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  1. Ahh sorry missed the relationship length. Yeah it should be granted together. In which case you just need to make your initial entry. The travel rights only last for 5 years
  2. 1 I only used a NATI one just to be safe. So can't really help. 2 not an issue. 3 lodge and holding off on your medicals is fine. 4 you only have to make initial entry. Just a word of caution though when it comes fine to apply for the 100 it seems like they are cracking down on people who have no intent to move to Australia so if you haven't moved by then you might get questioned over it.
  3. Aussie_83

    Canceling PMV 300

    You're well within the standard processing time which has been pretty stable for a while now so not sure why you would of expected much. There are no consequences of withdrawing and applying onshore. You will loose the PMV application fee of course. But you will be required to meet the criteria for the partner visa. Have you read the requirements and would you be able to meet then? BVB is normally only granted with travel periods of 3 months so if you need to travel regularly will need to apply each time. Yes you will have access to Medicare. There is always a chance of refusal and there isn't enough info to give any sort of opinion. If you need to travel regularly it would make little sense to change in my opinion.
  4. I wouldn't say gigantic. If you are good with paperwork and research it's fine. A lot of people think getting married makes it easier and faster to get a visa
  5. Basically you need extremely good reasons to justify not applying while you had a visa. Please be advised that on 01 July 2014, DIBP has changed its policy in relation to Schedule 3 - Criteria 3004, which may affect your application for a Subclass 820/801 visa if you made/make your application when your substantive has ceased or you were/are the holder of a bridging visa oryou were/are an unlawful citizen or the last substantive visa you held contained the Condition 8503 ‘No Further Stay’, at the time of the application. The new policy states: Criterion 3004 requires that, if an application was made within 28 days after your substantive visa ceasing, you must meet ALL of the following provisions: (a) You are not the holder of a substantive visa because of factors beyond your control; AND (b) There are compelling reasons for granting partner visa; AND (c) You have complied substantially with any conditions subject to which your last visa was granted; AND (d) You intend to comply with any condition subject to which the partner visa is granted; AND (e) You would have been entitled to be granted a partner visa had you applied for the visa on the day when you last held a substantive visa; AND (f) The last substantive visa you held (if any) was not subject to a condition ‘8503 – No Further Stay’.
  6. Best of luck because I would imagine you would also need to adress schedule 3 as you won't have a substantial visa when you apply. Keep in mind being married means very little in terms of a partner visa.
  7. Aussie_83

    Partner Visa - New sponsor requirement

    It's not in play yet so it's all speculation. Also once it is I would imagine the sponsor can lodge approval anytime and anywhere
  8. Aussie_83

    Newbie Introduction and First Questions

    1 it's tied in with the medical and police checks. They are valid for a year so it depends on when you get them done for your initial entry. 2. No not necessary. If you are good with paperwork and research you should be fine. Just take your thumbs. 3. Basically research. Start with the immi website then once you have specific questions we can help from there.
  9. Aussie_83

    Visa options to PR HELP?!

    How far into waiting on your partner visa are you?
  10. Aussie_83

    How long before bridging visa/right to work?

    Just a slight note. If your original visa is cancelled before the grant of the partner visa then the bridging visa a will be cancelled as it's linked to the original visa, from there you can only really go on a bridging visa e (really not ideal)
  11. Aussie_83

    Some questions about partner visa

    Ahh fair enough. I had printed the forms and handed them to the people that aren't good with technology or have ready access to scanners and printers so easier to get them to give me their passports for me to scan and upload.
  12. Aussie_83

    Some questions about partner visa

    Odd I didn't for most of my form 888's no issues. Just a colour scans of the passport. But then that's of the original and not a copy so different to the wording on the form which hasn't been changed since they started digital applications.
  13. Aussie_83

    Some questions about partner visa

    That's different. The form itself must be as perv it's requirements. The proof of their citizen ship/pr doesn't have to be.
  14. Aussie_83

    Some questions about partner visa

    It's all here. Go to the step by step but. They don't do it as a checklist as many found it confusing instead they break it down. As for certifying docs there is no mention as that was a requirement for paper lodged visas which is why they specify now full colour scans. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-onshore/temporary-820#HowTo
  15. Thais don't do official paperwork at the best of times so very odd
  16. Aussie_83

    Proof of Address

    Are you asking proof of the sponsers address or the applicants? Obviously for the sponsor they prove their address and the applicant theirs. Each must provide required info
  17. Aussie_83

    Partner visa 820 doubts

    So long as you clearly label everything you should be fine.
  18. Aussie_83

    Partner visa 820 doubts

    1. It's 100, though you shouldn't need anywhere near that amount. 2. It's online now.
  19. Aussie_83

    Husband Visitor Visa

    JSeeing it's a family sponsored one you are still within standard processing times. Given it's such a high risk country it will always be at the higher end of the wait time. If you already have a professional representing you we wouldn't be able to advise much more than them. Processing times 75% of applications: 37 days 90% of applications: 51 day
  20. Aussie_83

    Husband Visitor Visa

    Basically many visitor visa applications take near a month now however applying November there is of course a massive increase in applications leading to further delays
  21. Aussie_83

    Visa 309 questions

    1 very as it's the base of the application. You can use the time you were visiting to cover that. 2. They are really only after official names, happy to be corrected. 3. It's a personal choice no one can really advise you there. 4. No makes basically no practical difference. 5. Yes if you apply for the offshore and she is here on a visitor visa she is eligible for Medicare.
  22. Aussie_83

    Some questions about partner visa

    1. Correct however it doesn't change the level of proof required. 2. once the bridging visa is activated at the end of your current visa (providing that visa isn't cancelled) then you will have full work rights.
  23. Aussie_83

    Overstayed in X country

    Sorry I can't help I just had too chime in that I love the honesty. It's normally everyone's fault but that of the person! Best of luck