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  1. Nightcall

    Visa options to PR HELP?!

    No sorry I don't see any other visa options, but consider what I have said, if what you have said is true, there is family violence provisions within your current visa. Your partner is committing family violence if they are using your visa status to control you. Family violence is not always physical, in fact mental abuse can be and is often far more damaging. It's a very 'hot topic' in Australia at this point, I still strongly suggest you seek support from organisations that specialise in this, even for a informal chat. Please don't assume your therapist knowns of these options.
  2. Nightcall

    Visa options to PR HELP?!

    Sorry to tell you this, but it's not the case, marriage, kids or a visa doesn't fix underlying issues. IMHO your partner using the visa against you is abuse, and not what someone who truly loves you would do. They can dislike, argue, disagree, be angry etc with you as much as they want that's normal, but once they use something as important as a visa to control you it becomes abuse. It's the power imbalance that's the key here. As I said above, please contact a support agency even just for a chat.
  3. Nightcall

    Visa options to PR HELP?!

    If it's being used as a control issue, it's classed as abuse. I would still recommend you contact the support services to discuss the issues you may have, even to just get it of your chest as such. Have a read of the website I linked too, lots of good information on it. You may not want to hear it at this stage, but I will say it anyway, to be thinking how you are and to ask the questions you have on a forum, I believe you know how you are being treated isn't right. Please consider getting help. More than happy to help with any visa questions, but your safety both mental and physical is far more important.
  4. No need for your passive aggressiveness, if I am wrong, please supply the regulation or policy to show this, as I welcome the opportunity to learn and have my views questioned and challenged. But how about you desist with this childish petulance.
  5. Travel itinerary, what you intend to do in Australia, where you are going to stay etc. Reason to return to Brazil (or leave Australia), ie family, job, property, onward travel Banks statements showing income (at least 12 months), with you pay from your employment going in. Stable employment (ie evidence that you have been working there for a period of time and that you will return) Proof of where savings have come from, ie don't have large amount of unexplained deposits.
  6. Just letting readers know that I will not respond to unsolicited personal messages, if you don't contribute (ie post the questions first) to the forum I will not answer your questions via personal message. If you wish to ask a question via personal message, ask first in the in forum and I may direct you to message me personally if need be or if you request, but all contact must be made via the open forum. Kind regards Nightcall.
  7. Nightcall

    My tourist visa application was refused 2 times

    Thank you for posting the above information @Jerony9, but as @AFV we need the above question answered also. On the face it I agree with your agent, they are being unreasonable, but without seeing your complete application its only an assumption. Some more questions ( I know it seems a lot, but we need as a complete picture of your circumstances as possible to assist) What visa did your wife and child apply for? guessing a ETA? Do you include there visa grants in your application? What commitment to returning to Japan do you provide? What family members are you leaving behind? How long have you been a resident of Japan? How long have you been employed by Uniqlo? Considering the paragraph about returning to Nigeria, I think it was a pointless comment to make, unless your PR in japan is in question? How did you apply, online or via Paper application?
  8. Nightcall

    Visa options to PR HELP?!

    I can't understand how it would be putting pressure on your relationship unless the sponsor was using it as domestic violence or control issue, if they are I suggest you contact one of these support agency's. https://www.whiteribbon.org.au/find-help/support-services If you're in danger of physical violence call 000 and ask for the police. There are provisions with your visa that you may still be able to get PR without a sponsor if you are suffering domestic violence , but you need to take action to protect your safety foremost. I don't believe you can given your skills and occupation and the timeframes. I think you have miss the boat since the changes in 2017.
  9. Nightcall

    Visa options to PR HELP?!

    Seems we all asking similar questions at the same time @AFV @Aussie_83 😄
  10. Nightcall

    Visa options to PR HELP?!

    I have doubts about how genuine your relationship is if this is a concern. What visa are you current on. What visa were you before the bridging visa What countries passport do you hold? What is your current occupation/qualifications? I take it you wish to get PR on your own accord from your post, is this correct?
  11. Nightcall

    Page 12 of Visa 820 Application

    We need to know the actual offence, not a general area of offence. Without knowing this, it's impossible to answer your questions.
  12. Yes she will be able to use the tourist visa. For your information the current processing time for the visa is about 4 1/2 years and it costs $47,455 + a $10,000 bond. You must be outside Australia to apply and when/if its granted. Also due to your mother's diabetes I would look careful at the health requirements as she may (depending on the diabetes) not meet the health requirements.
  13. Nightcall

    My tourist visa application was refused 2 times

    Just adding to this, we need to know some more information. What was the reason it was refused the first time and the reason the second time? Also how did you address the first refusal? What did your agent say about the second refusal? Did you include evidence of the fact that your wife and daughter had been granted visas?
  14. I wouldn't say insist, more that they really like. What they like is that you can supply demonstrated evidence that you can support self or if someone is supporting you that you prove they can and have. Its OK for you to say that your family will support you but you need to provide evidence that they do or have done (a number of times) in the past. A simple statement saying they will isn't enough. What you don't want to do is show bank account with amounts that aren't in line with your job or social status, or with unexplained amounts being deposited.
  15. There is no requirement to have a return ticket and it's not grounds alone for a refused entry, you just need to be able to demonstrate that you will return, and a ticket is an easy way.