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Putting Prospective Partner In Will?

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I have a friend who has been engaged to a Filipina since he met her in the Philippines last August. They have been online with each other since she had her partner visa with another man cancelled and had to return from Australia in January 2016. He is so busy with employment he cannot get to be with her until this July. We have helped her apply for two tourist visas already and they have both been refused. I have known this Filipina myself for ten years. The relationship is genuine.


He has not applied for the prospective marriage visa yet because he hoped more than anything she could come to Australia for a few months and meet his mother beforehand. He will do this in coming weeks although he is concerned they are going to find excuses to stop her coming.


Even so, after contact with her for over two years, he now wants to change his will to her benefit in full! The beneficiaries at present are the teenage children of friends he no longer has contact with and are both ice addicts! He has no family members to include in the will.


Is it advisable for him to do so, and if he does, can the contents of the will be part of the paperwork he submits as the sponsor? The amount of super and assets he has is around $300k. Will it likely help to get his fiance to Australia? I am amazed I cannot find one circumstance of this situation online!

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to be honest in terms of a tourist visa it probably won't help. should he....... not something we could advise him on to be honest.

after the initial rejection in the follow up were the rejection reasons dressed?

the 2 most important things to cover are finances and intent to return.

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She will not apply for another tourist visa.... her visa was refused on the basis that she has no full time employment, although she is a fill-in casual to a family internet cafe/restaurant. I offered a bond of as much as was needed but this was ignored!


Her Aussie fiance is going ahead with the change of will regardless as they've been "together" for over two years. They are online on WhatsApp as often as five hours in a day. He is a truck driver and keeps in touch especially while driving around country SA. 


I'm wondering if her age is now a factor... she is 54, he is 60. She is also willing to be carer as well as wife.... he needs a hip and knee replacement and has no one to care for him in the weeks after these procedures. He also owns just a caravan at this time and lives in a caravan park. Will that be a negative for a partner visa application?

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