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Welcome to Australian Visa Forum, this forum is a place where you can ask questions about how to obtain visa's to Australia as well as find out how to overcome problems you may be having obtaining a Visa to Australia.
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476 Visa

General Requirements for Australian Visas Yesterday, 11:09 PM
I am June2015, Engineering Graduate, can I apply for 476 visa now? Please Answer ASAP.
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Unsure What Visa I Need To Apply For....

Partner Visas Yesterday, 09:52 PM
Hi AVF users.   im an australia citizen and I'm trying to work out what visa i need to apply for with my fiancĂ©. we have been together for 4 years and she has been to Australia twice on holiday visas. but now we have decided on our future and want to apply for a visa for her to come to Austr...
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Partner Visas 08 Dec 2017
Hi guys m silent reader of this group dol 26 may 17 No update yet
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Police Clearance In Australia

Partner Visas 08 Dec 2017
Hello, I'm still on visa 300, soon moving to bridging visa. I'm married and live here in Australia for half a year now. I went to a job interview and later got back an email which request me to provide the company with several documents, including police clearance. Is anybody here who can help m...
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Is/are Errors On My Philippine Fiance's Daughters Bir...

General Requirements for Australian Visas 08 Dec 2017
Thank you in advance for any advice or answers given to my question!   I intend to bring my Fiance and her two children (Female 14, Male 12) to Australia on a tourist visa March/April 2018 with the intention of then applying for Permanent Visas for them all once in Australia.   My Fianc...
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