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Welcome to Australian Visa Forum, this forum is a place where you can ask questions about how to obtain visa's to Australia as well as find out how to overcome problems you may be having obtaining a Visa to Australia.
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Recent Topics

Anzsco Code Related

Australian Permanent Residency Yesterday, 08:40 PM
Hi all,   I am new to the Australia PR Process. I want to start applying this month only. I want to know the exact ANZSCO code to follow for hadoop developer position. Can anyone please help me?
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Do We Have Enough Evidence To Apply For Onshore Partner Visa

Partner Visas Yesterday, 06:08 PM
 My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship since January 2015, we first met in August 2014 while studying abroad together, and this year we are planning making the plunge and applying for an onshore partner visa when she arrives in Australia in the next month. Looking at our evidence,...
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Immi Account Reliability?

Partner Visas Yesterday, 08:55 AM
Good Morning Guys!   I apply for my onshore Partner visa soon and I am a bit anxious as I apply the day before my actual visa expires ( I have to due to dates etc). Is the immi account reliable as I am worried it will crash on the day and I will be screwed?   Is it literally a matter of...
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489 Visa Holder To Add Partner

General Requirements for Australian Visas 18 Jan 2017
Hi,   I am 489 visa holder currently in australia. I got married after i received my visa. What are the possible ways to get my partner to australia at the earliest.   I tried searching on immigration website but was not able to get proper answers, Any help will be appreciated.   L...
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Pregnant Wife And Partner Visa Application

Partner Visas 18 Jan 2017
Hi, My wife and I were about to make an application for a partner visa and come and live in Australia. I'm an Australian Citizen (for the last 4 years been living in Canada) and my wife is Canadian. We have 1 18month old son (who is a Canadian citizen, but I'm about to get his Australian citizens...
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