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Travel Insurance for Australian Tourist Visa

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I want to take my wife for 2 weeks to Australia, is Travel insurance like mentioned here enough? I know how expensive medical is there now and would hate to have to spend all the money for  our trip on  some hospital visit


Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum GoingDownunder


Firstly, it is not a requirement that your wife have travel insurance as far as her visitor visa is concerned. However travel insurance is highly recommend for the reasons you have stated. Indeed medical treatment in Australia is extremely expensive. As with any insurance policy it is very important to note not only what is covered under the policy, but what isn't covered as well.  

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On all our overseas trips we have always used Covermore. Easy to book online.


Touch wood we have never needed to make a claim.


Yep, not having travel insurance can be very costly indeed. Just read this evening about a Kiwi guy that had a motor bike accident in Thailand and is now on life support in a Bangkok Hospital. His hospital and doctors bills are already up to NZ$150,000. Nasty stuff indeed.


We recommend using Fastcover for travel insurance

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