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  1. hopefullguy

    seperation after PR

    thanks.. there has been no intent or separation plan before pr. in fact pr did not have any effect on the situation. someone made a 3 year promise(from being married) to decide about having a child that has come home to roost. but both realise that promise can not be met and never will.
  2. hopefullguy

    seperation after PR

    sorry just wondering how it effects the pr living in the same house is possible? sperating basically 2 months after pr then divorce about 13 months later is there any problems.
  3. hopefullguy

    seperation after PR

    can i ask the situation of a couple separating, 2 months after pr visa granted, married for 3 years both still will live under the same roof with no joint anything/own house items/room and schedule. one will pay a small fee to cover house utilities. staying in the house due to the safe area, financial only part time work, cost of renting a house needed for garden requirements, no animosity from either party ( very realistic thinking couple that dont want to go down the conflict route of most couples) there is no animosity, abuse or any other pre existing problems both parties are very realistic and have been friends 5 years before marriage and 3 years during marriage and remain friends now reason is a impasse on having children. this can not be altered. counselling was considered but rejected by both as a waste of time (past experience previous marriage)
  4. hopefullguy

    Time allowed to upload documents

    from memory you only need 2 stat decs (form 888) we did 3. you can upload from anywhere but you will have plenty of time to upload extra stuff. BUT it is a good idea to upload as much as you can from the start. if they need to ask for anything it will cause delays imo.. you will be put "in the pile" and you dont want that. so if you have 4 stat decs already you have enough, so as long as the other forms are complete start the process imo. note: we did ours over 2 years ago so things may have changed..
  5. hopefullguy

    Form 888, Certified Document Copies

    sorry guys you need to read the 888 form.. yes maybe the 309 visa application does not need certified documents but the form 888 is a stat dec not a visa application. point 6 second page requires a certified i.d. of the person making the 888 declaration.
  6. hopefullguy

    Moving from Partner visa to permanent resident

    sorry about that.. got a bit mixed up as we got our 820 in only a few days..
  7. hopefullguy

    proof no impediment to marry

    in australia we apply for a statement from the marriage office that shows we are not married or are divorced.. that is what they mean by "no impediment to marry certificate" the paper is not called that officially but as it states "not married" or "divorced" it means you are free to marry i dont know what they have in other countries though
  8. hopefullguy

    Moving from Partner visa to permanent resident

    ok this is how it works.. the 300 fiance visa is the first stage of a 3 stage PR visa process. when you lodge your partner visa 820, stage 2 of the pr visa process, you must wait 2 years from the date the 820 is approved after 2 years you wont get any notification you just need to send the details for the final stage 3 801 application. this will most likely take 12-18 months.. this is how it worked for us.. granted in may 2018
  9. hopefullguy

    Visitor Visa for my Friend/Girlfriend

    yes agree.. if you intend to move forward with this relationship you may have wasted the years already as boy/girlfriend.. you can sponsor her visit and provide your financial statements to support her visit.
  10. hopefullguy

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    calling the CO about 99.99% of the time is just a total waste of their time and your time. remember they are very over worked people getting hassled every day by people that want to get some sort of advantage in processing time. this is NOT a dig at the last poster. but a general note on the overall process. follow your visa conditions, send them the documents they require as soon as possible then sit back and get annoyed at the system because thats all you can do until your grant email arrives 🙂
  11. hopefullguy

    Supporting Documents

    this drove me crazy on my 300 visa.. then i went to the local library and used their scanner that saved the relevant docs to a single pdf.. so 5 pages of id to 1 file, 4 pages of this or that to another pdf etc etc just pop down to your local library... easy
  12. hopefullguy

    Partner Visa 820 : Submitted June 2016

    i think the question is.. how long (with evidence naturally) were you in a relationship before the 820 was lodged. if it was long term before you may be granted the 801 automatically if it was not long term ie say only engaged no kids then you may still need to lodge the 801 and wait.
  13. hopefullguy

    How to cancel wife’s partner Visa? After granted

    i have concern that you were getting "bored" with her. i knew my wife 5 years before marrying. whether or not a partner comes from over seas or is local, male or female, if you are not friends over a good length of time do not get married, defacto or live in the same property. movie/tv marriage wont work for most people in the real world.
  14. hopefullguy

    Partner Visa 820 : Submitted June 2016

    sorry but seems you are in the 10% that takes a long time. a would guess high risk country, a wrong police check? what does this mean. i guess immi have based on all the information they have in front of them so cant make a decision yet.. much better for them to keep the application open than them having denied it
  15. hopefullguy

    Partner Visas For 2017 Applications Status Updates

    thanks to the well wishers.