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How long spouse can stay on visitor visas one after another?

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My spouse is from country which requires 600 Visitor visa. And we want to live in Australia while Partner visa 801 is processing.

Is it possible to apply for 3 months Visitor visa, stay 3 months, then leave and apply fora  new visitor visa and once it's granted (in 3-4 weeks) come back to Australia for next three months?

Will that work? Or is there a limitation how long person can be in Australia? Is that limitation per visa or per person? I was not able to find it in any official websites.


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There is no hard and fast rule, but, the general consensus is that a genuine tourist would not spend more than 9 months in a 12 month period onshore, but there are always exceptions.

As you have a 801 in processing, your true intent is clear to Immi, and GENERALLY they will allow sequential VV's (as long as you meet all the criteria), to the point when your 801 decision is due, as you must be offshore for the decision, so they will rarely issue a VV that overlaps the decision date.

So you should be ok, but as I said, there are no hard and fast rules here.

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