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Leaving The Country While Transitioning Sc300 To 820

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Hi everyone, currently panicking and stressing about the below that hopefully someone can clear up!

Currently in Australia on a subclass 300 (prospective marriage visa). 
Applying for SC820 (partner visa) this week as we have just got married. 
Subclass 300 visa expires 4 march. 
Travelling to our 2nd wedding (non legal binding) in Philippines on 28 February (15 days from now) and return to Australia 9 April. 

Question: Do we need to have a Bridging Visa B approved before we can leave Australia as our subclass 300 visa will expire while overseas? What's the process? I'm so confused and in desperate need of help!

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as soon as you have lodged your 820. apply for a bridging visa B. you should be fine.



Travel overseas
This bridging visa lets you temporarily stay in Australia. It will end when you leave Australia.
If you travel outside Australia, you will need a visa to return to Australia.

You can do one of the following:
● apply for and be granted a bridging visa B before you travel - we recommend you
do this if you do not also have a substantive visa that allows you to travel or if your
substantive visa will expire before you return to Australia.

● travel on your current substantive visa (if you have one that allows you to travel and
return to Australia before it expires).

If your substantive visa expires while you are outside Australia and you do not hold a
bridging visa B, you will then need to apply for and be granted a substantive visa before you
can return to Australia. There is no guarantee that you will be granted another visa to return
to Australia.

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