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  1. Yes I didn't know this was possible until friends of mine had their restriction lifted on a bridging visa. I got the work restriction lifted on my BVA within a week. I filled out the form 1005 and attached some receipts, credit card statements and rent bills etc to prove that us both surviving on one income was not adequate. You should definitely do this Yan as the processing times vary so often...you may be waiting another 6 months or longer for all you know.
  2. I applied onshore in the beginning of June 2017. How about you?
  3. I've still heard nothing at all. Only thing I received was my acknowledgement letter 13 months ago. Im so glad I applied to get the work restriction lifted on my brodging visa - imagine waiting 13 months with no work! Such a joke. It's such a bizzare system they have all these people just waiting for a visa, in limbo, and unable to even get a response from a CO regarding the process. I expected more from Australia
  4. Thanks for the reply Yan18! Wow Feb! How have they updated the website to 8-11 months when that's clearly not the case then ? Did they contact you for any further documents or did you also only receive the acknowledgement?
  5. Congrats Saurab. Since applying in June 2017 I have had no contact apart from the acknowledgement letter. Do you guys reckon if they wanted to request additional documents they would have done so by now?
  6. I applied for my NZ Citizen Family member visa in the beginning of June 2017 from Australia. When I applied the processing time for 90% of applicants was 8 months. Now, this processing time has jumped to 11 months. Does anybody know if I will be in the former bracket (8 months, when I applied) or now the latter? I tried emailing the visa centre in Sydney almost 2 weeks ago but I did not get a reply. Apart from the application acknowledgement I have not received any other correspondence. I would love to know where I am in the queue as I am unable to work while on my bridging visa and I am beyond bored (as I also found out I am not allowed to volunteer while on a bridging visa). Has anybody who applied for the 461 in May/June heard anything back?...searching for a glimmer of hope...