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  1. That's great news. I am glad we were able to help. Enjoy Australia.
  2. The visa she has been granted is a 12 month multiple entry visa, but each stay in Australia cannot exceed 3 months from date of arrival. She can travel to/from Australia as many times as she wants between date of grant and 6 November 2019. Also as the visa does NOT have condition 8503 attached, she can apply for another visa in Australia, including a partner visa. Well done!
  3. AFV

    Medical exam result

    When you log into your IMMI account it will tell you whether the health criteria has been satisfied. You wont actually be notified. If anything further is needed, don't worry they will contact you.
  4. Please do not spruik any business relates services on this forum. This is your one and only warning.
  5. Her Italian passport makes her eligible for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). This is a substantive visa which does NOT have Condiiton 8503 attached to it. This means she will be able to apply onshore for another visa which she is eligible for, such as an onshore partner visa (subclass 820/801) South Africa is not part of the ETA program. If applying under her South African passport, she would have to apply for a subclass 600 visitor visa. This visa may (most likely would) have Condition 8503 attached to it. If it does, she cannot make an onshore application unless she can have Condition 8503 waived. See more information here on Condition 8503
  6. What passport/s does your girlfriend hold?
  7. I'm sorry to say, but the application was doomed from the get-go. As stated above it is primarily an assessment of her circumstances and not yours that will determine whether she satisfies the criteria for the grant of a visitor visa. You have only known her a short period of time after one previous visit to Vietnam. Minimal weight has been attached to your letter of support (as detailed in the visitor visa refusal notice). Unfortunately her personal circumstances aren't really subject to change. However, how I would approach a further visitor visa application, is that you would need evidence of a further visit to Vietnam to see her, and sufficient evidence of contact, such as photos etc. Photos don't in themselves make an application, but they tell a story. I would include photos of both you and your girlfriend together, at different places, with her family members etc. The objective here is for the decision maker to look at the visitor visa application and be convinced that you have known your girlfriend for a sufficient period of time, and that you will provide the support offered when she is in Australia. A strong letter of support that can have sufficient weight attached to it can sway the balance in her favour.
  8. Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, As you may have picked up from the visitor visa refusal notice, it is primarily an assessment of an applicants circumstances that will determine whether they meet the criteria for the grant of a visitor visa or not. Whilst she can apply again, unless she adequately addresses the reasons for the refusal, the result will still be the same. The fact that she supports her mother and daughter in Vietnam will carry little weight, if any at all, especially in light of her current employment and economic circumstances. IMHO the only way a future visitor visa application will have any chance of success is through providing enough information so that sufficient weight can be attached to your letter of support which then persuades the decision maker that the applicant's intention is to visit Australia for a temporary stay only. Using the strong letter of support to outweigh her circumstances. Can I ask the following questions: How long and have you known your girlfriend for? How many visit to Vietnam (and for how long each visit) to see her? What evidence did you submit of knowing your girlfriend?
  9. Not ordinarily required for a tourist visa, but requested due to the length of stay you have asked for. Note: there are panel Doctors in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Udon Thani.
  10. In most cases the person marrying you will file the notice of intention to marry. If the applicant has any dependents aged 18 years or over, whether migrating or not, a Form 47A needs to be completed for each dependent.
  11. Anyone required to provide biometrics will have to attend the Australian Visa Application centre in either Bangkok or Chiang Mai. You must make an appointment online prior. See: Australian Visa Application Centre then go to Schedule Appointment > Please click here to book an appointment. Current fee for biometrics is THB851 per person.
  12. A prospective marriage visa will have Condition 8519 attached to it. This condition requires that the holder to enter into the marriage for which the visa was granted within the visa validity period, being 9 months.
  13. What state are you getting married in?
  14. The PMV cannot be granted unless you provide a NOIM. Although you can make a valid PMV application without providing the NOIM, it must be provided prior to date of decision. It is the primary document used to evidence your intention to marry. When and where will you getting married?
  15. I think you are a little confused here. You are talking about two totally different issues. The long term relationship relates to the discretion to grant the permanent visa without the applicant firstly going on to the 2 year temporary partner visa. This means that when a person applies for partner visa (subclass 820 and 801) if they are assessed as being in a long term relationship they may be granted the subclass 801 (or subclass 100 if their pathway was offshore). Their de facto or spousal relationship must have existed for at least three years prior to the date of application, or two years if they have a child of the relationship. Your situation is that you have already hold the subclass 820 visa. If at the date you applied for your subclass 820 you were then assessed as meeting the long tern relationship criteria, then you may have been granted the subclass 801. However for completeness if your pathway was PMV to Subclass 820 you would not in any event have meet the long term relationship at date of application. Your subclass 801 still needs to be granted subject to current standard processing time frames. The long term relationship you are referring to does not relate to the processing time frames to grant the permanent partner visa.