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    Partner Visa (309) South Africa

    Thank God the CT results came back fyn no trace of TB or any other medical conditions for my step son the doc said the scars on the Xray are a result of old chest infections or whooping cough on kids so now I wait for the results to be uploaded to the Australian authorities cause they are the ones who determine if he has passed the medical exam.or not, but hopefully as the CT scan cme bck fine, it's js unfortunate my step son will no longer go with me even.if he passed the health exam, we hope to try and apply for a child visa for him with the help of a mara agent.
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    only get a return ticket if you can get refundable tickets or you can afford to loose the money if the visa isn't granted.
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    Hello, I just read through all the reasons...wow they really explaining it so thoroughly for your case.... while mine is only about my mother's visa (Indonesian) she doesnt have her own bank account & money...so we applied this 2nd time to include her new bank account & put some money inside. Yes you guys are way better because you are from WM, and we are from EM which we need to fly over. Our trip is on early July...quite near already thou. Yes It's a must to include the return airticket.
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    New processing time updated today. 11 - 15 months..
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    Australia Partner Visa 309 Query

    smita i suggest you check the requirements for the sponsor, "Australian permanent resident sponsors must usually live in Australia" that's why it has that in the checklist.
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    Hi,LillyGal29! You are not alone..I lodged my application Feb 3,2017..