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  1. dragoste

    Where to find HAP-ID?

    Thanks! It doesn’t say on the health assessment link anymore, but I did find the paper work, so no worries! ?
  2. dragoste

    Where to find HAP-ID?

    Thanks but it doesn't say...
  3. dragoste

    Where to find HAP-ID?

    Hi! I am now applying for a tourist visa (600) while I am waiting for my Partner visa to be processed. It is asking me "Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months?" Which the answer to that is yes, and they want to know my HAP-ID. However, i have now no idea where to find it. Before it said on "health assessment", but it doesn't say anymore as I've done my health ex., and I haven't written it down anywhere.help?
  4. Okay thanks for the reply guys! I guess I am going to NZ then haha. Hopefully it won't be a problem, I am just so scared they will cancel my visa for being in Australia.
  5. Hi! I applied for the 309/100 partner visa from Norway in the beginning of March. However, I am planning to come to Australia in the end of June to live with my partner. Assuming my partner visa will not be granted by June, I am gonna apply for a 6 month tourist visa (600) (preferably 12 month so we are sure I don't have to go back to Norway before my Partner visa is granted, but that may be harder to get?). However my question is, we have had no contact with a CO, so I am assuming we have not been assigned one yet. Who and how do we contact the Australian government, so we are 100% sure they are aware that I am in Australia, so they can tell me to leave the country? I would be horrible if they granted it while I am in Australia, so it gets cancelled because of that...Is it enough to submit the change of circumstance form on my immi account?
  6. Hi! We are applying for the partner visa, and we have a problem. From my account, it says sponsor has 0 attachments received, while that is incorrect. From sponsors account you can see all the attachments easily, just doesn't show from my account. Is that a problem, or can the CO see sponsors attachments anyway?
  7. dragoste

    Relationship Status? 47Sp

    Hi, I am filling out the 47SP form, and I am asked my "relationship status" and when it started. My relationship status is de facto. But answering when it started, do they mean when my de facto relationship started (I am assuming that is when we started living together), or when our relationship started as girlfriend, boyfriend? Thanks
  8. dragoste

    Sponsor Need Passport-Sized Photo?

    Okay thank you! Okay well it is most likely it will be processed in Berlin, if not guaranteed then.
  9. Hi! I am applying for 309/100 partner visa, and I am wondering if the sponsor need a passport-sized photo like the applicant? My application will be sent to Berlin.
  10. dragoste

    Fbi Check?

    No I’ve never been there
  11. I’m applying for 100/390 visa. When you uploaded everything, your text, photos etc, what format did you do it in? PDF, word document, PowerPoint? I have no clue about IT, formats what so ever, so please explain
  12. dragoste

    Fbi Check?

    Hi! i'm in the middle of the process applying for a 309/100 partner visa... I've read on forums that some people has done a FBI check with fingerprints and everything, is that necessary? Was just going to do a standard name check from Norway (where I am from) and Australia.