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  1. Do not be amazed if you are asked to lodge an FoI request to have the incorrect information corrected. This is sometimes the case if information is wrong on the 'system' and not just on a particular document.
  2. The chances of being granted visitor visas for siblings or nieces/nephews out of Manila is 50/50. It used to be a good strategy to re-qpply addressing the reasons for refusal, but Manila, having refused once, is increasingly inclined to continue refusing. Parents and partners are usually ok. A family sponsored refusal is reviewable.
  3. w h russell

    Submitted But Been Told Failed

    You should promptly enquire about what was lacking in the documents provided and if you do not receive a satisfactory response, consider a consultation with a registered migration agent to sort it out.
  4. w h russell

    Capped And Ceased

    If you have applied for a 175, 176, 475 you can expect to be informed that you have never made an application. See https://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2...Statement/Text You have a fighting chance of having the VAC refunded, but you have done your dough for all of: skills assessment, IELTS, agent's fee (unless you have a no win, no fee contract) and ancillary costs.
  5. w h russell

    Tourist To Partner Visa Question

    A bridging visa A would be automatically granted when a partner application was lodged, but would not take effect until the visitor visa expired, or was cancelled.
  6. w h russell

    Tourist Visa For Parent - Tricky One

    You can find out for sure by seeking an FBI clearance, not that this would be necessary.
  7. w h russell

    Partner Visa Or Pr Or ?

    With professional advice, you should have no issues about removing the children, or about school fees in Australia. There are various possible issues, for examples: you cannot add the children to a partner application lodged in Australia unless they are in Australia, if you lodge overseas the children could be included, but there would be no bridging visa during processing. May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for advice about strategy?