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    Can startup a company on 476

    Hi and thanks for your feedback. Yes my institute is Washington accord accredited and also PEC accredited. Infact my university was the first one to gain accredition from Washington accord in the whole country and lots of my seniors have already reached Australia successfully on 476. But all of them were job centric. I am an Entrepreneur. And therefore I would like to go for a startup. Particularly in Adelaide. I would really appreciate if you could guide me about whether I am allowed to setup a company in Australia on 476 or not. Thank you
  2. Hi, I am a recent graduate from an accredited Engineering Institute from Pakistan. I have a startup idea which I would like to form into a company and get it incubated in Australia. Can I do that on my 476 visa? Will 476 allow me to do business in Australia as an Entrepreneur or am I only allowed to do work in some existing Australian Enterprise. Thank you