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  1. From the requirements You must be the prospective spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen You and your prospective spouse must: know and have met each other in person since both turning 18 not be related intend to marry within nine months of the visa being granted intend to live as spouses after you are married. not be married to anyone when a decision is made on your visa application.
  2. From what you have put there isn't anything you can do. the whole point of the pmv is to get married. If your partner is still married then there is no way they can meet that requirement.
  3. Aussie_83

    Partner visa for Thai wife. Can her son migrate later.

    Also you'll need a form signed by the dad, could be cheaper to do now then later...... You know the culture by now.
  4. Aussie_83

    Partner visa for Thai wife. Can her son migrate later.

    It doesn't shut but costs a hell of a lot more. Best to include him now to avoid extra costs and complications
  5. Aussie_83


    Seeing you are outside the processing times lodge a complaint. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/contact/provide-feedback
  6. Once you have submitted and can start uploading go if the checklist from the DHA site. There will be a lot of recommended at the upload section that wont be relevant and also double up due to them just using a generic set up across many different visas. Follow the checklist and you'll be right.
  7. If you applied offshore there is no bridging visa
  8. Aussie_83

    Australian partner visa

    Just to add in most cases when applying for an extra visitor visa onshore the 8503 will be applied.
  9. Aussie_83

    Removing condition 8503 from my partners tourist visa

    Sorry but from what you have posted you wouldn't meet any of the exceptional criteria, it's very common situation. Best of luck https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/corporate/information/fact-sheets/52b-nfc Requesting a waiver of a 'No Further Stay' condition The circumstances in which the Minister might waive a 'No Further Stay' condition are: since the person was granted the visa that was subject to the condition, compelling and compassionate circumstances have developed: over which the person had no control that resulted in a major change to the person's circumstances if the Minister has previously refused to waive the condition, the Minister is satisfied the circumstances mentioned in paragraph (a) are substantially different from those considered previously if the person asks the minister to waive the condition, the request is in writing. If you do request a waiver of a 'No Further Stay' condition, the departmental officer who considers your request must be satisfied all the above requirements apply in your case, namely: the circumstances that have developed since you were granted the visa are both compassionate and compelling you had no control over these circumstances these circumstances have resulted in a major change to your personal circumstances. A waiver is not automatic. Each request is decided by assessing your particular circumstances against the above legal requirements. Circumstances not considered beyond the applicant's control The following circumstances are not considered 'beyond the control' of the visa holder for the purposes of the waiver provisions: marriage to (or commencing a de facto partner relationship with) an Australian citizen or permanent resident pregnancy (women who become pregnant while in Australia would generally need to have evidence they are unable to leave Australia). failure to complete a course due to failing a subject.
  10. 1. A. 2. Medicare yes, work needs to wait for the tourist visa to run out. 3. Would need to apply for a bridging visa b
  11. Aussie_83

    Partner Visa 820 - Sponsor Checklist

    The statement is covered in the online form but some people do a statement. The 888 covers the relationship between sponsor and applicant so it's not as if they are separate. There has been no rule changes as yet. Go off the DHA checklist
  12. The first major Tony Abbott increase of 50% was due to the idiot not being able to pass his budget. The second one to bring offshore prices inline with onshore really annoyed me. 2 very different products.
  13. Adding kids increases the cost. 1300 odd for each. Nothing to do with on or offshore. Though off memory age is a factor, over/ under 18
  14. The tricky part is you are planning a year ahead. Not a massive issue however regulations do change so can't comment that far out as to possible changes
  15. Aussie_83

    Overstayed my Partner Visa in Australia

    Also as a note to future readers, If the PMV has been granted get married as early as you can to kick start the process. You don't need a flash wedding, a registry wedding only costs $500 and you can have a nice ceramony/ party when it's affordable ( visa and fights ect can eat right into it). Personally my wife and I despite being married 4 years are finally having a wedding next year as per her (requirements. 😜 ) / culture