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  1. I will restate, there is actually no specified financial criteria, amount etc for a Sponsor. This is however changing in 2019.
  2. I quote the IMMI website; Processing times 75% of applications: 17 months 90% of applications: 21 months
  3. See my reply to your duplicate post in the other forum. Please try to only post once, no duplicates.
  4. AussieDude

    Chance of Grant my visitor visa

    Manpreet, Regardless of what visa's you have, you application will be processed and review based on your Passport Nationality. Regrettably, if you are from what IMMI refers to as a high risk country, it can be hard work to get a visa grant. But never impossible. For you to get a Visitor Visa (I assume thats what you want) you will need to solidly prove to IMMI, the following 3 criteria; You are a genuine tourist, on holiday to see Australia or friends. You can prove you have researched itineraries, destinations and tours, and you have no intention to work in any way. You have the money for the visit. Based on what you stated, you have more than enough. You do need to prove this money is in your name, easy to access. A original bank statement in your name is more than adequate. You have a 'Compelling Reason to Leave Australia at the end of the visa period'. This is always the hard one. You need to show that you have a real and valuable job waiting for you back in Qatar, you have approved leave, you can demonstrate the job is real (payslips, contracts, letters from employer). $3757 per month is not a big salary by Australian standards, but its not small either. IMMI sometimes dismiss home country jobs if they are poorly paid. Focus on proving and showing your job is very important to you to return to Qatar Your good travel history to other countries is also very important, but only if your satisfy the 3 points above. I think if you can provide all the solid evidence to prove point 3, you will be OK. Let us know your nationality and we can advise further.
  5. At present the only requirements for a sponsor are that you are; an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen at least 18 years of age. If you are sponsoring minors, you also need to meet the Child Welfare criteria (basically no criminal record relating to violence, domestic violence, sex crimes, or child abuse etc) There is an un-official requirement being applied which effectively excludes anyone in prison Although there is no financial criteria (at present, but the requirements change in early 2019) you can not a sponsor if you are an 'un-discharged bankrupt'. The following **may** also apply to some applications; You cannot be a sponsor if you: were sponsored for a Partner or Prospective Spouse visa within the past five years have previously sponsored two people for migration to Australia and they were granted a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa have sponsored another person for migration to Australia within the past five years and they were granted a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa
  6. AussieDude

    PMV: health insurance a requirement ?

    A friend, a tourist, had a bicycle accident a year ago, broken leg. He was hit with $3000 in ambulance fees and $380 hospital fees. The ambulance trip was 4km.
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    Partner visa ( Subclass 820 ) -

    Yes, an 820 can only be applied ofr when EVERYONE is onshore, and no one has a condition 8503 applied to their current visa. You apply and pay for both the 820 and the 801 at the same time. You must be ONSHORE when the 820 is granted and also when the 801 is granted. Failure to do so will result in the application being cancelled. I suspect you may be better to apply from offshore, which is a Visa 309 leading to a 100 Visa. Both visa options are expensive, around AU$7000, so it would be fool hardy to apply and not use it. If you want to apply onshore for a 820/801, the sponsored (you) must be on a visa (travel, tourist, student) that does not have a condition 8503. Not knowing your history with past AU visa's, please note that first time visitors to Australia, often get 8503 applied.
  8. It can vary, but GENERALLY the answer is NO, but I will explain; I assume you mean lodging a new visa while you are ONSHORE? Its never a good situation to be in, so avoid it at all costs. The problem is when you are on the 'line' or last day, you legal status can be interpreted many ways. Just avoid this. I am assuming your current visa allows for a onshore renewal (ie has no condition 8503), if 8503 is applied, you can not extend onshore All new visa's require some processing and approval times. If you apply on the expiry day, then, without fail, you will be in country on an expired visa when the application is reviewed, even the next day. There is no Grace Period generally. The IMMI system will automatically mark your status as ILLEGAL the day after your visa expires, and this in turn will usually automatically result in a rejection of the renewal. If this is the case and there is extenuating circumstances they **may** offer you an appeal path. If this situation is likely to occur, and it is ALWAYS avoidable in IMMI eyes, either apply for a short extension for your current visa stating the special circumstances, or, try for a Bridging Visa A. What is your circumstance that would create this difficult situation? I am struggling to understand why you would need this. Let us know what type of visa you are currently on, if it has an 8503, and what visa you are applying for.
  9. AussieDude

    where to start...!!!!

