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  1. New processing time updated twice in this month.. Now it is 13-19 months
  2. Even one of my friend applied 6 months ago. He just received his acknowledgement.. no communication after that.. my case is completely processed..1.medical request and 2.additional documents and 12 months health insurance request. 3.interview is the last step which was done in mid October,if they are not satisfied with any question they send you email to clarify or requested for another document.. but not asked anything after interview or not hear anything. now they are not granting or refusing any 461 application. It’s mean they are not touching or processing. Seems like case officers are not ordered yet to process,refuse or grant. Here is the link of another forum. http://www.australiaforum.com/visas-immigration/231066-461-visa-timeline-any-updates-2017-a-3.html
  3. It said 90% in 14 months so it’s not harmful if YAN contact to his CO.. but he said he never contacted since he applied it’s mean there is no CO allocated yet.. In short they are not touching any Subclass 461 neither on shore OR offshore..
  4. It is worth to write a email to your CO because you already crossed 14 months time frame.. Did yours CO contacted you for additional documents ? Have you done your medicals yet or not?
  5. Yan Where did you applied? Mine is Australian high commission ,new delhi.
  6. Yes same situation here.. waiting from last 12 months.. interview held 6 months ago.. still waiting for grant.. by the way you are the first one who is waiting since feb 2017 and also completed 14 months wait time.. you will hear first from them so please update once you get your any outcome...
  7. Any update about 461 visa grant ?
  8. My agent is Mara agent from Australia l. He said just wait wait amd wait.. he also don’t know the reason of delay.. also he send them email last month but received same reply that ‘under processing’. Can communicate with my CO straight away bcoz of agent.. my wife thinking to email my CO But not sure if it’s good or bad to talk to CO like this..
  9. Do you heard any grant or refusal news from anywhere in the world since april 2017 ? I searched a lot on web but couldn’t find any.. it seems like they hold the applications for next financial year.. (july 2018-june 2019). Few people haven’t heard anything since lodgement but in my case i got request abt medical and pcc/afp in may 2017. June 2017 they asked for 12 months health insurance, I paid $950 for 12 months already 9 months passed on and 3 months left and also got phone interview in October 2017. After that still waiting for my outcome.. AFP already expired and got new one last week if they ask again.. also medicals and indian Pcc about to expire in first week of may 2018.
  10. Ahc new delhi processing PR partners visa files and hold all 461 visa applications..