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  1. Aussie_83

    Getting married to my Australian fiance

    The answer remains the same as the other thread you posted on. You cannot change a offshore visa to a onshore visa. Is the Agent a Mara registered Agent? Starting here on a tourist visa went impact anything, you just update your contact details and will need to leave the country when they are ready to make a decision. No waiver for the child after all it's a family visa so it's very common for children to be involved so not really a special circumstance
  2. Just a heads up you'll probably only get 2 entries off it. While technically it's unlimited, boarder security can decide that the visa isn't being used for what it's intended, does seem they give a warning. Also the sooner you lodge the better as they are trying to bring in some changes. Also FYI price rises will happen 1st Jan or 1st July.
  3. As soon as you apply for the 820/801 then they are eligible for Medicare, well worth getting the insurance in the meantime and of course everyone should have ambo cover. I found covermore to be good.
  4. That reminds me of my first trip over I started in Chiang mai a coupe of nights. Went wandering for a few hours and I came across a restaurant 'authentic Thai restaurant, special bangers and mash' Though I know of a place in Udon you can buy a Aussie beef or NZ lamb. Next time I go I'll get lamb to try with Thai bbq
  5. Aussie_83

    Partner visa 801 - uploading documents

  6. Aussie_83

    Partner visa 801 - uploading documents

    Go to the link below, follow these steps and go from step 5. It's only from the Grant of the 820.
  7. Aussie_83

    Residence History Form

    The actual wording. Sponsors must provide an Australian Police Certificate or proof (email confirmation or receipt) that they have applied for aNational Police Check if the sponsor has spent a total of 12 months or more in Australia since turning 16. We accept only a Complete Disclosure National Police Certificate issued by the Australian Federal Police. We will not accept Standard Disclosure certificates or National Police Certificates issued by your state’s police.
  8. Aussie_83

    Residence History Form

    So is the AFP for you or the sponsor? If it's the sponsor then it id's required full stop. The 10 year part is just for other countries. If it is for you then it's culmative and includes visits over the last 10 years. If you are near enough the 12 months they sometimes request it anyway.
  9. I've had one take 5 weeks and one take less than 24 hour's. Same applicant
  10. Aussie_83

    820/801 HELP! What are we missing?

    A couple of brief answers. There is no way for a application to be approved straight away. It is a at time of application visa so you have to meet the criteria then which you won't meet. The bridging visa is issued straight away but won't come into effect until the ETA is completed. So if it has 3 month stay then at the end of the 3 months.
  11. Aussie_83

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Like any document no need for certification if you use clear coloured scans. The 888 itself does need to be witnessed.
  12. Aussie_83

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    You realise that it's not a issue to click to continue past it? It's not tied in with the application at all. The date is meant to change to give people an idea of when they should apply
  13. Aussie_83

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    You don't go off the recommended docs for upload area it's just a generic list across multiple visas and has double ups and stuff not required, you should always go off the checklist of the visa on the DHA website
  14. Normal and required. My wife got them done in Udon
  15. Aussie_83

    Residence History Form

    The 888's are 100% required. Your visa cannot be granted without them