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Hi All,


My sister and her family moved form UK to Australia two years ago on the old working visa and has residency. It was never an option at the time to move with them because I did not think I would qualify for a visa and also had a old dog (she passed away before Christmas).


I was under the impression having a degree would be very beneficial to help get a work visa. Being 35 I needed to change careers and now have a BA (HONS) Computer Multimedia and Visual Effects. Basically video editing, video effects (The visual effects you see on movie and films), multimedia effects, and also equipment operation, cameras and production setups.


My question is having changed careers, I have no experience in my BA degree field.


Do I qualify for a work visa or can I get another visa with having family in the country?


Thank You I have been browsing this forum for a long time, it helped me to decide to go back to University.

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Thank you for the reply AussieDude. I have had a good look at the skilled migration visa and I found a skill with my qualifications, on the two year skilled visa, as you say I will need to get experience.


I found a company,  'visabureau' (dont know if im allowed to link their site), I will contact them. All the reviews are positive.


Work or relative visa would not make a difference, I still need to get a job.

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