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  1. @KrustyKDawg my partners wages were ok aswel but as it still was not enough for both of us to survive comfortably (plus I was going insane with boredom) I filled out the form attaching credit card bills, rent, expenses etc and got it approved in under 2 weeks. Nothing gained nothing lost. Best decision I've ever made as have now been working the last few months.
  2. Last time I tried to call the wait time was over 2 hours. I don't want to complain now as I'd be afraid it may affect the outcome of my application. But as soon as my visa gets granted I'm going to write a formal complaint. Such a disgrace
  3. @Danone no, pretty sure only the cops could fine you if they pull you over when driving. Honestly they won't even ask you any questions, I wouldn't worry about it. And if they do ask then just be honest and say you weren't aware of the 12 month timeframe plus you thought your visa would have been here by now. They didn't even care/look at my visa when I handed it to them
  4. @Danone you can only drive on your overseas license for your first 12 months in Australia. I applied for my Australian license after 13 months of waiting and got it no problem. They didn't even care about my visa situation.
  5. @Srussell probably just luck of the draw. If they got it in 4 months then they're not going in order, just randomly picking files that come to hand. Can't think of any other feasible explanation. Mine is also straight forward. Ive already been waiting 17 months with nothing only the receipt.
  6. Wow $5500!!!! Holy crap. Ok then since you used an agent and are still waiting that squashes my theory ? I'm baffled how that person got theirs in 4 months ?
  7. @SC461 has anybody on this thread used an agent? If not then that would confirm all us who are waiting for months and months on end and lodged the visa ourselves are not prioritised as we did not pay an agent. I know they say that by using an agent it doesnt speed up the process but clearly it does if some guy can get his granted in 4 months! We can't even get a response from the department so who's to say case officers don't prioritise cases lodged by immigration agents! Who knows what really goes on, no transparency!
  8. @Srussell that's awesome, thanks for the reply. So are you just renewing yours? Will we have to go through this every 5 years? ?
  9. When (if) this visa gets granted, does anybody know what the max amount of time is that you can leave Australia for and return? As I may need to go back overseas for a year once it's been granted!
  10. Hi guys, My passport is due to expire in a few months. As i have still not received my visa I am not sure what will happen. If i renew my passport, will this affect my visa application? It will be just my luck the change will put me to the back of the queue lol.
  11. Yes I didn't know this was possible until friends of mine had their restriction lifted on a bridging visa. I got the work restriction lifted on my BVA within a week. I filled out the form 1005 and attached some receipts, credit card statements and rent bills etc to prove that us both surviving on one income was not adequate. You should definitely do this Yan as the processing times vary so often...you may be waiting another 6 months or longer for all you know.
  12. I applied onshore in the beginning of June 2017. How about you?
  13. I've still heard nothing at all. Only thing I received was my acknowledgement letter 13 months ago. Im so glad I applied to get the work restriction lifted on my brodging visa - imagine waiting 13 months with no work! Such a joke. It's such a bizzare system they have all these people just waiting for a visa, in limbo, and unable to even get a response from a CO regarding the process. I expected more from Australia