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  1. lokipatotie

    Visitor Visa 600 Sponsored By Friend

    Thank you so much for the tips! Though I was not able to submit an itinerary I still managed to get my visa on time valid for a year with multiple entries ?. Not to brag but I have been proud about doing it all by myself without requiring any help from an agent- it goes to show that anyone can do it as long as they do it right. I will be leaving next week, can't wait to see Aus again especially vivid Sydney ??
  2. lokipatotie

    Visitor Visa 600 Sponsored By Friend

    I see.. Thank you! I have thought about creating an itinerary of my stay, but just isn't sure if I am able to follow these when I arrive in Sydney.. will it make a stronger application? Other things I will be providing is a letter from my supervisor that my leave was approved for two months, a cover letter to explain my vacation and a seminar schedule this august to attend to..I am hoping it is enough, otherwise I'll just create an itinerary to add with my application if it makes any difference.
  3. lokipatotie

    Visitor Visa 600 Sponsored By Friend

    Thanks! I just feel a bit worried that they might look at the time I spent there, as mentioned by one of the posters that his gf was denied because she spent 8 months in Aus, which is kind of similar to my case as I spent 9 months in Aus with my Aunt and Uncle last year. Your response gave me a bit of relief too, I know my intentions are true and my papers are all complete lol maybe I am just overthinking.
  4. Hi! I was wondering if anyone can give me any other tips in applying for TV. I'm in the process of submitting my TV. I have been to Ausralia for 9 months (Dec 2017-Sept 2017) originally in a three month visa and later applied for another visa onshore. This was sponsored by my Aunt and Uncle. One of our close friends in Australia has offered me to go on another holidat this May 2018 as my late birthday present. I am currently employed, with strong ties here in the Philippines. These are the requirements that I will be submitting: Birth Certificate, Passport with stamps, Visa grant letters, my employment certificate and recent payslips, previous airfare tickets, bank certificate (I have just about 2000$ in it) and an intent letter addressing the purpose of my stay and explaining to Immigration that I will have to return to attend seminars and conventions for my license and also my direct family members are all residing here. For my friend he has given me an invitation letter signed by JP, his two months payslips (he grossed about $2000 a week) and bank statements. Do you think these would suffice?. I am just anxious about my application, the fact that I have a different sponsor and well I stayed nearly a year in Australia gives me a lot of doubt on getting a visa grant, so any tips or guidance will surely help me! Thank you in advance!