her needs. There's no need to provide a flight/return tickets because the immigration advices not to purchase before the visa is granted. Other than that she needs to provide scand copy of her passport and other required identification.

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