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820, Need To Check If I Have Enough Evidence

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Hi all, I'm surprised that a Visa will cost so much money ($7000) and is not refundable so a mistake will be very costly for us and right now wondering if we should get professional help which is another ($5000) and will it be worth it? Another surprise is we did not know had to gather so much evidence, I thought a marriage certificate was enough.. anyways if you can help out with some tips, it would be very helpful and greatly appreciated for us to know what the next steps are.


Here is our current situation, my wife is applying for the Visa, and her student Visa will expire in a month, so we really need to get this going.

  • Been together for 3.5 years, have been married for 3 months, only just had wedding for 1 month
  • Rent is in my name only because I am paying in full, my wife was still a student only graduated recently
  • Bills in my name only, same deal as above
  • Have a property in my name only also because we weren't married at the time of purchase
  • We don't go out much, but we do have some friends that we hang out together as a couple
  • We have traveled together
  • Planning to get joint health insurance

My other question is, should I get my act together and add My wife's name in everything such as rent, bills, property etc. before submitting or would that raise a flag as why are we rushing to do all of this now?


Thanks, cheers.

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marriage certificate is good enough for a 820. you should be good to apply.


you'll also need to get 2 supporting witnesses.


There is no need to get joint accounts for bills. i mean you are already legally married by law.

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hi pisslur,

sadly not the case there are 4 main criteria that need to be met and the marriage certificate is only a small piece of evidence.

op one mistake people make is people think the sharing has to be 50/50 which is not the case. so you explain and document as best you can your position.

do you have each other as beneficiary's for super?

does she have her own mail/statments addressed to the same address?

so you can use things like that. if you think sideways you could probably think of a few other things that you do.

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