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457 or 186 which is better to apply for my wife??

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Hi Guys
I need some urgent advice.
Currently im on 457 visa (granted on 11/05/2012) ,I am already eligible for apply for186.but I haven’t apply for ENS(186) yet. Because ive got married this year and I want to bring my wife here asap, currently ,my sponsor has no problem to sponsor both of us. Im confused to choose my best available option.Please advise me which option I should choose ?

Option 1. Apply for my wife under my current visa (457) as it needs less requirments. But, if it takes too long ( 12 months) to get the decision , it will delay my ens application. As I think, once I applied for her, I shouldn’t apply before getting her visa decision.Also i have to pay application chargesfor twice(once for 457 and then for 186).but im not sure about the english requirment for my spouse for this option.


Option 2. apply for 186 for both. Me, my wife ,my employer all parties are ready to apply for my ens with all required documents .The only problem for this option is my wife achieved avg 4 in IELTS , (for 186 visa functional English requirement for partner is 4.5) .Do you guys have any idea to recover this situation.Any idea about the ” English education charge” for 186 spouse applicant who has less skill than functional english level?


Additional query ,do i have to add her on my 457 prior to apply for 186,is it manadatory?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Aussie Dude,


Sorry but I'm a similar situation. I'm on the bridging visa right now my fiance is on my application but where

are getting married in September. Now she decided to bring her boy to Australia as well. I'm in Australia and

both of them overseas. Is there any way to include the boy in this application and if ye, whats the procedure??

Thanks in advance



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