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RRV FOR Minor in India

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I am an Australian citizen arrived Australia in 2009 on skilled migration permanent residency along with my 10 month daughter in 2009 and ex -partner.

My ex-partner after coming to Australia turned very violent towards me and child so took out interventions against him in 2010. We divorced in 2012.

The child born in India in 2008 and holder only residency to Australia that expired in 2014.

I left my child to my parents in India in 2010 and the child hasn't come back to Australia since last 8 years.

The child only stayed 15 months since her residency visa was granted in Australia.

My brother maternal uncle of childhas got court order from indian secured legal guardianship from family court India. The biological father still in Australia but do mot know whereabouts


Now I want the child to return back to Australia on RRV as legal guardian agreed as well. Will this will be successful? How long processing for visa.

I am worried about her schooling and benefits to kick up as soon as she arrived in Australia.

Now can i get my child on visit visa and then try for RRV.


My daughter not returned Australia since last 8 years. I got married again in 2012 after divorce and have two other Australian born children. Is this not personal ties for child?

compelling reasons for child to stay in India fear and safety for abuse the biological father did had intervention order until 2012. 

Maternal uncle taken over guardianship for child proceedings in india  since 2017 to 2018. 

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