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Buying A Car In Melbourne Victoria

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I have been looking around at buying a car since I got back here and found Vicroads have significantly increased prices for passenger cars for registration, these fees include the TAC (transport accident charge).


Vehicle location Total cost

Metropolitan area   (High risk zone) Current: $757.70 From 1/7/15: $771.60

Outer metropolitan  (Medium risk zone) Current: $706.00 From 1/7/15: $719.90

Rural   (Low risk zone) Current: $647.70 From 1/7/15: $660.50

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Its the same nationally.  The insurance companies have driven up the price of the 3rd party insurance, which is compulsory.


Depending on how much you drive, look into GoGet Carshare  It can be as cheap as $11 hour including petrol.

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