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  1. She re-applied for the 3rd time and they have kids and yet the officer is not satisfied and still have asked her to submit more evidences .About my case I can’t do anything about it but to wait coz it says in the website,the global processing time for 461 is from 12-17 mos and only 90% are being processed that means I have to give them another few mos to finalize my application.We can’t complain about it.Coz even if u will call them everyday and ask them about ur application,they would give u the same answer.
  2. Coz I know someone when she re applied for 461 her case officer asked her to submit more evidences about their relationship.
  3. On the home ad affairs website it states that u must be a member or partner of the nz citizen.
  4. @Jacquie: Why ur spouse did not apply for permanent residency?
  5. @HannaChu: My husband called the Immigration lastweek,as usual they only gave him the general info,they told him to wait for another few months.😑
  6. Wow! They change the processing time again. It is now 12-17mos.
  7. The long wait is frustrating and worrying. And the worst part is you have no idea ,you don’t know the reason why it takes so long to process.
  8. Hi,LilyGal29! How to apply to remove the work restrictions?Is that really possible? I am currently holding a BVA.
  9. Nah! I don’t think so coz I have submitted everything..I am not alone in this situation coz even my friend who just gave birth is also waiting for her visa. She’s been waiting for 15 mos already and yet no updates since the day she lodged her application.The fact that they have a baby is already a big proof that their marriage is genuine..but even so she didn’t get her visa yet.