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Found 174 results

  1. Started this NEW topic to cover 2017 partner visa applications. It just makes it a little easier to find current posts.
  2. Hey Everyone been on this forum for few months and since theres` a forum for the 2014 and 2015 guys decided to start one for the guys who applied in 2016 coz we`re the new kids in the block and from the looks of it its going to be a long ride so every encouragement is needed. anyway let me kick it off by saying i just finalized my online application for my PMV and my case is complicated and in a high risk area in Kenya. i haven't done the medicals or anything, i`ve just finished doing the submission and payment few minutes ago. DOL 16/0212016 medicals Not yet Pcc; Not yet
  3. Hi there, I am a dual citizen (German and Australian). I have a one-year-old baby girl with my partner from Thailand. My partner is a Thai citizen. Our girl has the German and the Thai passport. What visa options do I have to get them to Australia? Cheers Stefan
  4. Since Australian partner visas from India are considerably high, I request all my fellow Indians to please share their 2016updates here.
  5. Hi everyone, My partner sponsored a previous partner, they lodged their application in December 2013. I'm currently applying for the on-shore partner visa and was planning to lodge in the next couple days which would fall within that 5 year time period. My research has indicated the 5 year period is calculated from date the previous application was lodged to the date my application is approved, so I didn't foresee any issues with that time frame. However I've seen some information that as of July 1, 2018 the sponsor needs to be approved before my visa application can be lodged. Is this in effect? If I lodge my application today, would they be looking at his eligibility right away? I'm concerned that they may look at his eligibility and deny him if it ends up being within the 5 years (Dec 2018). I wanted to get my application in now because my current visa expires on Dec 18th, and I don't want to leave it to the last minute and risk my visa expiring before I qualify for the bridging visa. Does anyone have any insight into this process? Thank you!
  6. Hi, I received a letter from immigration asking me to apply for 100 partner permanent visa as I have been eligible to apply for few years but didn’t do it due to work requirements. Is there a way to delay that process?
  7. Nicholas Combe

    New Visa Processing times

    Hi. Forgive me if someone else has already made a post with this question, but I couldn't find it So I just saw that the estimated processing times have drastically changed for 309/100 visas. From 12-19 months to 21-26 months! This really changes the plans for my wife and me. We submitted our 309/100 visa in April 2018, 4 months after we got married, and about a year and a half from the beginning of our relationship. We have already submitted the health requirements and provided additional documents that were required in June. Does anyone know if the new processing times reflect visas that have already started to be processed? We are applying from Jakarta Indonesia. Thanks
  8. Royal Thai Police Check for Australian partner visa - Problems Bridge has posted very accurate instructions on the correct procedure with regards to obtaining a Royal Thai Police penal check for an Australian partner visa: How to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for an Australian partner visa application This is the correct procedure as advised by the Australian Embassy Bangkok, but be warned that people are being turned away for not having additional documents. It seems that arbitrary decision making is very much the norm, so it is best advisable to have as much documentation as possible when applying for the required police clearance. I am personally aware of three people being turned away for not having 1) a copy of their partners passport, 2) a copy of their marriage certificate, and 3) the notice of intent to marry and sponsors relationship statement. What I find absolutely bizarre is that the Australian Embassy Bangkok issues a letter advising that the applicant has applied for a partner visa and that a police check is required. The Royal Thai police play not part in the decision making process, but often request all manner of documents beyond identifying the person applying for the police check. Unfortunately I cannot advise exhaustive list of what an applicant should take with them when applying, as it seems it often changes from day-to-day.
  9. Seeing as there isn't one yet thought i might kick off this years partner visa update thread. PMV sublcass 300 Submitted Ho Chi Minh City 4th March Email of received application, payment taken and Medicals Requested 5th March Medicals will be completed on the 16th March. Police check was already done by my Fiancee at the end of January so we will have to keep an eye on the times and get a new one if this carries on to the 10 or 11 month mark. First Hiccup was we filled out forms 40 and 47 on old forms and because they were not the current forms we have both had to fill out new ones which my fiancee will need to take a 12 hour bus trip to HCMC to give to VFS, but with the medical being requested immediately that makes the trip far more worthwhile. Basically got the usual drivel about the visa process taking 12 months however they are expecting processing to take around 9. Will believe it when i see it, however have heard of a few visa's being granted at 5 and 6 months out of Vietnam so here's hoping we can be one of those.
  10. Hi there. Just wondered if someone has recently applied 461 visa to Australia from New Zealand and how long was the processing time? Thank you
  11. BayWars94

    Photos Of Documents?

