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Rosie Thai

Contributing The Financial Value In A Relationship Aussie/thai

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I guess most are guys posting questions about Thai girls. Well coming out as a Thai woman asking random people for advise, I hope I can get some fair answers around here.


I'm 26 and been seeing a bloke from down under age 29 for almost 5 years. He works in the mine. I work in the office in Thailand At the present, I earn 21-22k Thai baht a month. I pay for my own apartment 9,000 baht/month. When he's away I spend my own coins for food and the girly stuff. When he comes here, he takes care of most of the bills.


He sponsored me 2 tourist visas.


Now we are looking into de facto visa bcoz I was whinning about our time spent together. Working in Thailand 9 hrs a day full time with 21,000/month allows me to see him at night on the weekdays and full day on the weekends if lucky. His roster is 4 weeks on 1 week off. So This defscto visa allows me to work in Aus with no condition and better coins and I want to work. I told him I wanna start with part time job first bcoz if I go full time then its the same with working in Thailand; not much time spend together.


Yada yada yada I've signed a Financial Binding Agreement for his house in Perth. I dont hv a problem with this.


The issue is.....he asked me to help with paying for the visa..... bcoz he wants us to work as a team. I personally think that okay I can do that BUT he left me over small argument in the past...so I felt like I dont wanna invest anything coz onviously Im already a poor yellow nig lol (There was a time he broke up with me bcoz I was mouthy and he admited that the issue was too small to leave me. But regardless his apology, the breakup already made me feel betrayed to be left behind when time got tough. Not to mentioned he didnt value what i did right but rather questioned what I didnt do right before that. I felt like no matter how loyal or sweet I was, it just went to waste. So now whats the point for me to help pay)


We had discussed about this. And he asked me to learn not to be so mouthy bcoz he doesnt wanna regret if he pays for my "stupid" partner visa. He said "okay I will pay for ir stupid visa but dont make me regret it"


By the way he was the one who found partner visa and offered to cover all cost in the beginning.


And yep I admit that I can be selfish when it comes to spliting the bills. Im a normal woman with normal problems. I need to feel emotionally and financially secured.


But I never asked him to support me financially monthly. He pays for most bill when we go out bcoz he earns more. Its all about porportion in my opinion. I contribute to this relationship with loyalty, caring heart, and loving support. Except that I can be a real bytch when im moody.


He also said we can do a join account where we put our 50/50 in, and that sounds alright as long as the 50/50 portion is the amount om confortable with. But I dont wanna spend a penny on the visa bcoz it makes me feel the he is very commited and really loves me of he takes care of it all. And I dont wanna go fully 50/50 about everything like the Aussie ways. Isnt that why many Aussie women cheat bcoz they pay half and they feel so independent that they can sleep with anyone who they fancy? I dont wanna be there. If u get what Im trying to say here...



Thanks for reading for it this long. I rebel stuff and I cant be manipulated easily as I have my own opinion and thought. But Im open to all answers bcoz I really dont know what to think...and maybe different point of view will widen my mind or something


How would you guys manage this if you want to bring the woman you claim you love to live with you in ur country?


P.s the visa fee is 7000$ and he has 30,000$+ in his account. He mentioned he can pay for it but he would rather let me help and will "pay back" with interest that grows in his saving acc. Hence the more money he has in the bank,the more interest he gets. Thats why he doesnt want the figure 7,000$ out of his acc...for my visa.....


P.s 2, if I really should help pay, how much? I will hv about 500$ or less left by the end of the year.... or even if I had more money, should I really help pay? I really dont wanna. Hmm

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