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  1. With respect @AFV has very clearly and concisely explained this. For a partner visa based on de-facto, you must be in a de-facto relationship as of date of application. You must have been in a de-facto relationship for at least 1 year prior to making the partner visa application. However, if you have registered your relationship, then you do not have to have been in the de-facto relationship for at least 1 year. However, you still must meet the de-facto relationship criteria as of date of application. The one-year relationship just does not apply. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for a a Free Australian Partner Visa Assessment. Or, if you have any further question, please post them here. Bridge
  2. Q. Once her visa is granted, can we live in Thailand? I also have a Thai retirement visa? A. Once the visa is granted it will be a temporary partner visa, followed by the permanent partner visa about 2 years later. These visas allow for multiple entry travel with no restrictions. However what you need to be aware of, is that the partner visa has attached to it a Resident Return Visa (RRV) which allows for travel to/from Australia. In the first instance this will be valid for 5 years, and must then be renewed. At time of renewing the RRV the Department will need to be satisfied that the holder still has ties to Australia. If you are living together outside of Australia, then this will no be an issue. Many people have lost their ability to renew their RRV by losing all ties to Australia.
  3. Bridge

    Sponsored family visitor visa security bond

    You have nothing to worry about. If that is the reason he is seeking the Condition 8503 waiver, it has zero chance of success. Your $5000 is safe. Just as long as he departs Australia prior to his sponsored family visitor visa expiring of course.
  4. You don't need to submit a certified copy for a visitor visa. Your letter of support should definitely include evidence that you have known her for a period of time. However your child's birth certificate would certainly cover this, as you would both be named as parents on the birth certificate. Your letter of support should include evidence of your ability to provide any support offered.
  5. Absolutely NO requirement to hold any Australian visa to fly over Australia on a commercial flight from Dubai to New Zealand. Further a subclass 771 is not intended for such purpose. See clause 771.511 of the Migration Regulations: Temporary visa permitting the holder to travel to and enter Australia on 1 or more occasions and to remain in Australia no longer than 72 hours on each occasion.
  6. You want to be able to show to the Department that you known known your girlfriend for a long enough period of time so that your letter of support can have weight attached to it. You mentioned that you have been supporting her financially. Do you have evidence of money transfers? You have visited her twice in Thailand. Your entry and exist stamps to Thailand. Quality photos together. By this I mean photos with both of you in them at different settings and place, with friends and family members etc. 50 photos of your girlfriend doing her hair in the mirror are not quality photos. I am sure you get the picture.
  7. At the end of the day, it is your application, your decision. As AFV has said, the $7160 visa fee is not refundable if the application has been refused.
  8. You need to be certain that you meet the criteria as of date of application (I am assuming de facto). "wet many times and spent time together, 3 weeks every visit. we met 5 times" doesn't instill confidence in me that you satisfy the criteria. You might want to look at: One-year relationship requirement for De Facto partners
  9. Bridge

    Uploading documents for Partner Visa 820

    Upload to the category that best describes the document you are uploading. Some descriptions are self-explanatory, for example, "Form 888 Statutory declaration by a supporting witness in relation to a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa application" If you are not sure, you always have the option to upload under additional documents/other documents
  10. Firstly, you can check your current visa status on VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online). You still hold a substantive visa, being the working holiday visa. The Bridging Visa A will not become active until that visa ends. If your working holiday visa allows you to travel, then you can travel on that visa. If your substantive visa ends while you are outside Australia and you do not hold a Bridging visa B, you will need to apply for and be granted a substantive visa before you can return to Australia. There is no guarantee that you will be granted a visa.
  11. Bridge

    Partner Visa 309, Staying Overseas

    The subclass 309 temporary partner visa is valid until a decision is made on the permanent partner visa (subclass 100). The visa holder is eligible to be assessed for the permanent partner visa 2 years after they applied for the temporary partner visa. Additional documents/evidence needs to be provided for this assessment.
  12. Bridge

    Partner Visa 309, Staying Overseas

    There is no problem IMHO with being outside of Australia during the time on the subclass 309. Many people are in this position due to their partners working overseas for example. The Migration Regulations provide that the visa holder (subclass 309) can be in or outside of Australia at the time of the grant of the permanent visa (subclass 100). As Aussie_83 has said, living separately can question the genuineness of the relationship.
  13. There are no travel restrictions on the subclass 820 partner visa. The time outside of Australia will not affect her waiting period for permanent residency.
  14. Bridge

    Advice on partner visa

    Definitely not a good idea to leave without applying for and being granted a Bridging Visa B. He will not be able to return to Australia unless he applies for and is granted another substantive visa. If he needs to travel due to a family emergency, it would be possible to approach the Department and request that the Bridging Visa B be expedited. Of course you would typically need to provide evidence of this.