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Pmv Vs Partner Visa

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hey guys

i would 1 st like to thank everyone who participates in this forums you guys are life savers.


so to give you guys a bit of context im Ugandan and my gf is English but she just had her PR approved 1 month ago(25th Nov)  as a nurse in Australia. as for myself i have been studying in Australia for about 4 years now but early this year i came back to Uganda to start my businesses and also as she awaits her PR application.

we have been dating for almost 2 years now and been apart for 7 months though in those 7 months we have met twice for holiday in Bali and Japan. i have met her parents and grand parents who live in Perth and they know about our relationship.  so here comes the questions


1: does the fact she just got her PR recently going to affect our application if we lodge for PMV in Jan


2: should i submit my AFP clearance and Ug police clearance when i lodge the application or should we wait till the request for it since i know they expire after 1 year and not sure how long the process takes.


3: do we both have to be engaged to lodge the PMV


4: since we have the wedding date locked in, do i have to withdraw my PMV if we get married in Thailand before we get the answer and do i have to disclose it or should we just wait till the PMV has been approved then get married in Thai.

if we decide to change midway after applying for the PMV to a Partner visa will this drastically affect the waiting period


5: we`re planning to go to the UK for 3 months after the `wedding` is this a good idea or should i wait till i get my answer


6: with the Notice of intended marriage Doc should we put out intended day of marriage in Thailand Mid this year or just get one from a registrar in Brisbane which might be easy to get


thanks Very much Guys and Merry Xmas



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I think this is a repeat post, but I like the sound of my voice so I will answer..


1) No. As long as she has a full PR. She can sponsor you on a PV


2) No, wait until your are requested to submit the police certificates,  they usually are only valid for 90 days and things take a long time with PV's.


3) No, in Australia a de-facto relationship needs no civil or legal recognition.  You will have to prove a genuine and exclusive relationship for 12 months prior to application.


4) Any change of circumstance must be advised to your Case Worker CW.  So yes, legal marriage should be communicated.  You will have to get the Thai marriage certificate translated by a Embassy approved translator.  It will help your case.


5) The sponsor is free to travel during the application process, but should be onshore for the decision.  Discuss this with your case worker.  They are reasonable people who understand you have lives to live.  Full disclosure will always work in your favour.  Do this before you travel.


6)  Last time I answered this I said Brisbane.  After re-reading your case, It does not matter. Just be sure its all 100% accurate.  Australia fully recognises opposite sex marriages in Thailand.

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hey Aussiedude ,thanks for your reply


i have more questions if you don't mind


1;how do i submit passport size photos with my online application

2;do i have to get all my original documents certified

3;since we`re applying for the PMV do you think its wise to get married in Thailand before the decision is made because that will force me to withdraw the PMV and apply for spouse visa which might be longer.

4;on question 4 of form 888 that asks to give reason why you think the relationship is continuing what can my father in-law write

5;on question 5 of form 888 that asks to state any other matters you wish to add in support of the visa application what do you think my soon to be father in law can add




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1) As you must include copies of your passports, I recommend you apply online, get the reference number then POST the photos to DIBP.  Alternative is to wait for the interview when they will examine all the original documents again.


2) With online, certified copies are not required, as DIBP will examine all originals at the interview. Sometimes they will ask separately before.  Online applications for complex visa's (PR, PV, etc) is not 100% perfect as yet.  As a rule always have 2 or 3 COMPLETE sets of documents, translated where required, and certified (sometimes called NOTARISED) by an AU Embassy approved notary. If the application is OFFLINE, then full certified copies of everything.


3) If you marry, don't withdraw the PMV, just advise the Case Worker (CW) of your change in circumstance. They will advise what you should do.  Either way, neither is shorter these days.  All PV's are given the same scrutiny.


4) So the Form 888.  Firstly I assume your father in law is either PR or Aussie Citizen?  Must be either to sign a 888, and be able to prove via Visa, Birth Certificate or Passport.  So he must 1) explain how he knows you two. 2) explain how long he has known you 3) confirm its a genuine relationships. There is no perfect answer to a 888, fake, made up or 'template' answers are usually seen to be untrue very easily.  I will try to explain..

  1. The purpose is to show that this person (an Australian or PR) has known you two as a couple for at least 12 months (in the case of a PV) or that they believe you are a genuine couple.  A 888 does this by asking for a sworn statement.
  2. A 888 is the same as that person standing in front of an Australian Judge and making the statement. To lie on a 888 is a CRIMINAL offence in Australia.
  3. What DIBP is wanting to know is if the relationship is genuine. Just stating its genuine is not enough. The person making the statement should include 'references' and 'examples' of events, situations and behaviours of the couple that reinforce what they are saying.
  4. Example, "I sincerely confirm that I have known John and Lassi as a couple for over 12 months.  John is my son and I met Lassi on {DATE} when she visited AU/We visited her in CountryX (passports and Visas will confirm this).  He calls us weekly and tells me and his mother how things are going between them this is how  I know he has been with her every day.  I know they are a true (genuine) couple because they SHARE everything. They take holidays together (tickets and bills will prove), she cooks, he cooks, they plan life together, they plan Xmas here next year, he bought her a watch, she cooked diner for his 40th birthday and all his friends. When we see them we know they are truly happy.  Sometimes they argue, what couple doesn't,  my son can be very difficult, but she is good for him, and I hope that they can settle in Australia and have a solid life together.
  5. So, the overall statement is almost a storey. From the heart. It describes the things that are important to the author why they see you as genuine.  What your father in law sees as important is not the same as you.  His main values are probably the happiness of his Child, and how he feels you are the right person.
  6. Statements that all read the same are considered dubious.  Do NOT try to influence the statement.  Just make sure the author states 1) The time period, 2) your genuine 3) things will continue long term.
  7. Enduring is supported by plans.  No real relationship does not have plans. Plans to travel, kids, house, education, etc.  Plans for jobs education, building a life.  The best question I have ever heard in a PV interview is "So your relationship is for the long term"...A; Yes   "Her mother is old... what will you do when she falls very sick..?"  A true couple would have discussed this.


So Kenny, I think you are over thinking this.  If your relationship is true, genuine and continuing, your father in law will have no trouble in explaining this on paper.  Remember, DIBP often contact the 888 Authors and ask challenging questions. 


Be true, open and honest.  DIBP are not the devil, they can see the truth when its there, problem is a lot of applicants lie lie the devil.

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