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Can Family Members Living In 2 Separate Countries Apply Under The Same Visitor Visa Application

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Hello there..

Me & my sister were asked to be bridesmaids for a very close friend of ours who is getting married in Australia in mid-year [Yay!!]

I live in UK & my sis lives in India. We both are citizens of India, but i maintain Non-resident status.

Can we apply together under the same online application [e-Visa]? or Should we apply separately.

Then comes the question about the invitation from our friend - should that be a common invitation letter or separate?


Thanks in advance.



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No, you must both apply separately.  BUT do include a covering letter on each others application advising IMMI that you are both coming. Mention the others name, DOB and PAssport Number


Adds credibility to your reason to visit for a wedding.

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