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  1. Aussie_83

    Family sponsored visa 600 refused for sister

    did you treat it as a normal application and account for all the aspects or just rely on the fact it was family sponsored so didn't worry with all the evidence? basically you can't appeal just apply again and address the issues
  2. Aussie_83

    Offshore to Onshore POSSIBLE???

    short answer is no. but there's many twists in what you're asking. for a start, do you have the evidence required for a partner visa? I would imagine not otherwise you wouldn't of applied for a PMV, in which case by all means have the ceremony but not a legal one, save that for after the PMV has been granted. (such as a registry wedding). but no you can't just change from offshore to onshore. if you're determined to go ahead with the full wedding then I really recommend you consult a RMA.
  3. Aussie_83

    Tourist visa correspondence

    being within the processing times you won't get any response. you can try if you want.
  4. it's absolutely disgusting and makes a mockery of people going through it. sadly once anything is used for genuine reasons people abuse it, a example is my wife was told to get pregnant to get a quick visa grant. just as disgusting as the reverse of people using threats of visa cancellation to keep people in an abusive relationship.
  5. mid last year they stopped sending the reminder letters out, though they are about to reverse that, just confirms even they realise it was a silly move. was your contact with your agent to do the 801? seems odd that they are getting you to do it if you've paid them.
  6. Aussie_83

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    the times are averages. the lower time is 75% of applicants and the higher is 90%. 10% take longer. they let you know the current averages. obviously an influx of applicants at the same time as you will change the times to be higher. also onshore take longer than offshore but keep in mind you are with your partner for the process, it's much harder when you aren't. is offshore
  7. Aussie_83

    Child dependent visa

    sorry but way more detail than I can give. but based on how they work with logic, he would need to be enrolled to study so either school or TAFE I would imagine. but really not sure
  8. Aussie_83

    Onshore Student to Partner Visa

    that's not correct at all. you either apply on the basis of being married or defacto however the level of evidence is the same. if you don't meet the long term relationship criteria AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION then 2 years after applying for the 820/801 you need to submit a form and new evidence for the 801. really suggest you do a lot more research and start with the dibp website. if after research you are still confused and further targeted questions can't clarify things then you will need a RMA
  9. not required to do anything other then enter the country, unless there are conditions on the visa such as a secondary health exam
  10. Aussie_83

    Form 888, Certified Document Copies

    that's an example of them not updating information, the form was done before online applications so all had to be certified.
  11. hopefulguy, bit if misinformation there. it is from the 820 lodgement NOT grant. it's a common mistake.
  12. Aussie_83

    proof no impediment to marry

    just one suggestion, which may not work, if you look at the email request look at what country the person is from. if they are from outside your country maybe they aren't familiar with the paperwork accessible to your country so let them know it's the best you can do. if they are from your country..... no suggestions sorry
  13. Aussie_83

    Australian Partner Visa 2017 India Updates

    as you would be aware from previous experience the AAT can only judge if correct procedures were followed. there is no requirement that they conduct an interview so trying to use the argument that others had an interview won't help you. many get refusals without an interview. best of luck with everything some very odd reasoning. Personally I really think you need the help of a MARA agent. i'ld suggest researching a reputable Australian based one. Lisa from proxy migration that occasionally posts here seems switched on.
  14. sorry but I don't know how to make it clearer than saying 2 years from lodging the 820/801.
  15. hey guys enjoy it. since you came in on the 300, it is 2 years from when you lodged the 820/801. they gave actually stopped sending the emails out. basically the way it works is you applied for the temporary residence and permanent at the same time that's why it's from lodging the application. 2 years after you aren't so much applying for the 801 more you are providing evidence to support it.