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Welcome to Australian Visa Forum, this forum is a place where you can ask questions about how to obtain visa's to Australia as well as find out how to overcome problems you may be having obtaining a Visa to Australia.
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Joining My Preggy Fiancée

Partner Visas Today, 06:01 AM
I applied for a visitor visa to join my fiancée in Australia to witness our child's birth she's currently an MSc student so she's on a student visa. The embassy has directed me to go for my medical examination and and documents of my business registration as I am currently running my family busin...
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Applying For Pr Visa Thru Mara Certified Agent

Australian Permanent Residency 19 Feb 2017
Hello Everyone!, My name is Harold and Im seeking your advice regarding my plan to apply for PR VISA, as to my own assessment i lack the points due to my education, i finished a 2 year associates degree course of computer technician, i have face to face meeting with a Mara certified agent here in...
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Health Insurance For French

Health Criteria and Character Requirements for Australian Visas 19 Feb 2017
I'm living in Australia and have here for nearly 3 yrs, I've fallen pregnant and it's to late to add maternity/pregnancy to my health insurance so I won't qualify only after 12months. I don't qualify for medicare because of my visa 461. Are there any other health insurance that cover less than 12...
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461 Visa Nz Spouse

Australian Permanent Residency 19 Feb 2017
With this visa I'm not entitled to medicare. Any other way I can obtain it apart from being a PR? I have a kiwi bf but is not a PR since he wasn't i. The country before and a year after feb 2001 I have a friend who's a plaster and has a blue medicare card. I'm Unsure how he got it as I can't get...
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What If During My Stay On A Visit Visa - I Find A Job And...

Visitor Visas 18 Feb 2017
Hi Guys,   Just after some information at the moment.   I have lost my job and am planning to apply for a 12 month visit visa for me and my family to have a look around Australia.   Of course - getting employed again is on the agenda.   Should I get called forward for int...
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