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    proof no impediment to marry

    Hello, No, we were never married before. This certificate of celibacy is a certificate from the Civil Status - Marriage stuff. I went and took another one and apostille it so it's more legal and hopefully better seen by the visa officer. Also I was thinking to make a statutory declaration cause it cant hurt. But if the visa officer is not happy with the certificate of celibacy and the declaration (that I will try to apostille it) then this is gonna be a problem because according to the Law this certificate is my only option. I even called the Consulate of my country in Australia and he said the same thing to verify if I need this certificate. My fiance on the other hand took the certificate No impediment to marry from Australia easily (from death, births and marriages). I just think it's better built so it can be easily recognised as on my one is written that I don't have any mention of any previous unopened marriage on the birth certificate "border" when they should say something about registers ..so I don't know, hope to solve this out. And the officer saying "Free to marry certificate is required as the document uploaded is not accepted " me think she is talking about other document, she didn't say this is expired or it needs to be apostille, so we are still confuse in this regards. And I don't know either if a declaration would be seen as a certificate...so yea..confusing. Thank you very much!
  2. flowerxpower

    proof no impediment to marry

    Hello guys, Can please anyone help us, we are desperate!! We need to provide proof "No impediment to marry" and we have uploaded a document that in my country justify that I can marry (called certificate of celibacy) and the visa cafe officer said is not accepted. Beside the fact that is not accepted the case officer didn't say anything else. I went at civil status and gave calls and in my country this certificate that we uploaded (authorised translated) is the only option that they can give. Is it possible it's not accepted because it needs to be apostilled (recognised by Hague convention countries)? Anyone in our situation??
  3. flowerxpower

    How to cancel wife’s partner Visa? After granted

    Any updates? I'm so pissed when I see fake relationships. Because of cases like this, that want to get in Australia for benefits genuine relationships are suffering from the processing time, not enough proof, etc. Announce the immi department and also on the website I believe you can announce something suspicious. Also you can give them a call for information and advices ^^. Hope all will go well and she will get what she deserves, a kick that puts her in her country.
  4. flowerxpower

    Partner Visa (309) South Africa

    Hope for the best for everyone! ❤️ Thank you for sharing this information, very important.
  5. flowerxpower

    Partner Visa (309) South Africa

    If they don't ask for anything the best you can do is only wait. If you really want to contact them maybe e-mail them after this month passes to as for an update. We all need to be patient and proccesing time varries 12-15 month or even more for some . So maybe you can hopefully get your answer. Don't think there is a problem, it's just time and as you both wait 10/11 you are still in the period of proccessing so don't worry!
  6. flowerxpower

    Partner Visa (309) South Africa

    http://southafrica.embassy.gov.au/pret/immi_contacts.html Try at e-mail section (there is a link). I would advise you to still wait if there is no problem and no message from them. Processing time is very long and depends what visa you applied for. Mauritius is a high risk country and this may make you wait even longer . Do you know the status of the application?
  7. flowerxpower

    Partner Visa (309) South Africa

    The problem is they request a document that has been already uploaded and doesn't expire in my country (proof of celibacy). So our migration agent advise us to wait as she send them a message to see if they missed it or something. Also the police clearance is requested but in my country it's valid for 6 months and I thought the health checks and police clearance are requested in the same period. So just wanted some clearing 😭😭😭😭 Maybe someone sees this useful? I don't know if it's legit or not :S and being respecful I won't post the link but you can find it yourself copyng the info anyway ^^. Australian Partner Visa: facts and figures 50,000 Partner Visa applications have passed through the 2016/17 programme – split between 28,500 offshore and 21,500 onshore, The application rate onshore is averaging 24,000per year, Offshore lodgement rate has dropped by 10-30% at some posts due to temporary visa holders lodging onshore, 80% of Partner Visa applications are lodged online, Subclass 820 Visa - 35,000 pipeline (applications expected during the next programme year) Subclass 309 Visa - 28,000 pipeline, Subclass 801 Visa - 25,000 eligible pipeline, The total onshore pipeline is currently 88,000, Grant rate for 820 Visa – 81% (84% last year), Grant rate for 801 Visa – 75% (78% last year), Grant rate for 100 Visa – 92%, ‘Schedule 3’ affected cases (this criteria permits unlawful non-citizens to apply for a visa in Australia on compassionate or compelling grounds) down to 650 in 2016-17 from 750 in 2015-16.
  8. flowerxpower

    Partner Visa (309) South Africa

    I didn't know this (there is an existing limit). Are there any limit for prospective marriage visa? If the department doesn't answer to messages would they get angry if I call? I mean, I uploaded a document that they require..and as far as I know it's valid, there is no period of validity so I want to talk with them to see what is the matter or maybe they just didn't see it. Also, does anyone know where I can find the granting rate for prospective marriage? I know it doesn't really matter but it gives me hope. I can't find it anymore. Good luck Maudy! Think positive and prepare yourself for both answers as you have to be strong for you and your step son!
  9. flowerxpower

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Congrats! Happy for you, best luck in life!
  10. Not like I'm complaining about immi cause I get it..they have to identify genuine relationships but it's hurting the genuince ones. I think the required evidences are way too many..like when you are together you don't think of making a picture to the receipt or to a bus ticket, and because of this, not gathering "enough of that too many required proof" affects the visa application . If you're planning to apply for visa each move you make, you must be sure is recorded and you gather proof (:. Yea..but if you spend time together and then you decide to aplly for a visa? Not that much proof beforehand. Just 2 in love humans that complete each other from diferent countries want to be together..papers staying between them it's just heart breaking. I was very honest in my visitor application and it was refused. My current fiance sent me funds via bank (mentioned in the statement and explained) cause it was required an exorbitant minimum amount; + letter of invitation from his parents to stay with them and him and everything from accomodation, food was written there..+ statements, proof of relationship and all the required documents. It's true I didn't have a reason to return from their perspective but in statements we were honest and mentioned that we want a future together and we won't do anything to jeopardise it, respecting the law and visa conditions. I believe some people are subjective, unfortunately. We just want to be together and when we have to live separately it's just heartbroken..you know you can't be with your loved one because of some papers that humans created. Also I want to thank you Aussie_83. I read your previous articles and I admire you for puttin s much effort and spending your personal time to help everyone. I'm happy world still has people like you. If this is not the right location to post I'll be ok to remove it.
  11. flowerxpower

    Partner Visa Sub 300

    From what I've been told the processing time varies and depends of the cases. It's being updated once in a while. For high risk countries the waiting period can increase but also the number of cases that they are dealing with matters too. Also, the police check (and health checks) must be valid when the visa is granted (hopefully). You may be ask to take another one if it's gonna expire till the visa is decided. Also, did you apply for police check from both countries Germany and also Syria (if you lived in both)?
  12. flowerxpower

    Partner Visa 820 : Submitted June 2016

    To be seen as long term relationship (3yrs+)does it need to be de-facto relationship or just from the time that relationship began? Long term relationship We consider you have been in a long term relationship, at the time you lodged your application, if you had been with your partner for either: three years or more two years or more and you and your partner have a dependent child of your relationship. You will need to provide documents that show you have been in your relationship for this length of time and if applicable, that you have a dependent child.
  13. flowerxpower

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Are you waiting for prospective marriage visa? Do you know where it's being processed?
  14. flowerxpower

    Partner Visas For 2016 Applications

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the waiting period would increase for high risk countries (PMV 300) ? Thank you!😃
  15. flowerxpower

    question for Prospective Marriage Visa 300

    Thanks guys for the help ! 😁Appreciate it very much