    So I recently lodged my 801/820 application in January, and I didn't realize there was a specific time frame that I would have to send documents and whatever else was needed. I am absolutely terrified of having my visa rejected as I couldn't imagine having to leave my husband behind to return to America. We recently got married in October of 2017, and having the opportunity to spend each day with him has been the most wonderful experience of my entire life. I've been so anxious and stressed all day because I want to get everything done but I'm unsure if I'm doing things absolutely correctly. One of those things I'm unsure of is with attaching my documents online; is it acceptable to take high quality photos of the requested documents? Or do they have to be professionally scanned? If I have attached photographs of my documents that were not scans will my application be rejected? Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these questions.
  12. Hi everyone! Me and my Australian boyfriend have been together for 3,5 years now. I am currently in the Netherlands and he is living in Sydney. The plan is for me to go there and apply for the onshore partner visa. I know these questions are probably newbie questions, but after lots of research we are still uncertain about some (LOTS!) things, and it would be great if you guys could help me clarify some things. 1. 820 or 801? As we have been together for more than 3 years we could apply for the permanent partner visa (801) so you can skip the usual 2-year waiting period. However, for the past 3,5 years we have mostly been travelling and working short periods abroad so we don't really have official documents like a rental contract on our name of a shared bank account. Only flights, pictures, videos, shared invites, etc. We do have these more formal documents to proof that we have been together for more than 1 year. Do you think we could still try go for the 801 visa or play it safe and go for the 820? If they disapprove the 801 will you automatically go to the 820? 2. apply/submit visa application As we will go for the onshore partner visa, I was wondering if you need to be in Australia when you start your application or when you submit the application? For example, could I already start my application here, and then submit it when I'm in Australia? 3. tourist visa --> bridging visa this is just to check if i understand it correctly, if I go for the onshore visa application this means I will be there on a tourist visa first, and the bridging visa will only start when the tourist visa finishes (after 3 months). Is this correct or is there better ways? 4. Translations / certified copies As I need to get all my documents sorted before going there, I am still a bit confused about which documents exactly I need to get just translated, and which documents I need to get translated and certified (with an apostille). 5. Diploma's Do I need to get my diploma's just translated, or also accredited? Thanks a lot!!!!!! Much appreciated in advance Cheers, Britta
  13. Hello! I am new to this forum. I had submitted my 2nd stage application 2 months ago and waiting for the result now. Does anyone know if immi will contact me before they grant me the visa? And if I need to do the health check again? I had done the health check before my 309 visa was granted, but it has pasted 12 months already. When I check my application status (online), it showed "required examination not yet determined" under health assessment page. And any idea how long it will take to process the 2nd stage? Thanks.
  14. Aus_04

    Form 888

    Hi All, Just a quick question, im about to apply for Partner Visa soon for my wife (offshore) and in regards to the Form 888 you get from friends stating about your relationship, since my dad hasn't met her yet face to face but i have told him about her quite a few times, would him doing the stat dec mean much? i have 3 others that have seen her face to face (Aus citizens) but just wanting to get more information on the subject. Cheers!
  15. I have had a look through all of the forums and could not find a topic for any South Americans applying for the Australian Partner Visa. Would like to hear about anyones experiences regarding processing times. As we applied from Colombia all processing is done in Santiago Chile so I wondering if Colombians will have the same processing time as Chileans. Below is a description of our process so far Subclass 309/100 DOL: 13th January 2015 Type: Paper Location: Colombia so application is being processed in Santiago, Chile Health and Biometrics asked on 22nd January 2015 and sent a week later. Still no CO assigned and when I called Santiago to confirm if my medical had been received the guy told me I will not necessarily be getting a CO No other updates so far
  16. sunnyaus2017

    Partner Visa (As Of Today Nov 2017)

