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  2. yahoo

    Offshore to Onshore POSSIBLE???

    Hey Mark i was in the same position as you where i applied for my PMV in Jan and wedding was in Sept, so after the wedding i applied to change the PMV to a partner visa offshore 309. Its true you can`t change it to an onshore visa but changing PMV to 309 has heaps of benefits. * this is only possible if your PMV 300 hasnt been approved by the time your applying to change it to a visa 309*
  3. Good morning, In 2015 my wife and I were granted a Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa. Conditions of these are as follow: Must Make First Entry to Australia Before: July 2016 Must Not Arrive After: 20 July 2020 We entered Australia before July 2016 to active our visas but later we decided to migrate to USA. Now we want to pursue our initial plan to migrate to Australia but have some doubts: 1) Given that we fulfilled first requirement (first entry before Jul 2016) and we would be migrating before Jul 2020 (second requirement), I don't think there is any issue with this plan. What do you think? 2) We had a child in the USA. Would it be possible to apply for a Child (subclass 101) visa? Have been reading its requirements: A Child visa (subclass 101) lets an eligible parent sponsor their child to live in Australia indefinitely. The parent can apply on behalf of a child younger than 18 years of age. To get this visa, the child must be: * sponsored by their parent or their parent's partner * single * younger than 18 years of age. An eligible parent is: * the holder of an Australian permanent resident visa Children born outside Australia must either: * apply for a permanent visa to live in Australia (if neither parent is an Australian citizen) Who can sponsor a child: You do not need to be in Australia at the time of application. You can still be a sponsoring parent if you: * entered Australia in the past but are outside Australia when you lodge the application * have been granted your Australian permanent resident visa but have not yet entered Australia. I understand that because my wife and I had 190 visas (which are Permanent Resident visas) and my child and we seem to fulfil all above requirements there would not be any issue to apply. Regarding, processing times I found: 75 per cent of applications processed: 11 months 90 per cent of applications processed: 16 months Given that we're 2 years of last entry date, if we start preparing the application now we could get the visa for our child even with the worst processing time. Hopefully someone has been in the same situation and can shed some light on this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  5. Cat Reid

    Visitors Visa for my African boyfriend

    Hi again, Thanks for your earlier advice. My bf submitted his application as advised above on the 1st of June. So we’ve now been waiting for 52 days. I understand that these things just take time, and I’ve seen many you guys say many times on this forum that it taking a long time can be a good sign. However, a month ago today my bf missed a call from the embassy in Shanghai because he was in class. In China there are no voicemail services, so all we could do was call back the number, which ofcourse just directed us to the main switchboard of the Shanghai embassy. At first I had just assumed they would just call back another time (not unusual for a student to be busy at 10 in the morning surely). But as the month has progressed, we have called every number we can find, emailed the embassy, filled out their enquiry form and even visited the embassy in Beijing in person to try and inform them that we had simply missed the call, and ask if there any way we could get in contact with whoever called us. Our enquiries have got nowhere. It’s been a month and we’ve had no reply or call back. At this point my bf is very concerned that one missed call might affect the outcome of his application. Does anyone have experience of this kind of situation? Or know if there anything else we can do about that missed call? We are just hoping they get back to us soon so that we will have the time to reapply if there are any problems. Thanks for your time guys! This forum has been so helpful!
  6. Hi, I did upload all the required documents except for the previous travel history which my sister didnt have. i.e I addressed the required documents. My mother has a visa in effect. I am not sure how much that counted towards not having the visa granted. regards
  7. Yes, anyone who stayed in Thailand LEGALLY, can apply for a RTP PCC here is the process http://canberra.thaiembassy.org/Home/letter4 However, they only give PCC's for the period of your legal visa. If you were a overstaying tourist, you will only get a PCC for the first visa period. This can be a real issue for a lot of people. Also, foreign applicant PCC's take a long time to process, and need fingerprints. A tip with fingerprints is to get them done at the embassy in Sydney or Canberra. But u can get them done at any Police Station.
  8. The key is proving the date the relationship started. Having a bank statement with the same address, at that time is good proof. Airline tickets also show you were together. Photo's are pretty useless as they cant be validated for a date. Get your legal address changed to his place if its not already done. Any joint purchases, or purchases you made for the house?
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  10. AussieDude

    Pregnant - options?

