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  1. only get a return ticket if you can get refundable tickets or you can afford to loose the money if the visa isn't granted.
  2. also FYI tread softly and document everything, there's been a massive increase in false domestic abuse charges so that they can use grounds to get the PR granted. of course that low act detracts from genuine cases
  3. withdraw it now. they don't necessarily action it straight away, as with anything visa related who knows how long it will take.
  4. sorry to hear. best of luck with it. what stage was granted for her? if the 801/100 then a bit of a moot point unless you can prove something serious like fraud. also just FYI as it seems to cause some confusion once you withdraw your support you can't check on, and won't be informed of what's happening as basically from then it's nothing to do with you.
  5. Aussie_83

    Visitors Visa for my African boyfriend

    you've done your research well. and from what I've seen you are right, they do seem to be rare for Africans. you've covered your bases pretty well and seem to have it covered. it's up to the person reviewing it as to how much weight the letter of support from your mum will be. with your and your boyfriends letters don't go too flowery or over the top with photos. highlight that he has had previous visas and that he has always complied with the conditions. give relevant detail first, after all the case officer might not bother reading a multi page. I think you should be right without translating the statements.
  6. Aussie_83

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    congrats mate, now the waiting for citizenship! there's always something 😛 it's frustrating but waiting is all you can really do. we were eligible 10/1/'17 and i submitted loads and you see people submit bare minimum after getting it. i agree with the update letter it also at least makes you feel like you're doing something. apart from that it's just move on with life while waiting. all the best
  7. it's averages. 75% within 8 months, 90% within 11 months and 10% take longer.
  8. You've put yourself in a bit of a corner. I'm curious did you lodge your visa within 28 days of them cancelling the other visa? To be honest I don't think you will find bub would be compassionate grounds for the schedule 3 waiver. from my understanding the compassionate grounds are circumstances beyond anyone's control (such as health (cancer and the like) natural disasters ect). there would of been a time when a baby might of been compassionate unfortunately as soon as anyone hears of a loophole all the dodgy applications will try and exploit it so it gets shut down, and there have been many who deliberately had a baby to try and get a visa. my wife had people telling her that having a baby would make it all easier which is of course BS. once you apply for the partner visa you only get bridging visa A if you are on a substantive visa and it only kicks in after the visa ends naturally. so basically you will remain on the bridging visa E and there is no way to get travel rights on bridging visa E. part of the reason many say to avoid BVB E at all costs including the fact that it means you have been unlawful which also means anytime before in the country wont count towards timelines for citizenship. considering the cost of the visa and that you are beyond a simple application you would need to at least an initial consult with a MARA agent. I've never used one but have seen very informative posts from the agents in the link below. http://www.australiaforum.com/visas-immigration/252474-registered-migration-agents.html
  9. Aussie_83

    Where to find HAP-ID?

    did you open the attachment they sent that you needed to give to the doctor?
  10. Aussie_83

    Where to find HAP-ID?

    to my knowledge the only real ways would be through the correspondence mailbox on your immi account and find the message they sent or find the email that was sent to you.
  11. Aussie_83

    About To Lodge 300 Visa

    mate entirely up to you. it depends what suits you. personally i would wait and do a 6 month and wait again. also cheaper with flights and whatnot. but all your call. note with having to be out of the country she doesn't have to go back to Thailand can be anywhere offshore just not a cruise
  12. Aussie_83

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    it is possible providing that you proved evidence of a defacto relationship going back that far. sometimes they only have the 309 but you can email them and ask the question of the 100
  13. Aussie_83

    Visitor Visa (Subclass600)

    first up you are really up against it. processing can take a month or more so to leave it until the week before its putting yourself at risk. 1) for finances they are looking at money you can access so you're salery isn't enough it's more the bank balances. 2) it's up to the individual case officer as to how much weight they put to the invitation letter, realistically they want you to have access to your own funds. 3) anything you can think of to prove funds or intent to return home. letter from employer to prove leave ect. 4) to be honest it's irrelevant, it used to depend on the country your passport was from and i think it still does but it can end up near anywhere.
  14. Aussie_83

    About To Lodge 300 Visa

    you'll need to allow 12 months for the visa to be processed. you could well get it granted earlier but better to allow for the worst. one thing i would start on now is the form that the kids father will need to sign giving consent for them to migrate. heads up some use it for a bit of a cash grab.
  15. Aussie_83

    About To Lodge 300 Visa

    I've only heard of a small handful of Thai's getting the 12 months. most, like us, get a 12 month multiple entry with a limit of 3 months in the country. if i were you i would wait 3 or 4 months and go for a 6 month. that way by the end of the 6 months should only have to wait a couple of months for the PMV. one warning i always give especially with visa's is be careful of the Thai, friend say, uncle say, cousin say, someone say....... eg I've known a few people who have been told a Thai police check cost 10000 baht when it's only a couple of hundred. I'm sure you've experienced that sort of thing by now.