    Research Skilled Migration Visa's, ie a Class 189. You need to get your qualifications and experience documented, verified and assessed. Start by checking if your profession is on the wanted list. Otherwise it will be hard. Also, some friendly advice. Practise your Grammar and writing skills, your post above is well short of IELTS 7.5. 🙂 Happy to provide some guidance if you need.
  10. AussieDude

    spouse requirements explained

    The bill did not get up in November, sent back for a minor redraft. Hansard indicates it will go before Session 3 March 2019.
  11. AussieDude

    309 Partner visa. Sponsor and family moving from USA

    So; Get the kids Citizenship and passports granted before you apply for the 309 Make the application as complete as possible, any missing documents or requests for follow up will delay the application In some circumstances, including where you have been in a long term relationship before you apply, you might not stay on the 309 visa at all. IMMI might grant you the permanent visa immediately after they grant the temporary 309 visa. Highly likely in your case 🙂 As kids are involved both of you will need to provide Police Clearance certs, in the US these are from the FBI and can take a long time.Get onto these early, but not too early as they have expiry dates. processing time starts as soon as you receive the application acknowledgement letter. Please note that processing times are a guide only. With Shipping and Customs, Use a reputable homewares shipping agent/removalist Photograph every thing that goes into pack Itemise EVERYTHING Include condition and age of anything that may have value. You are allowed a certain value of personal effects, which is very generous, take the time to assess the overall value INSURE THE SHIPMENT Be sure that nothing in the shipment will fail AQIS Bio Security No firearms, guns, knives weapons etc No pornography No animal skins, or taxidermy Sell all your appliances as most will work here (240VA 50 Hz power, compared to USA 11V 60 Hz) Some modern electronics (PC's, Hifi AV may work, but check they have International ready power supplies. Fridges, washers, dryers, other white goods will certainly not work. Most rechargeable appliances will.
  12. AussieDude

    PMV: health insurance a requirement ?

    A Prospective Marriage Visa (300) holder is not eligible for Medicare. Hence you are encouraged to obtain your own health insurance, I quote: "We recommend you take out health insurance to cover any unforeseen medical treatment you might need in Australia. You are personally liable for all your healthcare costs while you are in Australia. Insurance can help limit your financial liability."
  13. AussieDude

    Sponsorship application.

    Its gazetted for session 3 march 2019. But things slip Details are not final but there appears to be a basic good character criteria & financial means test for the sponsor to meet, in additional to the current Child Welfare requirements if a child is involved. Its not know yet, however its rumoured that being unemployed will not meet the criteria. As yet unknown.
  14. Processing times for Student 500 vary a lot, depending on what is your education basis. I quote.. Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector 75% of applications in 16 days 90% of applications in 30 days Postgraduate Research Sector 75% of applications in 51 days 90% of applications in 86 days Non-Award Sector 75% of applications in 7 days 90% of applications in 22 days Schools Sector 75% of applications in 35 days 90% of applications in 64 days Independent ELICOS Sector 75% of applications in 23 days 90% of applications in 46 days Vocational Education and Training Sector 75% of applications in 45 days 90% of applications in 56 days Higher Education Sector 75% of applications in 42 days 90% of applications in 48 days Your application can take longer to process if: you do not fill it in correctly you do not include all the documents we need or we need more information from you it takes us time to verify your information Also, if there are children involved, there may be additional delays with police checks, and compliance to Welfare of Children criteria. All the processing times are here; https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/student-500#aboutVisa-index-6
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    partner visa IELTS requirments 309/100

    I dont think its appropriate for you to promote an IELTS school here. It was not asked for nor required.
  16. AussieDude

