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  1. The chances of being granted visitor visas for siblings or nieces/nephews out of Manila is 50/50. It used to be a good strategy to re-qpply addressing the reasons for refusal, but Manila, having refused once, is increasingly inclined to continue refusing. Parents and partners are usually ok. A family sponsored refusal is reviewable.
  2. w h russell

    Submitted But Been Told Failed

    You should promptly enquire about what was lacking in the documents provided and if you do not receive a satisfactory response, consider a consultation with a registered migration agent to sort it out.
  3. w h russell

    Capped And Ceased

    If you have applied for a 175, 176, 475 you can expect to be informed that you have never made an application. See https://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2...Statement/Text You have a fighting chance of having the VAC refunded, but you have done your dough for all of: skills assessment, IELTS, agent's fee (unless you have a no win, no fee contract) and ancillary costs.
  4. w h russell

    Tourist To Partner Visa Question

    A bridging visa A would be automatically granted when a partner application was lodged, but would not take effect until the visitor visa expired, or was cancelled.
  5. w h russell

    Tourist Visa For Parent - Tricky One

    You can find out for sure by seeking an FBI clearance, not that this would be necessary.
  6. w h russell

    Partner Visa Or Pr Or ?

    With professional advice, you should have no issues about removing the children, or about school fees in Australia. There are various possible issues, for examples: you cannot add the children to a partner application lodged in Australia unless they are in Australia, if you lodge overseas the children could be included, but there would be no bridging visa during processing. May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for advice about strategy?