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  1. Bridge

    Partner visa 820, pls advice !!

    If you updated your details using a Form 929 and emailed it off. it generally takes up to 10 working days
  2. Bridge

    Partner visa 820, pls advice !!

    I cant answer the question any differently. If you tick no, they should be asking for evidence that you have sole custody and responsibility of the child. In those circumstances, the Department of Immigration would evidence of that. If you ticked no previously, and they didn't ask for evidence of that, then I can't answer for the Department of Immigration. If you tick yes, then they would want a Form 1229 Consent to Grant an Australian Visa to a child under the age of 18 years. If you no one else has custody and responsibility, indeed tick no, but they point I am making, is that they may require evidence.
  3. Bridge

    Partner visa 820, pls advice !!

    I can't answer that question for you, as I don't know the background. The question doesn't relate to the sponsor. It specifically relates to any other person, such as the biological father. If you answer no, then you should expect the Department of Immigration to ask for evidence of this. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that.
  4. Bridge

    Partner visa 820, pls advice !!

    I think you will find that that question relates to the biological father.
  5. We can't even attempt to give medical opinions here for obvious reasons. You need to be 100% truthful with regards to all information you provide to the Department of Immigration. My person opinion is that it won't impact on your health assessment. I really do wish you all the best on your PR application.
  6. Bridge

    Is it possible to have Condition 8503 waived?

    You cannot request a 'No Further Stay' condition be left off your visa at the time you apply for the visa.
  7. Bridge

    Is it possible to have Condition 8503 waived?

    No, that is definitely not the case. If he applies offshore in Vietnam, he must be offshore at both date of application and date of decision. During the processing time period he can apply for a visitor visa to come to Australia, but that application will still be assessed against the criteria for the grant of a visitor visa. The bridging visa you are referring to relates to an onshore application. For example, if a person is in Australia and they hold a visitor visa without the condition 8503, and they apply for another visa, the bridging visa will activate when their current visa expires. The bridging visa allows them to remain lawfully in Australia whilst their visa application is being processed.
  8. Bridge

    Is it possible to have Condition 8503 waived?

    Firstly, to get a successful condition 8503 waiver takes time for consideration - generally up to a month (28-days). I have also known of waiver requests that have taken months too. If the 8503 waiver is not decided by the time the tourist visa expires, and the visa holder has not departed Australia, they will be an unlawful non-citizen. Not a good position to be in. Based on what you have posted, I can confidently say that your boyfriend would have no grounds for having condition 8503 waived. Below is in general terms what needs to be satisfied to get an 8503 waiver. circumstances that have developed since you were granted the visa are both compassionate and compelling you had no control over these circumstances these circumstances have resulted in a major change to your personal circumstances. Below are a few links you might find interesting from previous posts on the forum which have dealt specifically with Condition 8503 waivers: Is being pregnant grounds for having Condition 8503 no further stay waived from my visa Successful condition 8503 waiver
  9. As you would be aware, you will need to satisfy the health criteria for the grant of the visa you are applying for. I really wish I could answer this with a definitive answer, but I simply do not know. Post procedure, do you have any ongoing medical costs, treatment etc?
  10. What an amazing gesture of kindness. I hope both you and your brother make a speedy recovery. Can I ask however, what Australian visa are you anticipating applying for?
  11. Bridge

    Partner Visa Advice

    Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, As Aussie_83 has has said, you haven't posted enough information. Putting aside any partner visa eligibility, whether a person can apply in Australia depends on what visa status they have in Australia. To apply in Australia the applicant must hold a substantive visa without the Condition 8503 no further stay attached.
  12. Bridge

    visa 400

    The criteria can be found in Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations 1994. Clause 400:111 In this Part: non-ongoing , in relation to a person's proposed engagement in work, means engagement in the following circumstances: (a) the work is likely to be completed within a continuous period of 6 months or less; (b) the person: (i) has not been given an expectation of staying in Australia, for a purpose relating to the work, after the end of that period; and (ii) has not made arrangements to stay in Australia, for a purpose relating to the work, after the end of that period. Clause 400:222 The applicant's engagement in the work will be non-ongoing.
  13. Good point indeed Zoltan. Medicals and police checks are only valid for 12-month. With processing in some instances taking up to 24-months, it is best to do them when requested. Last thing you would want is incur the expenses and inconvenience of having to do them again.
  14. Looks like these have all been answered. Big thanks to Aussie_83 who has a wealth of information on these issues.
  15. Bridge

    Form 888

    Absolutely, that is perfectly fine.