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  1. I am planning to apply for bridging visa B and at the same time request for waiving work restriction this month. Anyone can help me here if someone did it?
  2. It is unusual i think your friend need to confirme it to immigration because granting a work restriction you need to apply it
  3. Hi, did she applied for Bridging visa to removed her work restriction? I had my visa BVB and it was expired and now its back to BVA same condition im not allow to work ☺️. Any update for your application?
  4. Ooh yes that’s true. Did you applied 461 visa in India?
  5. My case is very different we are not married we are in de facto relationship. Not have even joint bank account. Are you in both Australia?
  6. If that its all good since they contact you for interview and health test. I think it is just the decision you are waiting not like us we havent heard anything from them. Just a bit question when they interview you it is over the phone? Did they talk or interview your sponsor aswell? What did they ask?
  7. Same my partner pay my health insurance aswell. I emailed the embassy about asking if i can do the medical exam they reply me and said i havent had case officer at the moment.
  8. Oh same with me. you lodge your application month before I submit mine. waiting is so stressful. I am paying my health insurance everyone. :-( have you done your medical exam?
  9. Hello everyone any updates from your application? I applied my 461 on March 16, 2017 it is 18 months of waiting havent heard any