    So the child will be Australian regardless as you are a Citizen, either by birth or decendency. That aside, she can claim support through the Family Court and the Dept of Human Services, you being an Aussie you will be subject to pay her claim if granted, regardless of where she lives. But she has to claim, and go through all the paperwork. If you are not listed on the Birth Certificate, it will be very hard for her to prove.
  11. AussieDude

    Form 80

    As far as I know the Form 80 is no longer required. Do you have a current checklist?
  12. brittaweijers

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    Hi everyone! For me the same situation.. although i'm doing the onshore visa application. Before I came to Australia, the processing time was 12 to 18 months. After I submitted my stage 1 application the waiting time said 18 to 24 months. I checked my application yesterday, and it has gone up from 24 to 30 months. So over a time span of 5/6 weeks the processing time has gone up a year, so I'm a bit worried too! Might give immigration a call tomorrow to see what this is all about. However, you still hear that people get approved before their average processing time, so fingers crossed! Good luck to you all!
  13. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I hope your process is soon over as well. With happy endings.
  14. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I hope your process is soon over for you. We thought it couldn’t be much longer because we had passed the top end of the processing times but then today they changed the dates by 10 additional months. I have 9 and 7 news on Facebook and they are doing polls about immigration to the country and it is definitely a contributing factor. We can’t help who we fall in love with I wish the political people would recognize and understand this and take partner visas into special consideration.
  15. AJ.LC.2018

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    Hi Kim, I am experiencing the same thing! As you saw in my post previous to yours (AJ.LC.2018). Both my partner and I are really feeling the burn. I can only sympathize with you... We are already at the longer end of the processing time and our patience has been rewarded with extended waiting times! My partner and his family in Aus, tell me its a political thing - the conservatives there are cracking down on immigration laws and making harder for people to get in. We are trying to remain positive because they have requested for our police checks - and yours too! This is a sign that we are further along in the process but there is nothing we can really do until the case officer is able to get back to your application. This is what I am told at least... Keep the faith Kim! Hopefully things will work out for the better for both of us! I have found this website to be quite thorough and useful as this company has helped many people get their visas, but they have a lot of useful tips available for free as well. https://www.myaccessaustralia.com/ Cheers!
  16. I applied March 3, 2017 for our partner visa off shore from USA. We received our first communication on March 8, 2018. It was a request for more information. Police checks for me again as the ones I initially supplied them with were expired. We then received our next communication from them July 5, 2018, all it said was application in progress. Today I went on to check our status and the estimated processing time is now 21 to 26 months. It physically made me sick. We are having to live apart but make visits back and forth but as I’m sure some of you in similar circumstances know it gets expensive. Is any one else experiencing the same sort of thing right now?
  17. Aussie_83

    Family sponsored visa 600 refused for sister

    did you treat it as a normal application and account for all the aspects or just rely on the fact it was family sponsored so didn't worry with all the evidence? basically you can't appeal just apply again and address the issues
  18. Hi Everyone, Would like to take an opinion on my sister's case. Last month I applied for a visitor visa 600 (Family sponsored ) for my sister to visit me in Australia, however that was refused. I have been in Australia for almost 10 years, I work in the department of defence and have a stable job. Just a few months ago I applied for my partner's visa (600 family sponsored ) and she got the visa and visited me for 2 months and then she left in June 18. When she left I applied for my sister's visa as a proper sponsor so my sister could visit me as well. I attached 2 payslips from her employer and obviously, I was her sponsor as well. Her visa was refused on the basis that she wouldnt comply with 600.211, i,.e she wont be a genuine visitor. That she only has her one sister and mother in home country but her mother has a tourist visa in effect for Australia. I am totally shocked and disappointed by this act of immigration department. I would like to know if I can appeal this and have a chance of revoking their decision given they granted a visa to my wife who didn't even have a job and she had less incentive of returning to the country because she is married to me. Also my parents visited me some years ago and they complied with their visa condition, and so did my wife. Therefore I cannot understand why they refused my sister's visa when I was being her sponsor and taking her full responsibility. Thanks
  19. AJ.LC.2018

