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  1. Hopefully we get it but they gona changed the time again on this 19 January.. this what happening from last 5-6 months they added another month every time so people can’t complaint.. only YAN got her visa she was above the processing time always..
  2. We all are suffering from this killing wait. We can’t even complaint about bcoz we are under the processing time.. other permanent subclasses like 309,100 applicant getting theirs visa in 8-9 months. However they not bother to touch 461 visa applications but increase month by month every time.. You guys are onshore but I applied offshore from New delhi India. My wife and 3.5 year old daughter is in Sydney and waiting for me last 20 months. Really don’t know what to do in this situation. This wait is killing..
  3. Wtf is this again they increased one more month.. now it’s 19-22 months..
  4. Hello princess Try to communicate with immigration if you crossed 21 months or lodge online complaint. This will help you to get visa.. They may increase the processing times again within few days..
  5. Next number is yours i think bcoz you crossed 21 months.. keep updating if you get any response. Good luck
  6. Congrats YAN.. finally you got it after long wait.. i am in my 20 months.. applied in april 2017 offshore..
  7. It’s mean they are touching the files which crossed 20 months.. you will get your visa when you submit the requirements.. good luck
  8. I am really surprised!!! so when did you submitted the requested medicals and form 80 ?
  9. Hello YAN you also crossed your 21 months.. any update on your case?
  10. New processinh time 18- 20 months.. any update guys? Any grant or refusal?
  11. Update guys.. one more applicant who applied in march 2018 got his 461 visa grant in 6 months. Here is the link https://www.australiaforum.com/visas-immigration/203881-recent-461-auckland-processing-times-7.html i think they forgot 2017 applications..
  12. I used agent in my case paid $5500. Still waiting from last 18 months. Mid October it’s 12 months completed for my phone interview. After that big silence till now.. having a agent or not it doesn’t matter.. only matters is your luck.
  13. Big update for ONSHORE applicants.. someone from perth got his 461 visa only in 4 months.. he applied onshore on 15 may 2018 and got his visa on 24 September 2018. What is going with ours applications? What is our fault? Why are applications are on hold? Why we are waiting last 15-16-17-18-19 months. If we contact them they reply you should wait because you are within the timeframe.. completely injustice with us.. here is the link where you can read his success story. https://www.australiaforum.com/visas-immigration/281919-visa-461-approved-new-zealand-citizen-family-visa.html