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Warning About Susan And David Johnson Get Going Migration

Leigh Winstone


The Experience of Debbie and Karl Wynn of Susan and David Johnson of Get Going Migration:
I received a very upsetting Private Message this morning from one of our members, due to site rules i have removed the agents name and company name and posted it hoping fellow members can help this family in some way, as i dread to think just how lost they are feeling right now. It is known the UK company they used isnt MARA registered but can anyone offer good advice on what this family can do from here, or where to go for good advice ? Can any of our resident agents offer advice or help?.
This again shows how important it is to make sure the agent you recruit is MARA Registered but what is done is done so we won't dwell on that.
we lodged our 189 PR visa 18 months ago and received (after a VERY stressful and complicated application process) verbal confirmation' from Get Going migration agents that we had our visa grant in july this year. my husband and I handed in notices and began the task of packing up and closing life here and organising and sorting everything for the big move.. we are a week off shipping our furniture.. we have cases all around us packed, we have given loads away to charity and friends, we have handed in our advisory primary school teaching notices to the authority and have a few weeks till we were due to fly.. (shipment of furniture was booked with John mason for next week - I have bought tropical clothes etc for all family members and our leaving party at work is planned, shipment of our house/furniture is booked for next week..etc) HOWEVER.. .....................
the Get Going migration company (not MARA registered) emailed us today with a load of rubbish excuses about a 'possible security breach and stated that in fact we DO NOT have any applications for visas lodged and never have had!?!?! we are no longer eligible to apply for one as primary teachers are no longer on list!?!?!!?!?!?!
Devastated is not the word. we have 18 months worth of lies recordd on email/texts and we have spent thousands of pounds on medicals, Qld teacher registration, certification of documents etc and said goodbuy to our life.. Get Going Migration agents even falsely 'created' a pretend visa grant notification with made up TRN numbers and everything!! and up until 10 o clock last night were promising our official paper work and grants to arrive - but the 'director informed us today that in fact no visa was EVER lodged last June!?!?!!!!!?!?!
we have bought our daughter a mermaid tail and swimming pool toys for a Christmas in the sunshine this will now never happen....we are packed and ready to move .. but as things stand tonight we have nothing.. no jobs. a two year commitment to being landlords/bigger rental mortgage.. a big BIG mess to clear up.. and an end to our oz dreams. frown emoticon Our future now is full of court appearances and bitter battles and NOT sunshine/dolphins!!!! we MAY be entitled to compensation through courts but it is going to be a long, expensive, time consuming and stressful process.. not us spending Christmas in sunshine like we have been dreaming of for 2 + years!! total world devastation!
The reason I am emailing you all of this is that Sudan Johnson and David Johnson from Get Going uk migration are not registered with MARA and should NOT be allowed to trade.. they have directly lied for 100+ emails.. and although they have offered us a 'refund for thier fees' have not even acknowledged the stress and life devastation this bare faced deceit has caused us as a family (Past and future) We do not want them to get off with this and will pursue through police and courts from tom.. but we don't want others to suffer same fate. Don't feel we are able to openly report.. 'don't touch them with a bargepole on forum just in case legal proceedings begin.. but need/want people to know thee are BIG trust and honesty probelms. Also - as they are not registered it seems we have NO Comeback or support or ANY outside agency willing to help us sort the mess and get justice for our treatment.. cant find ANY uk contact numbers or agencies to talk to directly (no numbers for immigration/embassy etc) and will just have to walk into police station tom with arm full of emails/lies!?!?! As a moderator I wanted you to know and possibly spread word with the locals etc. if you have any advice re: avenues for help we would be grateful - am wishing with all my heart this is not the end to my big dream for my family - but realistically know it probably is!! (primary school teachers no longer required in Brisbane - eldest son now 19 and not in college/eligible as he was when we started this!! :-((( ) Any all advice gratefully received, Many thanks. (Sorry for ramble - don't know where to turn! No one wants to know - our world is a mess and we don't know what o do!?!) x


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