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    Hi fellow partner visa applicants, my partner and I applied for the Prospective Marriage Visa 300. I am currently living in New York, USA and he is in Australia. He is an Australian citizen and I am a US citizen. This is our current situation: Applied for the visa 10 May 2017 Medical Assessment submitted 01 March 2018 Police Checks requested 14 June 2018 Police Checks submitted 26 June 2018 Current time since application started: 14 months And we are still waiting for this visa to be processed! Back in April of 2017 we lodged an application to marry and once that application was granted we set a date to marry on August 24th 2018 thinking I would have been living in Aus for months before this... We have been writing to our Case Officer asking for special consideration because of this set marriage date. In addition to the letter we have sent in proof of money transfers and rent payments as my fiance is currently sending money to secure a house for us once my visa is granted. We both have submitted proof of being beneficiaries to each other financially... and additional statuary declarations from family. I even submitted a wedding invite! Is there anything else we can do...?? I feel like I am going crazy... as so many plans hang in the balance all pending on this decision. It doesnt help that the processing times have exponentially increase to 18 - 23 months. Please - any help is greatly appreciated. AJLC
  20. Kcm

    Timeframe for visitor visa

    Thank you for the reply. Another question. Do they deny quickly? Its just really frustrating waiting and it will be denied after. They asked for further documents on 11 July 2018 and I submitted the next day 12 July 2018. Until now, i have no reaponse.
  21. Bridge

    Timeframe for visitor visa

    Processing times are business days. Keep in mind that they are only a guide. It is not uncommon for applications to be decided before and after the published processing time frames. Unfortunately it is just a waiting game.
  22. Hi all! Just wondering if the processing timeframe for visitor visa subclass 600 working days or just plain days? Online it is stated 19-29 days. So does that include weekends? Thank you for the replies
  23. Bridge

    Intial visit

    Sponsor does not need to go with them. In relation to whether the visa holder can live overseas permanently. Keep in mind the following. The 309 is only the temporary partner visa. You will later need to satisfy the Department of Immigration that the relationship is still genuine and continuing. With regards to the visa holder (permanent resident) living overseas permanently. You just need to be able to satisfy your connections with Australia to renew the Resident Return Visa every 5 years. If the applicant and sponsor live together overseas, this wont be an issue if the sponsor is an Australian citizen. If the sponsor is an Australian permanent resident, then you will need to show other ties to Australia. Is the sponsor an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. In any event you should look at the requirements for maintaining a Resident Return Visa (known as an RRV) which is attached to a permanent visa.
  24. Redsyrup2323

    Intial visit

    Yes I am talking about that. Does the sponsor need to go with them? Can them and the sponsor live overseas indefinitely after that point?
  25. Bridge

    Intial visit

    Are you talking about making first visit after the visa has been granted? If so, the visa grant notice will nominate a day by which the visa applicant must enter Australia. This date is usually linked to the medical and police reports which are only valid for 12-months. If the applicant does not enter Australia by this date, it is a breach of their visa conditions (not good). If the applicant (now visa holder of course) enters by the due date, they entirely free to leave again as soon as they want. They do not need to state reasons.
  26. Redsyrup2323

    Intial visit

    Hello y'all Me and my partner sponsor recently got our request for an intial visit. (309) The official line is that you need to visit the country in any capacity. Is there any problems with this plan. The visa holder travels to Australia alone without sponsor. Stays a week to visit old friends (making no contact with visa department). Returns to home country and stays for about a year or longer.
  27. Again under the processing time.. 15 months and one week.. can’t force them now.. but YAN only you are the one now who is above the timeline.. try to complaint them.
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