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  1. Hi, What is schedule 3, please? I'm actually on postgraduate student visa up to Jan 2020. Yeah, I can imagine- re the marriage part of the partnership visa. So far I've been informed it is a "gigantic task"!!! Thanks so much. Best,
  2. Hi there, Thanks for your response. After I lapse, I've to leave Australia within 28 days (so far I know). Yeah, I know the NOIM part. I'm trying to see an immigration lawyer tomorrow. Hope they'd be able to suggest me the best based on my a bit complicated situation. Thanks so much. Best,
  3. Hi there, It would a great help if anyone can provide any suggestion/feedback/comment regarding my query: the Question: Can it be possible to apply for the Partnership visa during the "lapsed candidature" (applied for an international student) and thereby within the last "28 days" of time before leaving Australia (under valid student visa)? Meaning, if I'm still eligible to apply during that time, then I don't need to go back and I can carry on here. N.B. So far I know, for the international student, once they on lapsed candidature, they need to leave Australia within 28 days once the Uni declares the "lapsed candidature." So can the person marry during this 28 days time and can be eligible to apply for the partnership visa? Thanks so much. Much appreciated! Kindest regards, Rosie
  4. I see, thanks, heaps. Yes, I was confused. I thought, it is already in place! That's a relief! Thanks, again. We'll try to apply asap. Kind regards,
  5. Thanks a lot, Nightcall, for your very quick & kind response, I DO appreciate! Best, Rosie
  6. Hi there, It would be really helpful if you kindly answer these questions asap, please. 1. Can a sponsor also be a partner/spouse in future? Can he apply for the "sponsor approval (under the partner visa requirement- so far I understand)" right now though we plan the wedding at the beginning of April? If YES, what are the papers he needs to submit, please? 2. "Approximately" how long it may take to get the sponsor approval (before applying for partner visa 801)? 3. Right now, I'm on a student visa and have an immi account. Do I need to have another immi account while applying for the partner visa? 4. I lived a country more than 12 months (for example, 4 March 2013 to 27 March 2014). However, within this time, I travel to two other countries for 12 days and three weeks respectively. So, do I need to have a police check certificate from the first country (the immigration requirement is " police check is needed for a minimum stay in a country for 12 months during the last 10 years")? Thanks so much. Kindest regards, Rosie