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    Hi all, just checked in on our partner visa application (820) and was met by this message: "Applicant XXXXXXXX is not able to complete an application for this visa as we have not been able to confirm their location. The applicant will not be able to continue and should review the eligibility information on our website" Now I can't see our application anywhere! I'm worried they'ver refused us but can;t for the life of me think why they couldn;t locate my partner as he is in Australia and his contact details are correct. Was checking in to advise of a new chang eof address...
  2. Hi all - we just had a bridging visa A (class WA) granted while we wait on our partner visa application. The bridging visa becomes active when his substantive tourist visa expires - we are not clear, though, on whether that means he has to leave the country one more time on his tourist visa (which is a 12-month visa requiring him to leave every three months), or if he can just stay in Australia and let the tourist visa lapse? We don't want him to accidentally become illegal! We would also like ot apply for him to have the right to work while we wait on a partner visa decision... anyone else been through the same?