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Second Visitor Visa For Filipina Fiance

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Hi everyone and a Happy New Year to all. 

With the help of a Migration Agent I was able to secure my Filipina Fiance a Visitor Visa in August last year. She stayed for 7 weeks before returning in late September 17. I am wanting that she returns to Australia for a longer stay in March before we apply for the Partner Visa later in the year..
I want to avoid paying an agent again for the application as I have all the information proving we are in a committed relationship, letter of invitation and financial documentation. Am I mistaken that the process should be easier as they have all the information from the previously application that was successfully lodged  or must I start from scratch and send all the FB dialog s and tonnes of photos and Western Union Transactions I sent to the agent. I do not know where I can attach all this stuff given the small and restrictive attachment criteria .


Should I just send as much as possible under heading that "might" be appropriate or will that piss them off ?  Also is there any time period that needs to be adhered to before applying for another tourist visa. Thank you so much in advance for any help that may be provided. 

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Hi Champion, hope all is well with you.


Yes they are a well known MARA registered outfit based in Brisbane and Manila (Manila being their HQ) and they had me compiling at least 20 photos over our time spent together (3 years) 50 excerpts from our Facebook chats from the first till the last (3 years) all Western Union transactions and a verification. letters of support and the list goes on. We did speak about the Partner Visa so maybe I was unbeknownst collating material for its progression whenever that maybe. They made it sound that the more we submitted the better were our chances. That is why I need some guidance as I really do not want to pay another $900 for a Tourist Visa if I have all the proof and information needed. But I don't want to risk rejection either, so I need to know if flooding them with the information might get their backs up. Also you you know if there is a waiting period required before another subclass 600 Visa can be applied for ? What do you think ? 

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