    partner visa IELTS requirments 309/100

    No, there are NO IELTS requirements for a 309/100 application. This is a common scam from some migration agents to get you to spend money with their sister language school. However, if you wife wants to follow some higher forms of education, or work in certain professional fields, AFTER SHE IS GRANTED A 309/100, she may need IELTS for those courses/jobs. But this is a follow on AFTER being granted a 309/100.
  17. My pleasure to be able to help. To your questions; Please check that your current Tourist visa DOES NOT have Condition 8503 applied (no further stay). If 8503 is applied you CAN NOT apply for a 820 onshore. So when you (the sponsored) lodge an Onshore Partner Visa 820/801, after approval you are granted a Temporary 820 Visa which allows you to work and stay in Australia while the typically 2 year wait for permanent partner 801 is granted. The granting of a 820 is usually fairly quick, but if your current visa tourist visa expires before the 820 is issued you will be issued a BVA. Do not wait for your tourist visa to expire before 820 application, your TV (or BVA) will be in force until the 820 is granted. So you will be able to work as soon as your 820 or BVA is issued. Yes, you can apply for a BVA-->BVB. But be careful, you are expected to be onshore predominately, and your sponsor is expected to support you fully. Just don't make too big a thing over no money and no work. See the IMMI website for BVB approval times, they change constantly.
  18. I basically answered your question for another here:
  19. Ok, thanks for the info. As you probably know the Phillipines is considered a high risk country by IMMI, with regard to visa holders overstaying when here. Hence High Risk applicants are more tightly examined with regard to the key criteria (Not going to work, has the money to live when here, has a compelling reason to return home at the end). With your brothers situation, it will be the last aspect, that is him proving that he has a compelling and solid reason why he will return home at the end of his visa. Being 26 he is no kid, or dependant, and family ties are usually not solid reason with a mature adult. Including him on your parents application will not give much benefit apart from demonstrating its a family trip. But, even with a family application, individual visa's are granted. Solid employment in a good job is usually the best and easiest reason to state. But even with a solid job, if its low paid, again IMMI might say that its not worth going back for. I think he will struggle with getting a visa until his employment is solid. But, other areas that may help in detailing a compelling reason are; Debts, loans, credit cards in his name at home Leases, property, rental agreements in his name Aging family that he is the sole care giver for (family doctor can attest to this) Ongoing education, proof of enrollment, fees paid and letters of good character from his teachers Significant and regular involvement with a community, religious or charitable organisation, as an office bearer, volunteer or worker. Letters from organisation leaders, priests etc are required here. I wish you all the best of luck.
  20. This weeks gem of common sense... Using Agents I have talked to this subject before, but I am seeing an increasing rate of posts regarding using and agent, and regrettably, posts about bad or incompetent agents. I won't discuss if or when you should use an agent, there are too many factors to generalise on a position. But I want to discuss what you should and should not do when you engage an agent. To be clear, I am not an agent, nor ever have been. I do not represent an agent, or related immigration companies. I dont get any benefit monetary or otherwise from suggesting (or not suggesting) the use of an agent. They have their place, and purpose. When choosing an agent in Australia, its fairly easy to be assured that you will be dealing with a professional. By law, anyone providing Immigration or related visa advice for a fee, must be registered by MARA, the Migration Agents Registration Authority, an Australian Government Agency. They register all suitable qualified agents, and publish these registration database so anyone can check. MARA is the only registration Authority for anyone, anywhere in the world to legally offer immigration services for a fee. However, its not as policed as we would like. There are countless fake agents operating in Australia, usually within a specific ethnic community, who are not MARA registered. Some, maybe most of these unregistered agents are very capable and professional, as they rely on their reputation to survive. But some are just crooks and con-artists. Confirming that your chosen agent is MARA registered is easy, and simple, and assures you that you will get a professional service. I will mention that there is a loose exemption for registered Travel agents to provide basic visa advice, but never for a fee. Overseas is a whole different situation. Especially in the higher risk countries (ie India, China, Thailand, and most of SE. Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe) where there is often no government controls over who can operate as an Immigration agent, let alone them enforcing Australian law in another country. MARA and the Australian government can do nothing to stop bogus and fake agents claiming to be Australian Visa Agents when they are not in Australia. Again check if they are MARA registered. There are many MARA agents operating overseas, again they are listed on the MARA website. Check, just always check: https://www.mara.gov.au/search-the-register-of-migration-agents/
  21. I am a regular contributor, and I find myself repeating the same advice over and over again. Which is OK because I like the sound of my own voice ;-) All the posts here detail what you SHOULD do. As something different, I will detail what NOT to do. This is based on many years investigating Immigration Fraud cases, it applies to Visitor, Partner and most other visa's. When you make a visa application, DO NOT.. Lie or tell half truths. Withhold important information that is on public record (i.e you have a criminal history). Honesty may prove you have learnt your lesson and can now be trusted? Claim something you cant prove. Everything you state must be able to be proved through paperwork. A job without proper pay records is probably fake. Ring the embassy or High Commissioner demanding priority. Send abusive emails to your case worker Criticise your case worker by name in a public forum (yes DIBP read all this) Complain about the fees. Australia ain't cheap If you want to prove a Defacto you must prove 12 months relationship, NOT 11 months and 2 weeks. Include erroneous photos without explaining why the are relevant. Unsubstantiated Photos mean nothing, they are easily faked. If you include Statements from someone as your relationship or circumstances, make sure they can be contacted by DIBP. Yes they do check. Ask for a statement from someone who cant prove that they were in same country as you 12 months ago. Visa, Passport stamp, airline ticket. Think you are special, important or high priority. In Australia, we are all equal. Look up Tall Poppy Syndrome. Expect DIBP to see into your heart, regardless of how much love you feel, HARD proof is best. No amount of love will replace hard facts and proof. Expect to get around a medical. Medicals are mandatory, relax they are not complicated, providing you are healthy. Complain about long waiting times, especially if your application is from a high risk country, they will take longer. Expect to come here and get medicare and welfare the day you arrive. Come here to build a life and work hard. Questions like "how soon can I get medicare, or welfare" do not look good Try to avoid or fake Police checks. They are VERY important to DIBP, what you may think is minor thing, DIBP may consider an issue. If you have a police history, tell them. Hiding things like that will only hurt your application. Try to fake that your relationship has been for a long time, when it has not. If the relationship is true, and genuine then all is good. If its fake and not real, save your money, DIBP will catch you out. Send anything in a foreign language, Everything must be translated (by a certified translator), regardless what some hokey local website or friend of your mother says is ok., (Exception is some EU and Russian missions will accept local language docs, check first). Thinks you are being victimised or discriminated against. Trust me, DIBP do not care about ladyboys, same sex unions, age gaps, religion, or how many times married. So dont make it an issue. "DIBP rejected my PV because I am a gay, transgender, muslim, divorcee" Bullshit. The Australian Public Service pride themselves on their impartiality. Expect a visa if either of are not of good character, including the sponsor. Especially if there is a child involved. Good Character is a complex term, but most get the idea. Think visa fees have a guarantee. Yes the PV is very expensive, and there are no guarantees. If in doubt DONT APPLY. DIBP is not an Apple Store. Try to fake a relationsip. Any genuine relationship will have evidence to prove such. No evidence, its probably not genuine. Be impatient. DONT be in a hurry. Patience. And NO DIBP do not make you wait as a test. PLAN ahead, DIBP like people who plan holidays well in advance. Get married, or have a baby thinking it will get you special treatment or a fast track. Think that you father/uncle/brother as a famous proctologist/businessman/politician gives you status. It means nothing. Its about you and your partner. Provide fake documents, statements, payslips, company certificates, letters etc etc etc. They are usually spotted immediately. Just one lie and your probably will be rejected. Understand this, TRUTH on your application is more important than ANY other aspect. Use or pay a NON licensed immigration agent. All registered agents with DIBP are listed on the Australian Embassy Websites. Believe sites like www.easyaussievisa.com, they are usually full of lies and old information. Believe the information on the TRUE www.dibp.gov.au website. Believe anyone who says they have a friend at the AU embassy, and can get you fast tracked. Judge Australian society, standards and culture by your own. What may be normal in your homeland maybe either illegal or unacceptable in Australia. The opposite also applies. Disrespect or treat any Immigration of DIBP staff member poorly. They have a hard job. While on this forum,Don't demand answers, we are volunteers Don't get narky because we may have not observed you own customs, trust me we are observing ours. Don't demand rapid answers, we all have other real lives, we do our best Read, read and read more. 99% of all questions have been answered before. So excuse us if we get testy when repeating the same advice for the 1200th time ;-)
  22. AussieDude

