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  1. Hey guys. I’m happy to see this thread since i am also from the Philippines. My fiancé and i lodged our visa october 2018 and we haven’t heard anything yet from our co, i already did my medical even without the co’s advise. I just want to know if i can have my family here do the form 888? We already have one which is my fiancé’s sister. Parents are both dead. And his friends are in a different state which i haven’t met yet. My family here knows him so i fidgured we can have them do the 888? Salamat/thank you
  2. Emz


    If my friends and family who are non australians and not living in Australia would want to be witnesses about my relationship with my fiancé, what would be the form that they need to fill out? Is it 888? Thank you
  3. Emz

    Form 1221 and 80

    Hi, is form 1221 and 80 needed for PMV? I am outside Australia and just lodged my application. Thnx
  4. Emz

    Pictures for Australian Visa

    Thank you for the advice! Last question tho, once i’ve done the pdf can you wak me thru on where I should upload it? Coz i can see attach documents but i don’t see where it specifically asks for our pictures. Thank you. we don’t have a CO yet.
  5. Hi I know pictures of my fiancé and i needs to be included on the application but can someone pls tell me where to attach those? I can see the attach docs tab but it doesnt have anything that asks for our pictures. Just forms etc. we do not have a CO yet as the application was just sent last October 2018. Thank you!
  6. Emz

    Medical exam result

    Hi. I just want to know if i will be notified if they immi received my medical results? I currently don’t have a case officer yet. Thanks
  7. Emz

    Prospective marriage visa

    Oh same as form 80 as well. Thank you so much
  8. Emz

    Prospective marriage visa

    oh do i need to print and fill out form 1221? I am currently outside Australia.
  9. Emz

    Prospective marriage visa

    Thank you! Do i need to send everything right away in order for it not to be refused? Or i can wait for a case officer to be assigned to us?
  10. Hi, i just lodged my application tonight and i was not given an option to attach anything. I’m scared that my application will be refused if i don’t attach any. $7160 will just go to waste if that happens. Pls help