    Hi, I am married for the last 10 years and my wife holds Australian passport since then. We lived in the US for about 6-7 years together. Now she has moved to Australia with my child (abt ~6 yrs old) and we are now planning to do settlement in Australia. I hold Indian passport and have a one year visitor visa. We are contemplating whether to file my partner visa offshore or onshore? We would like it to be processed as fast as it can. Secondly, if I travel to Australia on my current visitor visa and file for a partner temporary/permanent visa onshore; will I be eligible to work in Australia? I heard about bridging visa (BVA and BVB). However, I have a couple of questions: 1) How soon can I get a bridging visa? 2) Will I be eligible for a bridging visa as soon as I lodge my PR application (Temporary or Permanent) or will it be in effect at the expiration of my visitor visa? Even though my visitor visa is valid for one year but there is a restriction of time limit of 3 months stay on my visitor visa. 3) Is the maximum stay limit (3 months) taken into consideration as opposed to the max validity of one year of visitor visa when granted a bridging visa? I mean the bridging visa is issued after the visitor visa expires or when I have completed the max period of 3 during that visit. I hope I did not confuse you with my last question. Please share your views at the earliest. Best, Sunny
  17. Hi All, spouse/ partner visa from India. Application lodgement date: 5 March 2017. lodged online by the husband. Pcc asked 27 april 2017, submitted 30 april 2017. medicals asked 27 September, all tests done and completed 26 October. medicals submitted by BUPA to immigration on 30 October 2017. final stat dec asked by immigration on 26 October, submitted on 26 October, acknowledged on 2 November by immigration. haven't heard anything since then. Rang VFS, they have no answer as stated in above replies, they ask to wait for the dept to contact me. when we lodged the application in March 2017 it says 7-9 months. 8 months are already over. can anyone please suggest anything? don't know how VFS works, when we submit the documents requested, do they wait for 28 days as the time frame given for submission? or the processing starts right away? after medicals got an email from BUPA that visa officer will provide an outcome in 5 business days. Can anyone please assist?
  18. Hi everyone, My husband and I are about to apply for our partnership visa. We are doing the process ourselves and have logged onto my husbands Immi account to start the application process. We clicked on 'new application', then clicked on 'family' and are presented with three options for applications: "Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia" "Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa" "Stage 2 - Permanent Partner Visa" Upon seeing this we're stumped if we should be doing the first or second option. They both are 820 visas which is what we should be applying for so are confused! Any help would be much appreciated. We are needed to apply ASAP and were hoping to do it today. Thanks so much! EDIT - Do I (the sponsor) apply for the 40SP Sponsorship application form from my own immi account or from my husbands immi account?
  19. Hi, noticing partner visa waiting rooms from applicants from other countries, I want to start this thread. Hopefully by knowing how other applicants getting their visas processed makes the waiting time more bearable. Please share your timeline or other things regarding the visa process. Here's my timeline: Visa type: Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV 300). Partner: Australian PR Application lodged online: Dec 17th 2015 Medical: Dec 21st 2015 Additional docs requested by DP (officer's initial): Jan 7th 2016 Additional docs uploaded: Jan 8th 2016 After uploading the additional documents on Jan 8th, I emailed the officer (I don't know whether DP is my Case Officer or not) to make sure I gave them what they needed. She replied saying all the documents are sufficient for now and current processing time is 12 months. There's no other correspondence since then. Cheers
  20. Hi there, my partner and I are looking for the appropriate visa for him to enter Australia. I am an Australian citizen, he is from Ecuador. We have been together since January 2015, have lived in Australia for 3 months and travelled between Central/South America, USA and France during this time. He is a professional surfer so we travel depending on the season, and competitions. He came to Australia last time on a tourist visa, and I wrote a letter of invitation. We are hoping to come back to Australia in December so he can compete in our surfing competitions from January - April, and visa permitting, work for the rest of the year. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on which we should apply for, which visa would be most appropriate and which has the best chance of being approved? Or could you point me in the direction of a place I can find this information? If he can't apply for a year working holiday visa, we would like to apply for a 6 month tourist visa, but then can we apply for a different visa on top of that or are we then limited because he's in the country? Also I'm not sure if we classify as de facto even though we've been together almost three years, as we haven't had 'official' leases together, bills etc as we are never in the one place for very long. To us we are living together every where we travel, as this has more or less been our life so far, but now want to make a base in Australia. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing your opinions!
  21. alexkb5

    Partner Visa (Subclass 309)

