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Partner Visa for Australia

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Hi Guys,


The more I read on the official Australian immigration website the more it confuses. I am an Australian with a current passport, I have lived in the UK for 9 years and want to come home with my new wife to be (we are getting married on the 5th April 2014 in Ireland) mid to late April 2014 after the wedding as I have accepted a new job in Australia and want to come home with her.


I have heard that she can apply for a tourist visa maybe a e600 and once we are back in Australia we (she) can apply for a Partner Visa which would come through before the tourist visa expired? Or do we apply now for a prospective marriage visa and as we are not going to enter Australia until after we are married show proof of marriage and convert to a partner visa on arrival?


Sorry for what is probably a straight forward situation but it's only about 6 months until I will start my new job back home and I don't want to leave her back in the UK if the visa is not through by then? confused


Thank you for your time......

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