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  1. Update guys.. one more applicant who applied in march 2018 got his 461 visa grant in 6 months. Here is the link https://www.australiaforum.com/visas-immigration/203881-recent-461-auckland-processing-times-7.html i think they forgot 2017 applications..
  2. I used agent in my case paid $5500. Still waiting from last 18 months. Mid October it’s 12 months completed for my phone interview. After that big silence till now.. having a agent or not it doesn’t matter.. only matters is your luck.
  3. Big update for ONSHORE applicants.. someone from perth got his 461 visa only in 4 months.. he applied onshore on 15 may 2018 and got his visa on 24 September 2018. What is going with ours applications? What is our fault? Why are applications are on hold? Why we are waiting last 15-16-17-18-19 months. If we contact them they reply you should wait because you are within the timeframe.. completely injustice with us.. here is the link where you can read his success story. https://www.australiaforum.com/visas-immigration/281919-visa-461-approved-new-zealand-citizen-family-visa.html
  4. What the F*** they doing with us.. every month increasing the times to keep us behind..
  5. My wife living in australia since 2010 but from last 12 months she is living with me in India. Very hard for her to live in australia with daughter without me..
  6. Yes my CO called me on my phone. My wife is living me so answered the call and case officer asked her nomal questions like how, when, where we met. name of the friend through we met. When and why we decided to marry. Joint bank account and when it was opened. We have 3 year old daughter. So she asked where and when she born. when we planing for our next baby..? asked just simple questions all was correctly answered. Yes im waiting for my final decision now because everything submitted. But don’t know when i’ll get my visa.. this wait is killing..
  7. 10-april-2017 applicant.. applied offshore new delhi.. mine case officer is sleeping from last 11 months.. asked for health insurance june 2017. Which is already expired now. Received my interview call oct 2017. After that pin drop silence. No reply from case officer. No communication and no visa grant. 17 months is too long.
  8. Yes we can raise online petition because like subclass 309 we are also a partner of our loved ones. We have same feelings like them if immigration decrease their processing time then why can’t ours.. here we are waiting from last 15-16-17 and 18 months which is really a very long time..completely unfair.. how to start this petition any idea.. ?
  9. I don’t know why they keep holding our applications and increase the processing times.. people who applied for subclass 309 they raised the point and signed the online petition so theirs processing time decreased to 11-16 months from 21-26.. seems like they don’t want to give visa to NZ citizen partners.
  10. Again under the processing time.. 15 months and one week.. can’t force them now.. but YAN only you are the one now who is above the timeline.. try to complaint them.
  11. I am also registered in others forum.people who applied onshore not get any response since they applied. A guy from srilanka applied on 3rd April 2017 at thailand australia embassy. He asked for medical after 3-4 days of lodgement. he got his visa last week on 4th July straight after 15 months. Even his medical was also expired but not asked again and got his grant letter in his email. But onshore applicants haven’t received any communication since they applied. Here is Yan’s case isn’t complex and it’s also crossed 15 months but still he is waiting. Even they are not replying him for any quary.
  12. They are not touching any onshore application. But here in new delhi,india they gave 461 visa decision in 10 months. My co asked me everything, interview done in October 2017(9 months passed) , after that i am waiting for my decision. I tried to contact my CO on her email but received automatic reply that she is on long leave. Don’t know how they working and how they processing the applications..
  13. 15 months already completed.. no good news yet.. Yan is there any complication in your case?