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  1. Application status is simply "being Processed' or 'On Hold' for reason zzzzzz. At least you know whats happening. But sometimes, getting an update takes longer than the actual application.
  2. So the criteria states, I quote; "You must have enough money to: support yourself while you are in Australia leave Australia at the end of your stay This is usually about AUD5,000 for your initial stay, plus the fare to where you are going after leaving Australia." If the balance you borrow from your parents, can be deposited into you own account, that is the best option. But not always mandatory. For such a visa, such large deposits are not uncommon, and are not a problem. Cash is Cash. Otherwise, include a copy of your bank statement in your name, and a signed letter from your parents clearly stating that they will support you for the balance. I always recommend that a sponsor includes their own bank statement as well, to prove they have the funds.
  3. I was not suggesting an email will hurry things along. I was suggesting requesting a 'application status' update Just in case there was a missed request from IMMI still open, that needed to followed up, etc.
  4. @svenjawhateverr, You are still within the estimated 21-53 days processing period. At this time of year, you need to expect longer than average processing times, as its a busy period for IMMI/HA, and the principal holiday season for Australians. My advice, If within the next month you do not get a reply, then raise an enquiry to IMMI/HA. But you can do this at any time.
  5. With the itinerary, explain what you intend to do in Australia, what you may see, where you may go. You obviously want to see Australia, what do you want to see/visit/experience? You need to demonstrate to IMMI that you are a 'genuine tourist'. A genuine tourist usually has plans on what they want to do. They don't have to be locked in and booked, but, show that you have an idea of what you want to do here. There are no rules here, just that you want to visit and experience what Australia has to offer. This criteria exists because, in the past, Tourist Visa's were often misused. That is, using a tourist visa for other reasons, i.e Business, work, study, etc. The test is this; If an applicant can not identify at least 3 things they want to do as a tourist (destinations, activities, experiences), IMMI **may** question that you are a genuine tourist.
  6. @Gabbie, You are correct you are at the end of the 'estimated' processing period. But I stress when I say 'estimated'. Sensing your concern, I would suggest you contact IMMI (quoting your case/track numbers) and ask for a status update. Email seems to work better these days. The 461 path has always been busy.
  7. Apologies, no offence intended or implied. The post was not directed at you in any way. I did not quote you. It was a general and albeit casual 'observation' on this age old question. Our fellow contributors have probably answered this question a 1000 times. Sorry if you took this personally.
  8. AussieDude

    PCC for a Sponsor

    Get onto your US PCC ASAP, they can take some time to reply.
  9. AussieDude

    Partner Visa Assistance

    Thats why he didn't answer my question regarding if he was a Mara Agent. I didn't send him $20. 🙂
  10. AussieDude

    Resident Return Visa For Child

    The basis for a 'displaced' child, that is a child that is not residing in its natural home (india in your case), is determined by the courts of the child's natural home (India), not Australia. Even with a Family Court ruling in Australia, the father or a concerned relative can petition the Indian Courts for the child to be returned to India, under the Hague Convention. Australian courts can not overrule Indian Law, and vice versa. I still feel you would be wise to consult a Mara Agent in this case.
  11. I am a bit confused, exactly what Visa type are you referring to?
  12. AussieDude

    Average wait time

    Assume the worst case is my advice. But its highly variable.
  13. PR = Permanant Residency PMV prospective Marriage Visa. Carers benefits are available to PR holders and citizens.