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    Please do not harass me if I dont reply that day. I usually check my IM's twice weekly. I have a life. Formally known as JaiDee. Its a reference to the Thai language and confuses a lot of people. AussieDude is simpler. I am Australian Born, I hold a Masters Degree from Sydney Uni, I work as Professional Manager in Australia, and around SEA. I speak English fluently, and have a extensive knowledge of Technical, Legal and Governmental English. Most of what I do here is translate legal and government jibberish into Plain English. Sometimes even I struggle. On a mission to help others, while trying to avoid the the stupid. Married to an amazing Thai woman for 6 years. I will always tell it like it is, frank and honest. Some people find this confronting, tough, visa's cost a lot, so lets make your dollar go further. Avoid mistakes. Always available in IM too. I have no time for the rude, disrespectful or the dishonest. I am not a racist, I treat all idiots with the same level of distain and criticism, regardless.

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  1. AussieDude

    Travel Insurance

    Usually travel insurance is usually available from your travel agent. The policies usually start the day you leave your home country and are in force until you return. Its usually very hard to get travel insurance once you start your trip. Organise it in Canada before you fly. Its never that expensive and I always take out insurance. Mainly for lost luggage and emergency medical conditions. Insuring laptops, cameras and such items gets expensive.
  2. So your Mums original application was rejected because she did not have enough funds in her account. Which she now does and she must provide a copy of the FULL bank statement showing this, in her name. Only answer the questions that IMMI asks, you are providing too much information and confusing the situation. It appears that IMMI did not question a compelling reason to return, so dont go into that matter. Dont go on about opening bank accounts etc, Just have her re-apply and SPECIFICALLY have her provide proof of the questions that IMMI raised (money). The letter does help to demonstrate her intention as a genuine tourist, so just stick to the itinery, who else is travelling (provide ALL details, names and passport numbers). Your application should include your employment details, and mention her application. I will post a edited version of the letter below.
  3. AussieDude

    Visitor Visa

    So she owes AUD$25,000 to an Australian Hospital? Being the case you must declare this, but I expect that will just complicate things. Has the Hospital started debt recovery, demands etc? Or worse a court summons?
  4. It would be worth a quick visit to a MARA registered agent in your home town to discuss your options. Even for a fee, as you profession, and 'relatively' short work experience might present challenges. You should also work through the points system, and probably also confirm that your coccupation is on the accepted list : https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/189-?modal=/trav/work/work/skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists
  5. AussieDude

    Australian Business Visit Visa Delay Sub Class 600

    OK, Pakistan is a high risk country, and your application would have been sent (most likely) to Lahore or Mumbai for processing. Hence the delays.
  6. AussieDude

    Prospective Marriage Visa - Brazil + Visitor Visa

    OK, considering the extra information you have given, applying for a 12 month VV is probably worthwhile, but realise you will need to demonstrate 12 months of funds to support yourself. If you get a 12 month VV grant, and you areonshore for your PMV decision, IMMI usually will write to you before the decision and ask that you leave for the decision.
  7. AussieDude

    Birth Certificate Pakistan

    The application will specify if you are required to provide your birth certificate. It varies. Generally you will need to get the birth certificate translated, by a certified translator. Australian Embassies (usually) do not provide translation services, but they can advise you of 'accredited translators' known to that Embassy. However, If you have already lodged your application, and IMMI requires your birth certificate, they will write and ask for it.
  8. AussieDude

    Australian Business Visit Visa Delay Sub Class 600

    Kashif, The 'expected' processing times published by IMMI are not guarantees or service levels, they are based on historical averages for the previous 3 months. Any visa taking a long time to approve is generally a good sign, as we say "IMMI are quick to reject and slow to approve". Your personal circumstances (Nationality, validity of the business trip, etc) and how easy it is for IMMI to validate the Business Invitation are factors. Business Visa 600's from high risk countries will take longer. What country are you applying from?
  9. Photographs as evidence. Generally photographs, by themselves are becoming less valid as evidence for various aspects of visa's (established relationship, etc), because you cant proove when a photo was taken, and doctoring (photoshopping) can be almost undetectable these days. However, if a photo is support by other pieces of corroborating evidence then it paints a more complete and verifiable piece of evidence, ie. A photo of the couple in a restaurant, plus a copy of the dated restaurant bill, and a contact name at the restaurant to confirm the reservation is solid. A photo of you both at a birthday party with others, with names and contact details of the others in the photo (or better still stac decs from the others), plus copies of email inviting you to the party, and a receipt for a present purchased for the birthday is again solid.
  10. Picture are only considered if there is supporting declarations or other evidence to corroborate the photo. As a photo's date can not be guaranteed. Yes copy your letters here, we are happy to help in anyway. 90% of what I do here is to help people with basic understanding of process, Legal Terms, and the stupid complexity of some of the IMMI forms.
  11. AussieDude

    Thailand Partner Visa Offshore To Australia.

    The percentage of do it yourself is increasing for a couple of reasons; The awareness of fake agents is increasing Agents are getting stupid expensive Online applications are becoming more and more available to a larger number of countries The process (particularly online) is getting simpler A 309/100 is relatively easy to do yourself. IMMI provide several help booklets, and there is a lot of information in this forum. Always validate anyones advice, and the requirements change often. Doing it online is the best way if you can. MARA Registered agents will offer great assistance when you case may be complex or special, i.e; There are problems with the character test (criminal record, past trouble with previous visa's, overstays etc) You have little or no English skills Complex marital issues (unable to get copies of divorce certificates, numerous name changes etc) Issues where children are included but there are custody issues etc.
  12. You generally dont need an agent to help you with a VV application, they are relatively simple. if you dont understand some of the Legal English, ask the forum. So you have the money aspect fixed, now u just need to establish the compelling reason to return, loans, land, debts, social/church responsibilities, community responsibilities, jobs, even casual, all help to create a compelling case, try to back every statement up with some form of 'evidence', stat decs from doctors, community leaders, friends, etc all help. Lots of small pieces of evidence can create a strong case.
  13. AussieDude

    Prospective Marriage Visa - Brazil + Visitor Visa

    As you have applied for a PMV, IMMI know your real intention so they understand and usually allow a VV during the PMV processing time, however, as with all VV's you will need to demonstrate you have the money for the trip and a compelling reason to return. Immi will rarely grant a VV that allows you to be onshore when the PMV decision is made, in the case its a rejection they dont want you over staying. If this your first VV, I would suggest you play it safe and ask for a 3 month VV initially, then go from there. A 12 month first time initial VV visa is rare for first timers, but there are always exceptions. But get your PMV application in. But remember you will be required to be offshore when the decision is made.
  14. 8503 No Further Stay, means exactly that, no further stay in 99% of cases (there are some exceptions but very rare).