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  1. And that person lodged the application in Perth? I thought there’s only one office that process visa461 and that’s in Sydney?
  2. How come,they could approve visas to those partners of Australian less than a year?
  3. Yeah..I told her about that and maybe it was just a technical glitch.
  4. Hi everyone! I have a question..Have u checked ur bva conditions in Myvevo? Coz there’s a friend of mine when she checked her bva in vevo she was surprised that she has now given the right to work.How come that she is the only one has given the right to work when we are both have the same visa that we applied for.I keep on checking the vevo hoping that they will change my bva conditions that will give the right to work.
  5. My husband pays my health insurance every month,I haven’t done my medical test yet.
  6. Hi,guys! Any upadate on your 461 application? They just updated the processing time ,12-18mos.
  7. She re-applied for the 3rd time and they have kids and yet the officer is not satisfied and still have asked her to submit more evidences .About my case I can’t do anything about it but to wait coz it says in the website,the global processing time for 461 is from 12-17 mos and only 90% are being processed that means I have to give them another few mos to finalize my application.We can’t complain about it.Coz even if u will call them everyday and ask them about ur application,they would give u the same answer.
  8. Coz I know someone when she re applied for 461 her case officer asked her to submit more evidences about their relationship.
  9. On the home ad affairs website it states that u must be a member or partner of the nz citizen.