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Subclass 461 Visa

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I am a New Zealand citizen living in Australia since 2004. I am renting and living independently with a full time job. I met my partner in 2006 he is a Tongan citizen. He comes over regularly on a visiting visa. I have heard of the 461 visa and we wish to apply for this type of visa so he can work here etc. At the moment I support both of us when he is here. He is not on my rental lease due to him living in Tonga. We do not have joint bank accounts but will be going through the process to make this happen. We have years of email, phone calls and Facebook as evidence. Also photos. I have been to Tonga once. He regularly comes here while I still work. Taking into consideration of years we have been together and the evidence we have, will we have a good chance of being granted a 461 visa? At the moment me applying for permanent resident, citizenship or moving back to New Zealand is not a option. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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