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190 And 189 Skilled Migration Report

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Are Points required for software engineer skill different for different states?

Will points cutoff be different from e.g ACT than NSW?

Also, is there any website which provides reports for points required for different states?

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Thank you for the reply.

I have submitted subclass 190 EOI.

But I am a bit worried because I have only 60 points.

Is there any chance for me to get state sponsorship? What states would be easier to get sponsorship from?

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Its not about which states are easier, its about the availability of sponsorship for specific jobs and skills in that state (as they all have quotas/limits).


For instance, Western Australia, with a major Oil/Gas/Mining industry will have more positions for people with skills in that area. NSW and Vic account for about 70% of all IT jobs, will have  more IT positions, however, IT roles are NOT in short supply, and there are many onshore applicants.


60 points is the absolute minimum.  I would try to train up or skill up to increase your points.

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