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  1. Hi just seeing if there are any recommendations for agents in the Melbourne city area and roughly what it cost you? Looking at applying for 820 801 de facto visa also did you think it was worth using a agent?
  2. My partner currently is on a working visa it expires in three months and we would like to apply for a 820/801 de facto visa... We have been together since Feb 2015 and have always lived 100km away from each other I/we started to build house November 2016 moved in August 2017 (I financed this everything in my name) but we did the whole process/building journey together I see people saying you need to be living with each other for atleast 12months although I can’t find this in the requirements this is where we have a odd situation.... I work interstate most tues/weds She’s a chef works crazy long hours 10am-11pm Sunday to Thursday with the odd half day, it takes her roughly a 2 hour train ride to get to work from where we built I/we live in, she has a apartment near her work that she has always rented.... we tried the whole commuting every day she would train one way then I would drive to pick her up at night 10-11 pm and not get back home till 12-1 am but it was just to much and not safe, so now I pick her up every Thursday night come back to the house spend the weekend together and then she would catch the train Sunday morning for work and basically just use her apartment to sleep... The electric bill is in both names All her mail gets sent to our house We have a small joint account we put money in for groceries and entertainment We also only communicate using sms when we are apart but we sms everyday If she got the 820 visa she then would look for work closer to our home and live together permanently From what I have said do you think our situation would be ok to apply for the 820/801? We can only just afford the $7000 and want to apply by ourselves we can’t afford to use a agent... Thanks in advance