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  2. Hi all, I'm an Australian citizen and my partner is Peruvian. We met whilst studying in Germany and have been together since November 2016. However, we have been long distance for almost all of that time because we have been finishing our degrees in our home countries. Now we're considering applying for a de facto partner visa, however, is it likely we will be able to satisfactorily prove our relationship given that we don't have evidence of having resided together or pooled money into a joint account? Will evidence of travel, testimonials from friends and family members, shared commitment and shared social events/birthdays/graduations be sufficient? Does anyone have any information to share about registering your relationship with the Births, Deaths and Marriages Register? Lastly, how long does it usually take for the temporary partner visa 820 to come into effect? Any information is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. shankher

    Re-assessment on ACS results

    i think you will need to do the skill assisment again. Please email hello@acsrplaustralia.com for more details.
  4. Aussie_83

    Getting married to my Australian fiance

    The answer remains the same as the other thread you posted on. You cannot change a offshore visa to a onshore visa. Is the Agent a Mara registered Agent? Starting here on a tourist visa went impact anything, you just update your contact details and will need to leave the country when they are ready to make a decision. No waiver for the child after all it's a family visa so it's very common for children to be involved so not really a special circumstance
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  6. Nano

    Offshore to Onshore POSSIBLE???

    Hi, can you please tell me more about changing the visa what's the benefits, im thinking od doing the same except I have a tourist visa and my fiancé want us to get married and change the visa in Australia, and stay there, is this possible?
  7. Hi, I don't know if this this the right place to post my questions, please help me clarify my mind form all concerns, So here's my situation: I live in the USA with a permanent I got engaged to my fiancé "who I knew him for years (10 years) since collage but never lived together" in March and applied for PMV in May, we had no Idea its that long process so I don't want talk about waiting and what it doing to us specially we've been waiting all these years to be together, anyway, I applied for a tourist visa 600 and I got the 3 months stay (each entry) multi entry, now my fiancé wants me to go to Australia and get married he just cant wait anymore, change our visa to a partner visa and stay there waiting with him and maybe have a child, and that means extending the visa when needed. Now is this even possible? can we change the visa without them charging us again? how about the process time do we start over again? what about my legal situation? will that effect my visa staying there? if I have a child can I get a waiver or so what called and stay there with no problem? Excuse my so many questions, but if I take this decision that means I'll have to leave everything here (my work, home, life.. etc.) and I can just come back with nothing, we also have an agent and she said all this is possible but I feel all she cares about is money every time my fiancé request an app with her she wants to charge him a $100 that why I applied for the Visa 600 myself, any advise? :(
  8. Sukhwinder Singh

    Carer Visa Application

    You can invite your relative or family member which assist with my caring. Because She is not a relative or family.
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  10. Long story short. I traveled to and met my girlfriend in Vietnam early 2016. In 2017 we went to Australia for 3 months. 3 month tourist visa was no issue. Then back to Vietnam we came. 1 month ago we had a son and are in the process of organizing his citizenship for Australia. But what happens if we want to move to Australia next year??? Am I just to go back with my girlfriend on another 3 month tourist visa then return back to Vietnam?? I'm looking at buying a home back in Oz eventually so living between the two countries is appealing to us until it is time to decide on our child's education. But I need to figure out my options and if there is anything I should be doing or planning on. She is happy to live wherever I am but recently I'm feeling the need to return home for a while... Expat fatigue. However failing that we are also looking to move to the Vietnam highlands for a much needed break from the city chaos. I have a very flexible job in the online world. Kind regards MH
  11. Hey guys. I’m happy to see this thread since i am also from the Philippines. My fiancé and i lodged our visa october 2018 and we haven’t heard anything yet from our co, i already did my medical even without the co’s advise. I just want to know if i can have my family here do the form 888? We already have one which is my fiancé’s sister. Parents are both dead. And his friends are in a different state which i haven’t met yet. My family here knows him so i fidgured we can have them do the 888? Salamat/thank you
  12. Hello all, thanks in advance for helping out. Appreciate the advice I will be traveling to Australia from Singapore starting next year on a Work Holiday Visa 462. My partner has his gotten his PR as he has been studying there for 6 years thru his degree and masters in engineering. Now he is there to set up his business. I will be quitting my job in SG and going over to help him out with his business and see if I can get accustomed to life in Australia. I am just thinking ahead, should the one year work holiday Visa is up and if I want to continue living in Australia, I am thinking of 2 options that I may have.. First, to apply for a Partner Visa under De Facto since we would qualify for the 12-month relationship criteria etc. Second, to apply for a PR under Skilled Visa. I am an engineer in the medical device industry for coming 6 years. Though, I did not graduate from an Australia Uni. Would like some advices from you guys to see which route would be safest/fastest to go with and how soon should I start to apply for either visa. Many thanks in advance, Jerryl
  13. Emz


