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There are many pathways to obtaining Australian permanent residency, with the main being the family and skilled migration streams.


Australian permanent residents can remain in Australia indefinitely. Subject to a few exceptions they enjoy all the rights and privileges afforded to Australian citizens.


Please note that this posting is of a general nature only. It does not constitute legal or migration advice and may not apply to your particular circumstances.

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In simpler terms;


You can work, in any job, except those requiring high level security clearances (i.e Federal Gov, Military), or the judiciary (judges)

You can stay indefinitely, as long as you are good :-)

You will need to get a proper job and pay taxes

You get a medicare (National Health) card

You can sponsor a partner or family member to live with you

Your time as a PV counts towards Citizenship (4 years)


You can not vote

You can not hold elected government office

You will need to spend the majority of your time (not all) in Australia

You will need to be of good character for the term of your PV (no criminal convictions at home or in Australia)




Makes me sick, in the fact that I must include a disclaimer. All opinions, advice and comments expressed by me are of my own personal opinion, and not that of a Immigration Agent, Lawyer, or related professional. They are given in the spirit intended, as an independant contributor, to a public forum. No implied, or expressed guarantee or undertaking as to accuracy or relevance is given.


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Australia Permanent Residency visa is for skilled workers who wants to live, work in Australia. There is eligibility criteria for applying for Australia PR, firstly you occupation must match with Skilled Occupation List, secondly you have to score minimum of 60 points on Australia immigration point system. You can meet the expert immigration consultants to get more information. 

Australian Immigration Consutants

Fast Way to Get Approved Australia PR Visa

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An Australian permanent resident  is the name given to a non-citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa. A permanent resident can live, work and study without restriction in Australia.To apply for most of these permanent residency visa, you need to follow point these are age, Language, proficency ,Work Experience, Education.
A permanent resident has most of the rights of a citizen, however there are differences:
    A citizen has an automatic right of entry to Australia, however if a permanent resident chooses to travel internationally, they need to ensure they have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority if they wish to return to Australia as a permanent resident.
    A citizen can vote in Australian Government elections. In most cases permanent residents cannot, however if a permanent resident was enrolled to vote  prior to 1984, they may remain eligible to vote.
Eligibility for Australian government services and benefits, for both citizens and non-citizens, is the responsibility of the government agency with policy responsibility for the service or benefit.
Following are some examples:
Social Securty
Migration Sponsorship

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