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  1. NehaSharma20

    Sponsor limitations for a prospective marriage visa

    yes you have the limitation for the 5 years policy set by Australian Immigration authority to apply for your next Australia Prospective Marriage Visa.
  2. Hi, Yes you experience points will be deducted, you can visit the official DIBP website for more information or directly get free assessment.
  3. Now, this has been replaced by new visa categories in 2018
  4. Yes, This brings disappointment for the applicants who are waiting for their Australia Pr Visa. Australia immigration government has also come up with cutting of overseas migrants in 2018. But they should know that it could effect badly to their economic growth of the country.
  5. NehaSharma20

    Re-assessment on ACS results

    Yes you have to go with skill assessment again for this
  6. Hi, You there might be a chance, you can visa the official DIBP website for more information regarding your occupation in demand.
  7. Nice, It the good news for all who are looking to get their parents in Australia. Keep updating with the new changes in Australia Immigration policy
  8. NehaSharma20

    Visa Options For Mother

    If you don't know the answer, why are you replying. They are not enemy, but many consultants are fraud, they take your money and don't reply to the phone calls. Therefore you should take care while choosing your Immigration consultant, are they registered with MARA or not.
  9. NehaSharma20

    Amazing travel photos of Australia

    The photos are very nice (Y)
  10. Hi I have not seen any recent updates of 2018 Australia Immigration process in this form. Can we discuss here? The upcoming news of immigration cut in Australia. What do you thing, it degrade the economy of Australia or not?
  11. @Aussiedude You should remove your profile pic after saying this "You have a lot to learn about acceptable behaviour on public forums. Members will and have the right to continue to correct anyone who makes an incorrect statement. If you dont want us commenting on your business, take your business elsewhere."
  12. As you said this is public forum everyone has the right to say anything.. so don't correct others.. give your opinion only.. this is the forum for the discussion not for correcting others.. and you both thing you are extra clear.. I am sorry to say that you are not.. You both should "definitely mind your business"
  13. You are wrong.. thanks for the information, again "Mind your own business Please"
  14. I think you are more interested in my replies.. You should mind your own business.