    If my friends and family who are non australians and not living in Australia would want to be witnesses about my relationship with my fiancé, what would be the form that they need to fill out? Is it 888? Thank you
  14. Hello, so I wish to apply for a partner visa (I believe it's the 309 as we're filing overseas) but I have two questions. I am currently at home with the kids (I'm the sponsor-a natural born Australian), but I see that some of the requirements of sponsorship are financial. Will this go against us? My wife is working,but not me. She will try to get a job prior to entering Australia. Has anyone had any experience with this? Also I have some student debt in Australia (HECS/Financial Supplement Loan) do these count towards the debt to the Australian Government? Again,has anyone had any experience with this? We are in the very ear;y stages of this but we wish to start getting all of our ducks in a row. Thank you all very much.
  15. AussieDude

    Form 1221 and 80

    Form 80 is required. I am not sure about Form 1221. I dont't think its required anymore. However, if you miss it out, and IMMI require it they will contact you.
  16. Emz

    Form 1221 and 80

    Hi, is form 1221 and 80 needed for PMV? I am outside Australia and just lodged my application. Thnx
  17. AussieDude

    Eligible For Australia Pr?

    INCORRECT. Your facts are wrong, and you generalise. Please specify the Visa type when making statements like this.
  18. I have always struggled to find good lamb in Thailand, even Bangkok. I always take a cryovac pack of premium beef every trip into Thailand. Its bribe currency for my expat mates LOL.
  19. Just a heads up you'll probably only get 2 entries off it. While technically it's unlimited, boarder security can decide that the visa isn't being used for what it's intended, does seem they give a warning. Also the sooner you lodge the better as they are trying to bring in some changes. Also FYI price rises will happen 1st Jan or 1st July.
  20. Hi - Thanks for your answers - it was a great help. I got the insurance for the little one from Allianz. And ambo cover for my partner. Tickets are booked next Wednesday i will fly to Thailand to pick up my family and Saturday back to Aussie :-) Both got the 12 month multiple entry visa. So every 3 months we can fly to Bali for a short holiday and relax for Daddy It gives us enough time to apply for the partner visa Cheers Stefan
  21. As soon as you apply for the 820/801 then they are eligible for Medicare, well worth getting the insurance in the meantime and of course everyone should have ambo cover. I found covermore to be good.
  22. That reminds me of my first trip over I started in Chiang mai a coupe of nights. Went wandering for a few hours and I came across a restaurant 'authentic Thai restaurant, special bangers and mash' Though I know of a place in Udon you can buy a Aussie beef or NZ lamb. Next time I go I'll get lamb to try with Thai bbq
  23. AussieDude

    Passport holding time for 476

    In most cases IMMI no longer apply visa stickers to passports, its all online. In some cases you can request a sticker, but its rarely needed these days. You can apply from China, but I would expect you application to be sent to Pakistan for processing, this is common, but not always. So they dont usually hold your passport anymore.
  24. AussieDude

    Can startup a company on 476

    188 Visa's are not easy to get without you investing significant funds, plus you need to be invited.
  25. AussieDude

    Pictures for Australian Visa

    You just upload it into the general/supporting documents. Its a document not a picture. Be sure to state 'Photographe collection' in the description you enter.
  26. Hi, I am a graduate from a Washington Accord accredited Pakistani University. I am planning to apply Australian visa 476 and for that, I have gathered all the requirements. Now, I only need to apply. My wife is a Chinese. She will be included in my application and until just a few days ago, she was living with me in Pakistan but had to move back due to her mother being sick. I am also planning to go to China and apply from there. Can I apply from China instead of Pakistan? If I can then after how much time of filing the online application do Australia require us to submit the hard copy of the passport and for how long at average do they keep it until returning it with visa sticker? On the home ministry website, they have only given estimated times for visa processing but I am rather interested in when will my passport be taken and for how long?
  27. Usama Arshad

    Can startup a company on 476

    Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply in this regard. After 18 months, I think I will be able to obtain the 188 visa under Entrepreneurship stream.
  28. Emz

    Pictures for Australian Visa

    Thank you for the advice! Last question tho, once i’ve done the pdf can you wak me thru on where I should upload it? Coz i can see attach documents but i don’t see where it specifically asks for our pictures. Thank you. we don’t have a CO yet.
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