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  1. Yes that what i notice every month they add another month for processing time so we are both same month submitted our application my application recieved by march 2017
  2. Same with me im at 22 months now. Lets hope and pray 🥰
  3. Hello Guys, any update from your applications? 😊 still im in currently waiting mode im in 22 months of waiting this March 17, 2019!
  4. They always do that every month everytime i reach the processing time they add another month. This is too much if i knew this is coming i should come home to my country and spend christmas there. Very sad!! Im on my 21st month waiting!!!
  5. Ok i will ring the immigration tomorrow and try to sent them a letter Thanks ☺️
  6. Hello everyone ☺️ any news from the application submitted March 2017? This month is our 21st month of waiting. I've been looking my email everytime hoping i get email
  7. Hello everyone how did others go with visa? Any new update from application lodge March 2017 onwards? ❤️
  8. Woooow its so quick im so happy for you ☺️ Have you done any of the interview?
  9. Have you done your medical test before? I wish to get my visa grant soon. Bit nervous now
  10. Thank you Danone for your reply. Im currently in perth also. When i applied my visa i did not get agent i do on my own. Can i ask what sort of documents you submit when you applied the visa? thank you
  11. Hi Danone, congratulations! Your wait is over ☺️ I applied my visa application same as you March 2017 but still i havent got the visa. Did you do a medical test and did they contact you or ring you with regards to interview or anything? Please need your reply 😘 thanks,