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    Pregnant - options?

    If she remains in Australia (for whatever reason) and the child is born here, the child is an Australian (if you are already it is Australian by decent) you are obligated under Australian law to meet child support payments. Even then Australia has reciprocal rights with many foreign countries and she may be able to secure payments from you from her native home. To answer further, can u confirm your a PR or Citizen?
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    Hi everyone! Just an update with our application Just today, I received my visa grant letter. Asking me to enter AU on or before 8th Nov 2018.
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    Onshore Student to Partner Visa

    If you live in a state where you can register your relationship, then it waives the requirement of living together for 12 months. Even if you apply at the end of the year, the conditions of the Bridging visa (what she will need to obtain to remain in Australia while 820 is processing) will not kick in until the expiration of her student visa (IE: aUG 2019). From what you have said, I believe you have sufficient evidence to apply, especially if you have friends and family who can attest to the relationship being genuine etc
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    Visitor Visa for my Friend/Girlfriend

    So, you cant apply, she has to apply herself. You can definitely assist her with the application. Being an Indian National, her application will most likely be routed back to India for processing. Try and apply online of she can. Deal with just this trip, one step at a time. Family composition? what do u mean, its not a VV question. So as you have read the 3 basic conditions are; Able to show fund in her name for the trip (she can), state self funded and include proof of both bank account and term deposits are in her name and the balances. You should include a letter of invitation and support, stating you will be providing accommodation and most daily living expenses. Make sure she has a return ticket. BUT DO NOT buy tickets until visa is granted. A Solid compelling reason to leave when her stay is up, use her University enrolment as primary proof here, its a compelling reason. Demonstrate she is a genuine tourist. Mention you know each other, but 'as friends' you want to show her Australia and tour together. A basic itinerary and plans will help this, and they often question this aspect at the border 'so what are you planning to see when your here'? Her rejection from Germany as a student will not effect a Tourist Visa application, but she should declare this, as they ask for any visa refusals. Just explain the facts simply.