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    Partner Visa Assistance

    With respect MNM you have been a member of the forum since August and in that time you have contributed absolutely nothing to the forum other than a single post advertising your business. I have also previously had a report that you contacted a member directly by DM soliciting for business. This is not what the forum is intended for.
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    I am a regular contributor, and I find myself repeating the same advice over and over again. Which is OK because I like the sound of my own voice ;-) All the posts here detail what you SHOULD do. As something different, I will detail what NOT to do. This is based on many years investigating Immigration Fraud cases, it applies to Visitor, Partner and most other visa's. When you make a visa application, DO NOT.. Lie or tell half truths. Withhold important information that is on public record (i.e you have a criminal history). Honesty may prove you have learnt your lesson and can now be trusted? Claim something you cant prove. Everything you state must be able to be proved through paperwork. A job without proper pay records is probably fake. Ring the embassy or High Commissioner demanding priority. Send abusive emails to your case worker Criticise your case worker by name in a public forum (yes DIBP read all this) Complain about the fees. Australia ain't cheap If you want to prove a Defacto you must prove 12 months relationship, NOT 11 months and 2 weeks. Include erroneous photos without explaining why the are relevant. Unsubstantiated Photos mean nothing, they are easily faked. If you include Statements from someone as your relationship or circumstances, make sure they can be contacted by DIBP. Yes they do check. Ask for a statement from someone who cant prove that they were in same country as you 12 months ago. Visa, Passport stamp, airline ticket. Think you are special, important or high priority. In Australia, we are all equal. Look up Tall Poppy Syndrome. Expect DIBP to see into your heart, regardless of how much love you feel, HARD proof is best. No amount of love will replace hard facts and proof. Expect to get around a medical. Medicals are mandatory, relax they are not complicated, providing you are healthy. Complain about long waiting times, especially if your application is from a high risk country, they will take longer. Expect to come here and get medicare and welfare the day you arrive. Come here to build a life and work hard. Questions like "how soon can I get medicare, or welfare" do not look good Try to avoid or fake Police checks. They are VERY important to DIBP, what you may think is minor thing, DIBP may consider an issue. If you have a police history, tell them. Hiding things like that will only hurt your application. Try to fake that your relationship has been for a long time, when it has not. If the relationship is true, and genuine then all is good. If its fake and not real, save your money, DIBP will catch you out. Send anything in a foreign language, Everything must be translated (by a certified translator), regardless what some hokey local website or friend of your mother says is ok., (Exception is some EU and Russian missions will accept local language docs, check first). Thinks you are being victimised or discriminated against. Trust me, DIBP do not care about ladyboys, same sex unions, age gaps, religion, or how many times married. So dont make it an issue. "DIBP rejected my PV because I am a gay, transgender, muslim, divorcee" Bullshit. The Australian Public Service pride themselves on their impartiality. Expect a visa if either of are not of good character, including the sponsor. Especially if there is a child involved. Good Character is a complex term, but most get the idea. Think visa fees have a guarantee. Yes the PV is very expensive, and there are no guarantees. If in doubt DONT APPLY. DIBP is not an Apple Store. Try to fake a relationsip. Any genuine relationship will have evidence to prove such. No evidence, its probably not genuine. Be impatient. DONT be in a hurry. Patience. And NO DIBP do not make you wait as a test. PLAN ahead, DIBP like people who plan holidays well in advance. Get married, or have a baby thinking it will get you special treatment or a fast track. Think that you father/uncle/brother as a famous proctologist/businessman/politician gives you status. It means nothing. Its about you and your partner. Provide fake documents, statements, payslips, company certificates, letters etc etc etc. They are usually spotted immediately. Just one lie and your probably will be rejected. Understand this, TRUTH on your application is more important than ANY other aspect. Use or pay a NON licensed immigration agent. All registered agents with DIBP are listed on the Australian Embassy Websites. Believe sites like www.easyaussievisa.com, they are usually full of lies and old information. Believe the information on the TRUE www.dibp.gov.au website. Believe anyone who says they have a friend at the AU embassy, and can get you fast tracked. Judge Australian society, standards and culture by your own. What may be normal in your homeland maybe either illegal or unacceptable in Australia. The opposite also applies. Disrespect or treat any Immigration of DIBP staff member poorly. They have a hard job. While on this forum,Don't demand answers, we are volunteers Don't get narky because we may have not observed you own customs, trust me we are observing ours. Don't demand rapid answers, we all have other real lives, we do our best Read, read and read more. 99% of all questions have been answered before. So excuse us if we get testy when repeating the same advice for the 1200th time ;-)
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    Personal Messages

    Just letting readers know that I will not respond to unsolicited personal messages, if you don't contribute (ie post the questions first) to the forum I will not answer your questions via personal message. If you wish to ask a question via personal message, ask first in the in forum and I may direct you to message me personally if need be or if you request, but all contact must be made via the open forum. Kind regards Nightcall.
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    Some questions about partner visa

    1. Correct however it doesn't change the level of proof required. 2. once the bridging visa is activated at the end of your current visa (providing that visa isn't cancelled) then you will have full work rights.
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    Partner visa ( Subclass 820 ) -

    The 100/801 can be granted while you are anywhere in the world
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    Partner visa ( Subclass 820 ) -

    The initial entry is based on 12 months from the medical/ police check. You are eligible to submit more for the 100/801 2 years after the initial application of the 309/820. And yes it seems that they are cracking down on people who have no intention of moving
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    So, the regulations state that as a PV Sponsor; You must help your partner and their children who have the visa for 2 years after we grant this visa by providing: accommodation financial assistance There are actually no stated minimum financial criteria, apart from not being an un-discharged bankrupt. HECS debts will not impact you as long as you have a repayment plan or arrangement in place. Same applies to tax debts etc. I expect that describing your wifes earning capacity will be enough. generally, IMMI want to see the sponsor is of good character and has their affairs in generally good order. Lack of accommodation is usually a show stopper. They dont expect you to be a millionaire, but they do expect you to be able to support your partner for at least 2 years.
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    Tourist visa - length of stay

    I assume its her first Visa, so the general rule is shorter is better. Have a look at my post on Sponsorship versus Support of Visitors, Here
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    Let's hope they don't take 26 months to deal with that too.
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    Hello everyone...I just want to share a good news this morning I received the happy letters from the embassy...my mom's visa is GRANTED! I'm so happy for this after trying 2nd time and waiting for 20 days it's all worth it thank God...and I want to thank you especially to AussieDude and Aussie_83 for your kind help in my mom's case. Thank you so much
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    This weeks gem. Joe Blogs: "I am a senior banking officer with a Major Indian Bank for 10 years. I applied for a 17 day VV and it was refused (he was unable to establish compelling reason to return, no evidence of regular payroll into bank account)." I asked: Did you include a letter from you employer granting you leave and confirming you are expected to return? Joe Blogs: " No, as in India they do give letters like this, and everyone is paid cash." Me: Bullshit. Dont represent a job when you cant prove it.