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  1. I emailed them many times but they didn’t reply..Been waiting for 16mos already and I haven’t done my medical test yet..And about the health insurance I been paying it monthly since the day I lodged my application.
  2. I am already losing patience as I don’t expect this to happen,I always follow up them but they only have told me to just wait,,they didn’t even look at my case,they didn’t ask my passport details and client id .It is so frustrating coz they don’t tell u the reasons for delayed in processing.
  3. Hi! I called Immigration lastweek and they only told me that I will wait another few weeks although I been waiting for 16mos already.Even my female friend who just gave birth ,she’s still waiting for her visa.
  4. The current processing time is 11-15 mos .I emailed them yesterday but I only got an auto-generated reply.I even sent them additional docs twice even though I have no co yet.
  5. Hi,LillyGal29! You are not alone..I lodged my application Feb 3,2017..
  6. That’s what also my guess,they’re not touching 461 yet coz I have 2 other friends who are also waiting for their 461,the one is already in 11mos waiting and the other one is 10mos,they both lodged their application in Sydney.
  7. I applied for visa 461 feb 3,2017,onshore..and I also submitted additional docs on Aug2017.Until now I haven’t heard any updates from them,I’m still waiting for my visa to be processed.Anyone here in this forum has the same experience?