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Can I apply RRV with 1year 3months of PR validity?

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Hi All,

    I have an Australian PR - Skilled Independent (Permanent subclass 189)

    Visa Grant Date : 07 October 2014
    Must Make First Entry to Australia Before : 24 September 2015
    Must Not Arrive After : 07 October 2019

    I made the initial entry in December 2014. But due to family / personal reasons I was not able to enter Australia again till 27th May 2018 (3 weeks ago).
    Please provide your guidance about the following,
    Q1. As I am onshore, can I apply for the Return Resident Visa now?
    Q2. If I apply now, how much extension will I get from the date above ( 07 October 2019 )?
    Q3: I want to start the process of applying for Spouse and Child visa (Infant - 3 months old). How long does this process take?
    Q4: Is there anybody who made an initial entry to Australia & returned and then PR expired .... but was allowed to enter Australia after the 5 year period / PR expiry?

    Q5. Is there a HomeAffairs email ID that we can write to for clarification? Please share the same.


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