    Vistori Visa for Mother - Medical Required

    Write to IMMI and advise the situation. Request that she does the medical in India, and they will advise a clinic. Regardless, you must always keep IMMI informed of any changes to her situation, location, etc.
  23. AussieDude

    Can visit Oz while have 309 in?

    No restrictions I can see on what you described. Either scenario is ok, and neither has any advantage apart from a 2 week delay. This time of year IMMI is smashed with applications. Just a point, If her current visa DOES NOT have a condition 8503 applied (no further stay) you can apply onshore. If eligible, consider your options.
  24. We need to know what nationality is his passport? Then we can help further.
  25. AussieDude

    bringing thai fiancee to australia

    With a Partner Visa (I assume) you both apply separately, but referencing each other.. You as the sponsor, and she as the sponsored partner. She has a lot more information to provide, and medicals, Police certificates, ID checks, etc etc. You have some hoops to jump through, its minor in comparison. Mainly ID, and you diary/explanation of the relationship. If she is bringing a child as well, you will need Police Clearance as well. You can certainly do it all yourself, but if you want to use an agent, or even just get some initial advice, pick one as per my tips above. Last time I searched MARA (link below) there were only 10 or so REGISTERED agents in Thailand. Just go to MARA and enter Thailand. I would, for no other reason but English skills, pick an Aussie agent. But there is no reason you can use an agent in Australia, while your off shore, and do it all via email and post. Not having access to email, a computer and a scanner will make getting documents and details to your agent more difficult, but not impossible. Search for a MARA Registered Agent here. https://www.mara.gov.au/search-the-register-of-migration-agents/ Do keep reading here, and seek out the Guide Books published by IMMIGRATION, on the Home Affairs website. There is one specifically for Partner Visa's.