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  1. Thanks for the reply Yan18! Wow Feb! How have they updated the website to 8-11 months when that's clearly not the case then 🤔 Did they contact you for any further documents or did you also only receive the acknowledgement?
  2. Congrats Saurab. Since applying in June 2017 I have had no contact apart from the acknowledgement letter. Do you guys reckon if they wanted to request additional documents they would have done so by now?
  3. I applied for my NZ Citizen Family member visa in the beginning of June 2017 from Australia. When I applied the processing time for 90% of applicants was 8 months. Now, this processing time has jumped to 11 months. Does anybody know if I will be in the former bracket (8 months, when I applied) or now the latter? I tried emailing the visa centre in Sydney almost 2 weeks ago but I did not get a reply. Apart from the application acknowledgement I have not received any other correspondence. I would love to know where I am in the queue as I am unable to work while on my bridging visa and I am beyond bored (as I also found out I am not allowed to volunteer while on a bridging visa). Has anybody who applied for the 461 in May/June heard anything back?...searching for a glimmer of hope...