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    Please do not harass me if I dont reply that day. I usually check my IM's twice weekly. I have a life. Formally known as JaiDee. Its a reference to the Thai language and confuses a lot of people. AussieDude is simpler. I am Australian Born, I hold a Masters Degree from Sydney Uni, I work as Professional Manager in Australia, and around SEA. I speak English fluently, and have a extensive knowledge of Technical, Legal and Governmental English. Most of what I do here is translate legal and government jibberish into Plain English. Sometimes even I struggle. On a mission to help others, while trying to avoid the the stupid. Married to an amazing Thai woman for 6 years. I will always tell it like it is, frank and honest. Some people find this confronting, tough, visa's cost a lot, so lets make your dollar go further. Avoid mistakes. Always available in IM too. I have no time for the rude, disrespectful or the dishonest. I am not a racist, I treat all idiots with the same level of distain and criticism, regardless.

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  1. AussieDude

    Form 1221 and 80

    Form 80 is required. I am not sure about Form 1221. I dont't think its required anymore. However, if you miss it out, and IMMI require it they will contact you.
  2. AussieDude

    Eligible For Australia Pr?

    INCORRECT. Your facts are wrong, and you generalise. Please specify the Visa type when making statements like this.
  3. I have always struggled to find good lamb in Thailand, even Bangkok. I always take a cryovac pack of premium beef every trip into Thailand. Its bribe currency for my expat mates LOL.
  4. AussieDude

    Passport holding time for 476

    In most cases IMMI no longer apply visa stickers to passports, its all online. In some cases you can request a sticker, but its rarely needed these days. You can apply from China, but I would expect you application to be sent to Pakistan for processing, this is common, but not always. So they dont usually hold your passport anymore.
  5. AussieDude

    Can startup a company on 476

    188 Visa's are not easy to get without you investing significant funds, plus you need to be invited.
  6. AussieDude

    Pictures for Australian Visa

    You just upload it into the general/supporting documents. Its a document not a picture. Be sure to state 'Photographe collection' in the description you enter.
  7. AussieDude

    Australian tourist visa refusal advice

    C.S was applying for a Tourist Visa, not a Student. Generally a Tourist Visa does not need the assistance of a Immigration Consultant. In C.S's case his refusal reasons are very clear and relatively straight forward to correct. For every good consultant/agent storey we hear about on this forum, there is at least another bad case of a corrupt or incompetent agent.
  8. AussieDude

    Pictures for Australian Visa

    Best option is to put all the pictures into a Word document, with captions, explanations, dates etc. Then PDF the whole lot and upload one document. Picture help an application. But as they are so easily faked, and difficult to prove the date and location, do not rely on them too heavily. I always suggest a couple of good picture, of you both, at a noteworthy event, and provide additional corroborating evidence of that event. i.e a Photo of a Holiday, a copy of the airline tickets, and a restaurant bill paid by one of you. All 3 paint a credible 'picture (excuse the pun). Individually they provide little evidence.
  9. Never ceases to surprise me on the vast list of countries NZ allows with no visa, generally a good thing. Whereas Australia insists on Visa's now for literally every nation except NZ.
  10. I had a similar experience with my now wife. I stayed with her in Thailand for 2 years while we sorted out family, visa's etc. Like you said, it was very hard initially, but I would pick Thailand over Mainland China anyday. What it did teach me is the cultural isolation my wife will experience when she finally immigrated to Australia. It really helped to be in her shoes, and experience what she will. We forget that any extended cultural shift, for some, can be very challenging. I remembered dreaming of meat pies, and seeking out English speakers to preserve my sanity. But I suspect your a wiser man from the experience. I chuckle at your mention of Border Force. I don't understand why they don't make it compulsory viewing on any inbound flight to Australia. The UK has relatively lesser visa requirements than Australia. The scenes I love is when the English Fluent foreign tourist is caught with contraband, and suddenly they loose all their English skills and dont understand squat.
  11. I assume your daughter is not a Aussie resident or Citizen, but aincomingg visitor? Being the case, she needs a general travel health policy, BUPA globally are a good provider. However, a lot of funds do not insure just infants, but will an infant and parent. Maybe let us know the circumstance why you need Insurance and we can suggest more.
  12. AussieDude

    Sharing Experience: PMV sub300 - Vietnam

    Just be sure you keep collecting evidence of a continuing relationship, until the PR is granted.
  13. Here is a tip to the inside workings of an Immi Case Worker/Examiner. Fundamentally, if the relationship is genuine, there is ALWAYS evidence to support this fact. Immi are very good at smelling bullshit. You may think your smart, IMMI are smarter.
  14. I started this post in January 2016. Some 300 quotes and 8,000 views later continue to inspire me to keep harping on about 'What NOT to do'. Thank You all. Todays Blog: How to Fast track an application. So, regardless of what you read, or what you have heard, or what is written on some non AU Government website, there is no way, method or trick to fast track (speed up) any (I mean ANY) form of Australian Visa, unless there is Ministerial intervention. But what about protection/refugee Visa's you ask? Even these types of visa's, although given the highest processing priority, are generally processed in order of lodgement (the only exception here is Immi sometimes places priority on protect/refugee applicants from specific trouble spots (at time of writing, applicants from Myanmar and Yemen fall into this category). Excluding the above exceptions, I repeat there is no way, method or trick to fast track (speed up) any (I mean ANY) form of Australian Visa. I read dozens of new posts a month, asking about 'what you can add to an application that makes it stand out', or 'what to add to bulk it up' to suggest credibility. Generally speaking, most of these posts come from members foreign to Australian Culture and Values, and usually from countries where Government functions may have less integrity than Australia (yes I mean applicants from countries with corrupt governments). The Australian Federal Public Service, (i.e Immigration Staff) staff, policies and procedures are not perfect , but are unequivocally and undeniably impartial, fair and absolutely of the highest integrity. It sometimes offends me when people suggest that otherwise. Due to this difference in cultural standards and values between Australia and other countries, i feel, is the primary driver for these 'how can I fast track/cheat/stand out' posts. Considering the above, I now make my point.. Every visa application is reviewed and processed in order of receival. 'Bulking' an application with meaningless information can in fact slow down an application. There are no short cuts, cheats or loop holes to fast track an Australian Visa. Nothing is better than a concise, complete and accurate application, that ticks all the boxes. Based on a number of mis-informed posts recently, I need to add 'truthful' to this list. Please take this opinion in the sincere spirit it was intended. If your going to flame me, do it in IM.