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Child dependent visa

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Hi everyone,  just want to ask few questions about child dependent Visa. I am planning to lodge my children's visa application, who are in Australia now, i am on a temporary partner visa,

(1.) which sub class should i use, 802 or 101? (2.) Do i need to prepare individual application or just one, then 2 will put as additional. (3). If one application only on payment details,  should i follow 1 main applicant the put 2 additional under 18? (

Please advise me. Thank you. 

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802 is for children onshore 101 offshore. 

not as sure on the other 2 but based on a 2 minute search you can do them on the one application the price is 2415 for the base application and 605 for the additional under 18.

refer to the home affairs site 

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