    Hi! I am completely new to this community and I am just looking for any stories or advice on applying for the partner visa, subclass 309, from outside Australia. I am an Australian citizen currently living in the USA with my American husband. We are planning on moving to Australia (hopefully) early 2017. I was wondering if anyone here has experience or advice for applying for this type of visa, we have tons of evidence to support our relationship, live together, joint bank accounts, life insurance, phone bills etc. Can get affidavits from friends and family members supporting our marriage, I am more interested in the process and how that goes after we submit the paperwork and supporting evidence. How long on average did your visa take to approve? Especially if your from the USA. Is there an interview, and if so where do we go to do that? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Alex
  22. hello everyone i was checking my application on vfs website it said "Refno has been recevied at the Australian high commission/Embassy for processing ia this mean i might hear some news soon? i have been waiting for 25 months so far. thanks in advance
  23. Hi, Sorry if this question seems silly... I'm applying for an Onshore Partner Visa from a Prospective Marriage Visa (300) in September 2017. Our wedding isn't until August 2017 (1 month before the visa 300 expires) - should this be a problem? Re: being viewed as only lived together as an officially "married" couple for a few weeks? We've been together for years, have lived together for months (shared finances, have joint bills, assets etc) Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, TIA
  24. Hi Everyone - I am an Australian citizen writing to encourage all of the Australian citizens on this forum to actively campaign against the proposed changes to the citizenship process. There are 50,000+ of us applying for partner visas for our partners each year - so we do actually have power if we band together. I can't speak to the changes to the test or language requirements, as they won't effect my partner, but the change to permanent residency requirement to four years will mean that my partner will have been in country almost eight years before he is even considered for citizenship. Considering all of the benefits Australian citizenship provides, the four-year permanent residency requirement will have serious impacts on so many of our lives. Here is what I am asking you to do. 1. Determine who your member of Parliament is. You can determine who your member of Parliament is here: http://electorate.aec.gov.au/Default.aspx 2. Determine who your Senators are. You can determine who that is here: http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/los 2. Figure out how to best write / call your MP and Senators. To do that you will need to find his/her preferred contact information. (They make this a pain.) Go here and search for the MP and Senators' personal pages: http://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Guidelines_for_Contacting_Senators_and_Members 3. Write AND call your MP and Senators on a regular basis expressing your concerns about the changes to the citizenship requirements. Be annoying - the annoying bird gets noticed. I'm writing once a week. Here is a copy of the letter I have sent. I send a request for a status update every Monday. Dear MP I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the possible changes to the citizenship process. I understand the idea behind requiring four years of permanent residency to apply for citizenship, but that would place an undue burden on immigrants who want to be Australian. As an example, my partner and I have applied for a partner visa for him. In case you don't know, the partner visa is a two-stage process. The partner is initially granted a two-year temporary visa, then after two years, he may apply for permanent residency. The major issue at the moment is the time delay on visa processing. The current average processing time for the first temporary visa is 17 months. The current average processing time for the second, permanent visa, is 14 months. This means that for my partner (and the 50,000+ other partner visa applicants this year), he will not be eligible for permanent residency for almost three years. If the government then adds another four-year requirement, this means that my partner would not be eligible for citizenship for nearly seven years. Add to that the almost year-long processing time for citizenship and it will be 2025 before my partner is finally an Australian citizen. A four-year permanent residency requirement is a punishment of all temporary visa holders, not just partner visa applicants. Many state-sponsored immigrants are also on a multi-year pathway to permanent residency, as are university students. We live in Australia, we work in Australia, we are actively involved in our community. My partner wants to be able to fully participate here - to vote - to have a voice. If the government denies him access to citizenship for eight years, they are removing his ability to truly participate in Australian society. There is already a four-year residency requirement before applying for citizenship. Adding a four-year permanent residency requirement would not strengthen nor protect Australia; if anything, it disenfranchise people, it says - Immigrants - you are not welcome here. Please understand that this is an extraordinarily important issue to me and will greatly influence who I chose to campaign for and vote for in the next election. Please consider this appeal and fight as hard as you can against this proposed change. Thank you. 4. Pass this information on to everyone you know. Most Australians don't actually know the impacts that these proposals would have on people (scarily, my MP and her staff did not). I'm trying to get people to set up tables at post offices and other common areas so that people will know what these changes actually mean. Thank you for your time! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about how to contact your MP or Senators.
  25. breachann

    820 Partner Visa Denied

    how long can i re apply after my partner visa 820 is denied?