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    Please do not harass me if I dont reply that day. I usually check my IM's twice weekly. I have a life. Formally known as JaiDee. Its a reference to the Thai language and confuses a lot of people. AussieDude is simpler. I am Australian Born, I hold a Masters Degree from Sydney Uni, I work as Professional Manager in Australia, and around SEA. I speak English fluently, and have a extensive knowledge of Technical, Legal and Governmental English. Most of what I do here is translate legal and government jibberish into Plain English. Sometimes even I struggle. On a mission to help others, while trying to avoid the the stupid. Married to an amazing Thai woman for 6 years. I will always tell it like it is, frank and honest. Some people find this confronting, tough, visa's cost a lot, so lets make your dollar go further. Avoid mistakes. Always available in IM too. I have no time for the rude, disrespectful or the dishonest. I am not a racist, I treat all idiots with the same level of distain and criticism, regardless.

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  1. Depending on what country she is in, a lot of countries accept 'abandonment' as a path for just one person to file for divorce, when the other is absent.
  2. AussieDude

    Establishing DeFacto Relationship for Australian Visa

    AFV brilliantly describes the conditions and requirements that are used to determine the genuine nature of a De Facto relationship. Its a fine line between B/F and G/F and De Facto, but an important one. A point often overlooked and sometimes hard to prove is the actual date the relationship started. You really need documented proof of the start date, as it all hinges on that. Good examples would be a moving in together, a holiday together, all which can be easily proven through independant documents. I. Harder, but not unacceptable are logs of emails, skype logs, your first meeting etc. Usually its expected that some time has passed before the De Facto started, when you were just B/F & G/F. Ive always said, genuine relationships are usually easy to prove. Fake/Constructed De Facto relationships are one of the biggest areas of Visa fraud for Immi, so they really do put the relationship to the test.
  3. I think, either. Usually the Au office manages it all, BUt I have seen when you apply, usually, but your AU office must provide the invitation and sponsorship letters. I welcome my forum colleagues to clarify for me..
  4. Just be sure to address all the refusal reasons that IMMI state in the letter, exactly and completely. There is so much info on this board.
  5. The SSS visa is more suited to what you will be doing, and they are generally issued for longer. I imagine your local subsidiary will use an agent for all he applications, and they will advise. But I think a SSS is the way to go.
  6. A Biz 600 should suffice, as long as you are not paid onshore in any form, and the letters of invitation all stack up, and are verifiable. For a Biz 600 you will need to prove solid employment status back home, a letter from your employer outlining your trip, plus all the other relevant criteria (funds). TWV 400 is usually used when you will be paid onshore, they are harder to get as; you need to be be invited, or supported, by the organisation you will be working for have specialist skills, knowledge or experience that is needed but cannot be found in Australia
  7. I always recommend that letters of support, include; Full name, DOB, D/L and Passport details of the person making the offer. Proof of residential address, that the Visitor will be staying at Proof of employment, employers details, copy of bank statement Contact details for your employer, for a character reference (like you would for a housing rental application) Indication that your visitor will have access to email, a phone (include the number if its just for the visitor), the internet and the ability to easily contact home Confirm what your visitor stated as to the purpose of the visit, tourism etc, and maybe proof of a hotel/flight/tour booking Indicated any periods when the visitor will not be with you, and where they will be staying Indicate if, how much and the method you will be providing any money directly. Its more than offer financial support, its about providing all forms of support, to ensure a worry free stay for your visitor. All the above builds a case that you have thought it all through and its a genuine offer. Including all your own details just goes to establish you are credible, of substance and are being 100% open. But as always this is just my suggestions.
  8. You have pretty much covered the main options for you. One approach maybe a short stay Sponsored Family VV, say 2-3 weeks, and if granted appeal the bond on hardship ground, often works. Then when that stay is over she now has good standing with Immi and a regular VV for longer should be more available. I see no reason to engage an agent for a Sponsored Family VV, or the appeal, they are not complex visa's. Just read up on whats required and the tips from this forum. I will try to find and post a successful bond appeal letter.
  9. AussieDude

    Another Thai girlfriend 600 class rejected

    Letters of employment should be corroborated with payslips and matching bank deposits. An employers letter is too easy to falsify, so on there own they count for little.
  10. AussieDude

    Removing condition 8503 from my partners tourist visa

    Ive probably seen maybe 5 waivers in 10 years, that I know for sure were granted. People need to work with the system not constantly seek exemptions and special treatment.
  11. AussieDude

    Removing condition 8503 from my partners tourist visa

    There are now more complicated procedures in place within Immi for a 8503 Removal Application to be considered. A positive removal decision can no longer be made by an individual case worker or Immi Officer. They must refer it to a formal internal review process. However, they can make a refusal without consultation. This is adding significant time for the removal application to be processed, and, is discouraging Immi officers from even considering a removal. Chances of the removal of an 8503 are becoming EXTREMELY RARE.
  12. By the numbers.. If its her first visa to Australia, the advice is usually start small and work up, but with a good application you can possibly obtain a 6 months, if you ask for six, they often offer just a 3 month if things are suitable. If any of her visa's have a 8503 No Further Stay condition, then you cannot apply onshore for any form of other visa. Also Prospective Marriage Visa's must be applied for offshore. as above The money question is variable, and often contended. I always say $600 per week with no support and $400 with support. She must have the funds for her stay in her account in her name. Proving a relationship is not necessary for a Visitors Visa, that will come later when you apply for either Marriage or a Partner Visa You cant actually sponsor a Tourist Visitor Visa, only make an offer of support and assistance. She must meet all the criteria on her own merits. Neither, you cant sponsor a Tourist Visitor. Do some research on examples of good first time Visitor Visa applications.
  13. AussieDude

    Partner Visa - Conviction

    So she is a Citizen, and the sponsor. No, she does not need to pass a character test (unless there is a child involved) So it wont be prejudicial.
  14. You may be referring to the old Postgraduate Research Sector visa (subclass 574), which is no longer valid. You now need to apply for a standard Student Visa. Which are essentially not 'sponsorable'. But Doctoral grants are available.